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KJW Full Metal KP08 Tactical Custom Hi-Capa Airsoft GBB Pistol

8 Customer Reviews

by Thomas D. on 03/18/2018
"Shoots straight as an arrow right out of the box. Right around 340-350 FPS and getting 2 full magazines out of one CO2. Great gun. Loud and accurate. Just wish they made a hard holster for it. None of the 1911 or other hi-capa's work. Would definitely recommend.
by archie h. on 07/05/2017
"i ordered mine like 2 years ago and i got to say its really nice and ive had no problems with it yet
by Anthony l. on 11/05/2015
"I love this gun more than some family members. I use this as a primary at an indoor cqb field. It chronoed at 279 with .25s and has the range and accuracy at 100ft to easily compete with rifles. the KJW hi-capa mags are cool but the WE ones work absolutely perfectly for much less money. The grip is comfortable and I can reach everything with my smallish hands. It's perfect in every way. I previously owned a WE "super alpha" and this blows it out of the water. into space. Going into the field people would say "just a pistol?" I would say "it's all I need." and by the end of the game people would be saying "Dude, you and that pistol. WOW." The gun speaks for itself and it says things like GOTCHA and THERE IS NO ESCAPE. Out of 6 mags, one KJW and one WE gave me issues holding gas. I may have dropped one or 2 onto a concrete floor. Besides that, on a hot day they could probably shoot 2 whole mags without refilling gas. Overall amazing choice for the moneys. Buy it and go John Wick/Jason Statham/Wesley Gibson.
by jordan n. on 09/17/2015
"Just ordered it and I must say WOW! Mine is so solid very accurate and sounds beefy. No cons as of yet. When it breaks I'll update this
by Fady M. on 01/16/2015
"AMAZING! straight out of the box this gun was nice and heavy, maybe 2ish pounds. Everything was lubricated and it was in perfect quality, no scratches or bruising. The mags take about 29 rounds and shoot maybe 1 and a half mags on a regular day with one fill. The accuracy is what sealed the deal. On a calm day, I was able to knock over a can from _100 Feet. Packs a nice little punch in it, while keeping a low FPS. I would definitely recommend this gun for anyone looking for a pistol.
by anthony d. on 09/10/2013
"I've had this gun for a while now and all i can say is that i love it!
light weight
grip is textured so you can grip it tightly
nice kick
large mag

adjusting hop up on the field might be a little difficult to do
disassembly may take a while to get used to and may need some practice
by Angelina K. on 01/14/2012
"After having this gun for a few days I went to use it and I dropped it from about 2ft off the ground from my leg holster and the beaver tail safty cracked and the gun wont function without it :(

I would highly reccomend getting a lanyard just so you dont do this to your pistol

I also reccomend getting a c02 mag, it kicks harder and about 20 fps higher

remember to use silicone spray

other than that it proformed just fine and the hop up is very easy to adjust, take off the slide and there is a little weel that says hop
by Juan D. on 10/21/2015
"Aesthetically, this this is beautiful. However, upon receiving the first model, the entire trigger assembly was blown to the point where the slide could not be pulled back, and when dissembled, the spring just popped out. I was given a second model after returning it through mail. However, I encountered new problems.

The gun shoots accurately, especially after the hop up is adjusted. It's not the easiest hop up to get to, but it's not that difficult either. You just pop off the slide and it's inside the slide mechanism.

As for the new problems that I was referring to, I am very disappointed every time that I go play with this gun. All of the magazines that I received are leaky, and I can not get through more that 2/3's of any of my 3 mags with out the gas being depleted. I live in temperate weather, so I do not know what the problem exactly is. I do not know if there is a nozzle issue within the pistol or whether all of the the mags have o-ring issues, which would be hard to believe because the magazines have barely been used.

This was my first GBB pistol and I was very disappointed with the product that I received.