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Model: AP-U988BH
Location: U14-055 WO16-M03 WO3-M03

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by Andy S. on 2015-05-18 16:52:49
"Nice gun, bought 5 for all my friends and we split the cash evenly. Feels perfect pain-wise. Bee sting at 10 feet away, hard flick at 50 feet away.

-Full metal
-Realistic look and feel
-Come with 2 mags (high capacity speed loaders)
-Accurate up to about 50 to 60 feet
-Pretty good fps (hurts when it needs to)
-Has 2 safety switches

-Bbs start to curve past 60 feet
-3 out of the 10 magazines didn't freely fall out (had to be pulled or shaken out)
-No available attachments or upgrades for this gun
-Can't take it apart easily for cleaning/maintenance (has a cleaning rod though)

Overall, glad I purchased this gun over any plastic one. If you're looking for a good started spring pistol for cheap, get this one. $25 bucks gets you a durable, accurate , and heavy gun with 2 nice metal magazines. :)
by Revelation G. on 2015-03-11 10:25:47
full metal gun and mag
comes with 2 mags
shots accurately from 65ft
only $25
250 fps
mags hold 103 rounds

slide lock in weird place and only some times holds the slide back (not really a con because at lease it has a slide lock)
kind of hard to cock

pretty good gun would use it as a safety in a game
by David B. on 2014-12-06 13:20:46
"If you don't want to mess with the gas of a CO2 pistol but want an easy access side arm, than this is the pistol is for you. I've used this pistol in both cqb and outdoor events. Its unbeatable accuracy for a springer has saved me many times when I find myself out of ammo. This is a very well made pistol and the extra full metal mag is great. I recommend looking at the Condor Tactical Holster 1911 Series

This holster is perfect for the pistol because of the extra mag pouch built into it. I am very satisfied with this gun and it is certainly the best alternative from a CO2 or electric pistol.

-Full Metal body and magazines
-Money friendly
-No gas or batteries
-Thumb safety
-Decent range

-Isn't very effective against a sniper 100+ yards away :)
by Matt S. on 2014-09-30 16:36:42
"WAY better than I thought it would be, defiantly my favorite pistol!
by Morten N. on 2014-06-10 01:24:31
"Short and quick:

Spring pistol: Very easy to use, very easy to maintain and quite cool to have.
CHEAP! The price is excellent, 25 bucks for a heavy weight-just-like-the-real-thing spring pistol, yes please.
2 Magazines, huge pro. Spring pistols should come with 2 magazines, and the fact that it holds around 100 rounds is astonishing.
HEAVY, feels just like a real 1911.
Correct colors for the 1911 (im a huge 1911 fan)
IS FIELD STRIPPABLE, yes you heard it. The spring pistol that is full metal heavy weight with 2 magazines can be taken apart, the slide comes apart very easily, for long time storage, cleaning etc.
SAFETY, the safety works very well, and i like the somewhat stiff trigger response as it corresponds to the real M1911, with a stiff trigger.

One of the mags does not fall out freely, it needs to be pulled out.
The Speed Load feature is good and creative, but sometimes can be annoying, it is more of a pro than con, but I'll put it in the con section for now.
Small crack on the bottom of the pistol's grip, it runs all the way along the gun, it is open and somewhat makes the gun loose.
Range is bad, but it definitely hurts to get hit by it.

Overall I would recommend this spring pistol, and I wish more manufacturers made high quality full metal spring pistols like this one.
by Morten N. on 2014-06-10 01:20:02
"Short and quick:


One of the mags does not fall out freely, it needs to be pulled out.
The Speed Load feature is good and creative, but sometimes can be annoying, it is more of a pro than con, but I'll put it in the con section for now.
Small crack on the bottom of the pistol's grip, it runs all the way along the gun, it is open and somewhat makes the gun loose.
by pete s. on 2013-12-22 16:20:59
"This is a great gun for CQB. I wish they made more high quality metal springers. If you ever have to play in very close quarters, and have been shot by some jerk using a 400 fps pistol? You'll wish everyone had one of these. This gun hurts, but it won't knock out a tooth. The guy you shoot from five feet away will thank you. My only real complaint, and it's a small one. Is the gun is not very well balanced. Since all the weight is up front and there is no heavy magazine to balance it out. But, that brings me to the magazine. This thing is really great. you can load in about 40 bbs. It's pretty ingenious. Once you shoot all 10 or 12 bbs, pop it out pull the pin down and shake in another 12 from the chamber inside the mag. I really would like Evike to carry more guns like this. Cheers!
by Luis F. on 2013-06-05 05:26:18
"ill do a simple pros and cons list
-robust weight and construction, only plastic part are the grips and although they are thin, they feel absolutely sturdy and give an authentic 1911 look/feeling. does not feel like a $30 product, i was very impressed
- v accurate, i can hit a head sized target over and over with .20s from 40 feet away. bbs do drop off at around 65-70 feet.
-mags look and feel GREAT
-some people complain about the mags not dropping smoothly out of the gun but this does not happen to the one i received

-Metal has seams, this although that be remedied by GENTLY tightening the visible screws on the right side of the 1911. Seams are not highly noticeable, only place you can perhaps immediately notice is a miniscule split down the front sight. mind you, this does not affect target acquisition or the sight picture AT ALL.
-Magazines are not feeding well for me, the spring is rather strong and causes the bbs to double stack and not slide up the clip smoothly. this causes many misfires. i am having the best results with loading 6 - 7 bbs at a time, i usually only get one misfire this way, sometimes none. Yes, i have silicone lubed the piston, springs, chamber, magazine: the works.

