Reviews: King Arms Bolt Action Blaser R93 LRS1 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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Model: SR-KA-R93-B
Location: L6-033 WO2-T03 WO2-T04 WO2-T06 WO2-T07 WO2-T10 WO2-T15 L7-T04 L2-T04

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by Chris K. on 2014-09-07 19:58:15
adjustable cheek rest(up, down, side-to-side) and butt pad
stud mount bipod rail
50rd mag
removable flashhider
not too heavy
awesome look to it
short scope rail(still usable)
raising cheek rest too high will block bolt

Even before I upgraded this gun, if was great. With a sighted scope, this gun will hit and shoot through a half gallon milk carton at 75ft. After adding a 615mm, 6.01 bore, inner barrel this gun hit chest sized targets at 200ft using .3g ammo(p.s. I recommend using white ammo since u can see through your scope if you hit the target and I find that black ammo leaves residue in the barrel). I have had very few problems with this gun although after two years the mag broke and the hop up became misaligned. I am over all satisfied with this gun although I am still not sure if the gun can handle a M180(comment?). I've put a Braska 4-16x40 scope with a 5in sunshade on this gun. I've also have the ~$5 ghille covering(under decorative) and camo rap(also under decorative) on the bipod mount to prevent scratching on the ground. I also added a king arms silencer and made a sling mount for the stock since this gun got heavy with upgrades. I won 7:1 against an AK on full auto with this gun(although my scope cover got shot out). The only reason I gave this gun 4 stars was because the bolt gets tiring from shooting so many people.
by marko s. on 2014-07-15 17:07:17
"Got this gun in a Raffle from Cleveland Indoor Airsoft. Didnt keep it long enough to test it. Traded it for a VFC.
by Reese U. on 2014-06-18 11:58:40
"I have had this gun for a about 6-7 months. It's a great gun but if you pull to hard on the bolt it gets stuck and have to get an Allen wrench to to fix it. Bit beside that it's is a great gun. It comes with a speed loader Allen wrench (you gave to put the upper reserver to the body and the gun.

Long range
Easy to get inside of the gun
Nice straight pull
Lots of extra parts

Bolt gets stuck
Tricky to pull back the first few times

I would highly recommend this gun to anyone getting into snipping
by mark a. on 2014-02-11 15:25:43
"I just bought this gun from a local dealer and it is GREAT! it is very sturdy in build and the ABS used is very high quality. The gun also comes with an allen wrench which will fit all of the essential hex screws on the gun, a speed reloader with a special adaptor on it for the clip, and and unjamming rod. The gun comes disassembled but the assembly is simple but when you install the bolt it is easy to mess up. If you buy the gun you will know what I am talking about just re-install the bolt until it works properly. Overall this is a great gun with good quality for it's price.
by ethan o. on 2012-08-10 12:47:49
the nice sleek design
larger mag
adjustable, well baisically everithing
nice and powerful
strait pull is good for when on the ground
excelent range

keep scratching myself on the stock
(other than that no problem other than that but i have found it to have better accuracy when using .25 and higher bbs)
love it had it on my eye for a long time and finally got around to purchasing it,id highly recomend it for mid to high level player
by Eric T. on 2012-08-02 23:54:00
"Mine just came in today and absolutely loved it. Learned of it from a friend who broke his by screwing the bipod on to hard which stripped the screw holding the the bipod mount slot, so don't screw on too hard.

Straight pull(maybe con if your used to l96 bolt)
50 round
Nice flashhider design

Orange flashhider
Bipod mount (only for Harris type)
Cylinder seems thin
by zack f. on 2012-07-11 10:00:14
"This futuristic looking rifle is packed with accuracy and power!

Packaging: Beautiful Cybergun / King Arms box.

Initial look & feel: High quality product, great surface treatment and feels very nice.

Accuracy and performance: 9/10. Not much complaint there, I haven't shot a 10/10 Airsoft gun yet, but I suppose my expectations are high being a real steel shooter.

Con: None
by Christian S. on 2012-01-11 17:30:28

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)