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6mmProShop Tactical 1911 Full Size High Power Airsoft Spring Pistol

29 Customer Reviews

by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"its a really good gun but mine no longer shoots so i made mine silver and took the back spring out with the firing cap, so it acts like a real gun but it doesn't shoot, i wish there was a parts upgrade for it, id make the internals all metal so there would be no misfires extremely good starter pistol please get this
by Alessandro P. on 10/21/2016
"I ordered this gun because I wanted a realistic looking springer that was all metal and had a working ejection port. This gun shoots consistently but is not vertically in line with the sights, at least not with .20 gram bbs. The hopup is not adjustable. Because it shoots high I would recommend using .23/.25 gram bbs in this gun.

1. Full metal body
2. Working ejection port
3. Functioning grip safety and safety (it's on the left side so if you are left handed like me than engaging/disengaging the safety might be difficult)
4. Full metal high capacity mag (the only plastic part is at the top)
5. Working hammer
6. Easily disassembles by pushing the pin on the right side out ant then removing the slide

1. Plastic outer barrel
2. Non adjustable hopup
3. Non functioning slide lock
4. Plastic grips
by Michael W. on 09/21/2016
"This is my first ever purchase from and I have to say, that I am very pleased with this pistol. Not only is it very heavy (which is realistic) but its also accurate, powerful, and just feels great. It weighs like a real gun which is good. Obviously not made out of crap plastic. This thing will not break, at least not for a few years. It takes standard 6mm bbs so be sure to get yourself a pack. I got the 2000 rounds one for 5 bucks.
If you are still not sure if you should buy this airsoft gun, then just stop and buy it because you wont regret it.
by elijah c. on 06/29/2016
"Some times the bbs in the magazine does not feed into the gun but happens occasionally overall the gun is extremely realistic and heavy and shoots really far it is a really awesome gun so there is nothing to be mad about.
by Paul D. on 06/15/2016
"I have had this gun for over 2 years and it still works great.

Magazine can hold lots of bbs instead of just only holding 12 at a time
Good close range weapon
Pretty light

by Josh H. on 05/12/2016
"The grips are the correct chocolate brown plastic not the light almost tan pictured so that's a big plus. The slide is metal the rest if plastic. I really like it. The slide is nothing to pull back despite the other reviews I've seem, but I'm used to real ones I guess. Perfect for mounting to my PC for backup. I don't even remember it's there until I need it. Mags work great, you can store BB's in them and not wear the spring out until you pull down and load the spring so another big plus. Easy to load in general. It fires straight, not long range or anything but it shouldn't hurt anyone and it's great for close quarters. I'm really happy with it.
by Danny P. on 03/15/2016
"Very Nice, Way Better Than Expected

I recently got this gun and it shoots just as well as my brothers CO2 gas blowback pistol minus a little fps. This gun also has some weight to it so thats nice. The one problem is the mag quality is pretty bad, but acceptable, and the mag makes a lot of noise because of the bbs in the compartment on the mag. This gun is also very acriet.

Very Good FPS
Acriet (Accurate)

Orange Tip
by Rajbir D. on 02/14/2016
"I have had this pistol for over 2 years now and continues to impress me.It is very accurate and reliable,also it will serve you we'll for a LONG time.However with UTG it can be a hit or miss scenario cause my pistol was flawless but friends pistol however was riddled with problems.Overall this is a great pistol if you know how to use it and if train hard enough.But you should still save up for a gas blowback.
by Sam D. on 12/26/2015
"Great gun for just shooting targets, but not for competition. Slide is hard to pull back and sometimes doesn't lock. Otherwise its great!!
by Chi T. on 08/04/2015
"I received this gun the other day and have been using it since. It really is a great gun! With a decent price for a full metal gun was one of the reasons I bought this in the first place. I was thoroughly surprised at the weight when I pick it up out of its box. Here are the pros and cons ~

Pros :
Full Metal
Working Hammer
2 safeties
Metal Trigger
2 Metal Magazines

Cons :
Hard to pull back the slide
Slide lock doesn't work
Magazines can be a little stuck while feeding BBs

Overall this is a great gun. I highly recommend it.

5/5 Stars
by Dein G. on 06/25/2015
"I could not have asked for better on this gun. I have always played with spring guns, because of how stealthily I play. I have been wanted to get a sniper rifle, which I now have, for ages. But, until I could earn the money to buy the rifle I wanted, I decided to buy this spring pistol. I did not expect this gun to be as good as it is! I have beat friends that are using AEGs and gas guns with this pistol. It has the range, hits hard, and feels great.
This gun is also a very good price. I would easily pay $40 for this gun.
Sturdy all metal construction
Light weight, but solid
Hits hard
Accurate and great range (I use .20g BBs)
Solid mags. Even though they are hi-caps, they dont make a lot of noise
Comes with 2 metal mags
Dropped it several times already. No damage.

You have to make sure to pull the slide all the way back, or it will jam. (Until the spring breaks in)
Paint is easy to scratch/rub off, but I like the "used" look that it gets.

5/5. If you are looking for a fairly priced, good spring pistol, this is your gun.
Happy airsofting!
by Andy S. on 05/18/2015
"Nice gun, bought 5 for all my friends and we split the cash evenly. Feels perfect pain-wise. Bee sting at 10 feet away, hard flick at 50 feet away.

-Full metal
-Realistic look and feel
-Come with 2 mags (high capacity speed loaders)
-Accurate up to about 50 to 60 feet
-Pretty good fps (hurts when it needs to)
-Has 2 safety switches

-Bbs start to curve past 60 feet
-3 out of the 10 magazines didn't freely fall out (had to be pulled or shaken out)
-No available attachments or upgrades for this gun
-Can't take it apart easily for cleaning/maintenance (has a cleaning rod though)

Overall, glad I purchased this gun over any plastic one. If you're looking for a good started spring pistol for cheap, get this one. $25 bucks gets you a durable, accurate , and heavy gun with 2 nice metal magazines. :)
by Revelation G. on 03/11/2015
full metal gun and mag
comes with 2 mags
shots accurately from 65ft
only $25
250 fps
mags hold 103 rounds

slide lock in weird place and only some times holds the slide back (not really a con because at lease it has a slide lock)
kind of hard to cock

pretty good gun would use it as a safety in a game
by David B. on 12/06/2014
"If you don't want to mess with the gas of a CO2 pistol but want an easy access side arm, than this is the pistol is for you. I've used this pistol in both cqb and outdoor events. Its unbeatable accuracy for a springer has saved me many times when I find myself out of ammo. This is a very well made pistol and the extra full metal mag is great. I recommend looking at the Condor Tactical Holster 1911 Series

This holster is perfect for the pistol because of the extra mag pouch built into it. I am very satisfied with this gun and it is certainly the best alternative from a CO2 or electric pistol.

-Full Metal body and magazines
-Money friendly
-No gas or batteries
-Thumb safety
-Decent range

-Isn't very effective against a sniper 100+ yards away :)
by Matt S. on 09/30/2014
"WAY better than I thought it would be, defiantly my favorite pistol!