Overall, i am highly satisfied. Buy one! For thirty bucks, this thing will not disappoint.

very cool.
by Christophe B. on 2013-05-08 18:37:25
"LIKES: the power, accuracy and heavy weight. Feels like my upscale Colt licensed Co2 1911's. This is just what I wanted in a springer. Not some lite plastic thingy. All metal even the clip is impressive. I love the feel and accuracy of this 1911. It is not like any other springer on the market. If you want a real feeling 1911 for a springer this is it.

This is my first experinance with EVIKE. It has been tops and I plan to do more biz with them. They were also a godsend when it came to replacement ears for myWEI High Cappa 1911 CO2 clips that got broken. Short of having to buy a completely new mag, EVIKE saved the day with just the ears for sale.

The overall fit and constrution: Very poor. The ad stated an annodized finish. The Chinese have a different interputation of annodizing. This is pure and simple flat black paint. It scratches so easy. The seams in the slide and frame are way to noticeable. The sight was wide enough apart to slide a 35lb. piece of paper through it.
The Clip Well and Clip: did some old fashioned Gunsmithing, filing and fitting to make the clip come out of the well. After about an hour of fitment and final polishing the clip inserted and droped out of the well beautifully. My modeler files and Dremel saved the day
Barrel Orange Extender: removed it totally. I detest these things but understand why they exist.
The Seams: used aluminum sodder to fill them and then sanded them smooth.
Finishing: totally Scotch Brite the enitre frame and slide after dissasembly. Preped the pieces for a lite powder coating in extreme flat black in my home powder coating oven. Results awesome!
Grips: trashed the plastic ones and ordered one e-bay a beautiful set of Colt oriiginal checkered Gold Cup grips. The wood tone is cococobolo (check my spelling). They slapped right in with the exception of cutting the grip
screws shorter to accomodate the thinner grips.

Overall love this springer and I thank EVIKE for selling it at such a good price. Thanks EVIKE.

A word of note to all you AirSoft warriors and competitiors out there. Do not remove the organge tip. It is there to save lives from a policemans prospective. I removed mine as my airsoft guns are used indoors or at best outside back yard. It is a private thing.

Chris - Arlington Heights IL USA
by Ryan S. on 2013-01-11 21:15:06
"When I was considering buying this 1911, I wasn't able to find this information, so now that I'm fortunate enough to have it, here it is:

_ it DOES disassemble! Awesome! I was pleasantly surprised when I pushed on the slide-lock from the opposite side and it popped out, allowing me to disassemble the firearm: the slide comes apart from the frame, and it looks almost the same as a real gun inside: recoil spring, barrel, etc. This allowed me to oil the inner workings, which I really wanted to do (oiling / cleaning it's half the fun).

_ it has an open ejection port, which is also awesome - you can physically look in, and see the BB in the chamber. Many springers simply cover the port at all times.

_ the slide does NOT lock back - the slide lock is non-functioning, (except for allowing you to disassemble =) but hey, that's my only complaint.

_ the slide is made of two pieces; I was afraid that it might not look very nice, having a split down the middle, as someone else noted. However, it's very hard to see, and I don't mind it one bit. Can't hardly tell it's there.

_ I thought perhaps the 'innovative magazines' where a bit of a gimmick, but they really work well: beats putting in the BBs in one by one; just pull down the follower (which locks down, by the way, very nice) hold the mag sideways and shake a bit, and it's all loaded.

All the controls give a sharp, positive 'click' as you operate them; the magazine clicks into place in a very satisfying way (need to hold the mag release to put in the mag, then take pressure off the button and push the mag in the last centimeter to hear it). This is my first and probably only airsoft gun; just plinking, but I'll hold onto it and keep it clean / running for a good long time.
by Tom B. on 2012-05-22 20:10:03
"I love this gun, I use it mainly as a prop as most people would with springers, but I would assume for backyard battles and whatnot it will do the job.

- Everything external is black matte metal except the grips and the outer barrel
- 2 full metal high-cap mags
- detachable grips for painting
- Working hammer, grip safety and slide safety
- Nice weight, not too heavy, not too light
- functioning open ejection port

- Non-functioning slide lock
- scratches VERY easily (One of my metal mags came HORRIBLY scratched)
- metal mags do not fall out when mag release is hit, you need to pull them out while holding down mag release (This does not happen on the plastic mags)
- 2-piece slide causes front iron sight to look split in half
- Words on the side do not come off

Overall, I am very pleased with this gun. It is a great replica and very fun to own! Buy one!
by Thomas R. on 2012-03-24 13:49:46
"This is a great starter pistol. For $30 dollars, you couldn't go wrong. Fairly accurate, great feeding, full metal (except for the brown grip, but under it is more metal). Although, the gun did have problems. First, I didn't know it would take so much force to cock the gun. Second, one of the magazines was slightly split at the top, but nothing a little glue couldn't fix, but now it feeds like a charm. So, in conclusion, I feel that any starter should give this pistol a good look. A full metal pistol for $30 is a great deal. I will buy from this distributor again.

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