Reviews: G&P M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock - Black (Package: Gun Only)

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Model: AEG-GP281C-BK

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by Michael C. on 2016-04-08 18:22:26
"Okay, to start off... this gun is THE MOST AMAZING gun ever, of course you have to buy a butterfly/nun-chuck battery separate (I strongly recommend a 9.6V) everything about this gun is almost perfect! It comes in a nicely made carrying case, two magazines (300 High Cap and 120[?] mid cap), and best of all the gun is full metal (with a few polymer parts [stock and foregrip]). Of course finding an RIS system is a pain in the gahzoots, this gun by itself is a beautifully crafted piece of art. It has a nice rate of fire (20+ bps [depending on the battery]) very comfortable to fire, and has a very realistic look and feel. This is a must have for every M4 loving airsoft person.

Great Feel
Heavy (6.3 lbs)
Has a Crane Stock ^_^
Fast ROF
Comes with two mags

Battery sold separate
RIS is sorta difficult to find (one that will fit and some of the common sites are out of stock)

But those minor flaws really don't matter.

Your money WILL NOT be wasted! I personally guarantee it!
by Maui T. on 2016-04-08 18:22:02
"bought this gun, shoot with it, hit everyone.

very accurate gun, wont ever disappoint.
by Cheryl C. on 2016-04-08 18:21:43
"Oh my god this gun is the way to go. Great FPS and an unbelievable rate of fire. This gun is legendary, I would recommend .25BBs with it as to reach its maximum potential. Very sturdy and great accuracy, I was about 50 feet away from a lamp post and I got a direct hit, which is saying a lot because I'm not exactly the best shot if you know what I'm saying :). In other words this is the best gun I've seen without spending an outrageous price. Good for intermediate to advanced players, no offense but beginners may break it if they don't have the experience to take good care of a nice airsoft gun. Mag may have a little wiggle but it will never fall out.

-Great FPS
-Great rate of fire
-Killer accuracy
-Full metal (except crane stock)

-Mag wiggles a little, not a big problem at all-aka no CONS.
by Tyler L. on 2016-04-08 18:21:21
"Fantastic weapon system. I just picked this up, and was very impressed by the quality of the externals, since they are basically VFC. Auto-locking bolt cover is very helpful.
Internals are also very impressive - consistent shots, and I was told I was chronoing, on average, around 440. Excellent. Suprisingly solid hop up - was hitting dead consistent in my backup Irons on my ACOG. You do need a crane stock type battery, though, otherwise you cannot extend the stock all the way, or the wiring will disconnect from the battery - however, that may have been because of the battery brand. Either way, very impressive internals.
After putting this gun out in the field as well, I was quite impressed. It shot straight, was very sturdy, lightweight and easy to handle. I'm going to modify it with a RIS system, as well as a PEQ15 Unit and XM203 Madbull Launcher, and have no doubt that it will continue to impress. Much better than any Classic Army I've ever bought, and I've had quite a few.
by Byron U. on 2016-04-08 18:21:03
"I just got this AEG 2 days ago, and I have already used it in a private game and its performance was phenomenal.

-Full metal
-Very light
-Functional charging handle and bolt catch.
-Comfortable crane stock.
-The handguard is solid as a rock.
-Comes with a hard carrying case with 1 hi-cap, 1 mid-cap, and a black bird-cage flash hider.
-High rate of fire (18-20 rps) on a 9.6v nun chuck battery.
-Amazing trigger response (fast enough to use semi-auto more than full auto).
-Decent range and accuracy (I suggest a tightbore barrel).
-Plastic hop-up, but it works magnificently.
-High fps (417-424) for whoever likes to hurt others. (I personally prefer it to be shooting 350fps)
-Easy to eject magazines.

-When putting in another magazine, I had to push in harder for it to click.
-The mags are wobbly but they feed perfectly fine and won't fall out whatsoever.
-Battery is a pain, but with some practice it will be much easier.
-Crane stock wobbles immensely "if" you take the two little knobs out of the cranestock that's suppose to prevent the battery from sliding forward.
-The mid-cap that comes with this gun is not good, on the left side of it there is this huge bulge that won't fit in the magwell. I tried it on my friend's G&G GR16 and it won't fit either, so whoever has this gun should shave the bulge away then it should be a good fit.

Overall: 5/5
by Christine G. on 2016-04-08 18:20:32
"Please ignore frustrated battery review - if he was going to spend that much money on an airsoft rifle he could have looked at the online manual (google it) or looked at some pictures with details of the crane stock. By the way, the box at the bottom ("Customers also bought") has two compatible batteries. duh! Comes with black bird-cage style flash hider (the tip of the barrel) to replace orange one (both are metal and really nice so keep the orange one for another gun or as backup). Some advice when changing the flashider: it's righty loosey, lefty tighty. Trust me. And it is glued slightly so you just meed some vice-grips and a really strong arm. you may scratch your orange flash hider if you don't put something between the vice-grips, though. Pick of excess glue and new one goes on easily. Wonderfully realistic. Haven't clocked it for myself but haven't had any problems.
by Caleb B. on 2016-04-08 18:19:26
"I've had this gun for about a month now and I have to say its a pretty nice gun. The gun performs great straight out of the box and they weren't kidding when they said VFC made the internals, the gearbox sounds wonderful compared to some of my friends JG m4s whining gears. I also looked up what it would cost to buy a case like the one you get with this gun and its about 80 dollars, evike offers the 1 cent promo for 2 extra mags on top of the 2 mags you get for the gun and you end up with a skirmish ready gun if you have the butterfly/crane stock battery for it. The feel and texture of the gun is absolutely wonderful, the grip is truly smaller than all other aeg grips and the platinum echo1 logo looks pretty sweet on the bottom receiver. Overall the gun is an amazing steal for 305 if you add up all the things that you get with it.

consistently great fps
VFC internals
amazing to hold compared to many other m4 variants
locking bolt is a huge plus when on the field and needing to change your hopup
great iron sights

mags are just a tiny touch loose in the mag well, (not many companies have mastered perfect mag wells yet.)
top receiver is attached to bottom receiver only by the front receiver pin and the top receiver wobbles just a touch but not that noticeable
crane stock wobbles a touch but I like it because it conforms to my shoulder a lil better than a stiff crane stock would

sure there are a few tiny things that aren't extremely perfect on it but I'm not complaining at all because when I'm on the field I know that I have a reliable gun in my hands and that's all that matters to me.
by Jeffrey T. on 2016-04-08 18:19:01
"I preordered this gun 3 months before it was released and Baby it was soo worth it. It shoots at around 405 fps and with a 9.6v has a ROF of about 23bps. NOTE THIS GUN IS LIPO READY. VFC BUILT THE INTERNALS OF THE GUN SO THEY ARE EXTREAMLY GOOD. The metal body is a matte black finish that is very close to the finish of a real gun


Full metal
405 Fps
23 ROF!
Lipo ready
good looking body



overall a fantastic gun from echo1/vfc this proves that echo 1 is remaking i self to make higher quality nicer guns
by Thomas G. on 2016-04-08 18:18:39
"Very good AEG, Will not disappoint. Great rof shoots 330-340 steady. have had this rifle for almost 6 months and still going stong with no problems. very good buy!!
by Alex C. on 2016-04-08 18:18:16
"i highly recommend this gun. the rate of fire is insane without a lipoly battery. the gun is very durable and the externals are top notch.each gun get its own serial number. mine is 66. this gun also comes with a black flashider. also the gun can not use a crane stock battery it must use a nun chuck battery. its worth every penny
by Jason C. on 2016-03-15 09:03:50
"I recently purchased this G&P M4 after I found out my Lancer AK-47 was a lemon. I was a little nervous about investing in a high end gun. However, as soon as I used it, all my fears dissipated. Honestly, it's one of the best M4 I've seen. The outer metal/polymer construction is rugged, the internals are some of the best stock ones you can get for this price, and the FPS is perfect for field use. I also recommend using a flashmag. It saves so much time when loading.

-Great price for such a nice gun
-Durably built, inside and out
-Good ROF with 9.6V battery
-High FPS

All in all, it's a great M4 and I would highly recommend it to beginners and veterans alike.
by Maria G. on 2016-03-15 09:01:58
"G&P makes really good guns, i purchased this gun and got it in three days
Anyways this gun has really good internal parts along with a full medal body (they were not lying about that) its has good amount of weight to it like an ar15. This gun has amazing accuracy and range to it with .23g bbs. I would reconmend this gun to u no matter if ur a con or a pro

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 50 reviews)

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