Reviews: 6mmProShop Bump Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (PJ Type / Advanced / Black)


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Model: HELM-5668B

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by Caleb M. on 2013-09-03 18:30:57
"This helmet has to be the best helmet I ever had very durable, not flimsy at all fits perfect on me and my head size is about 7 3/4 iv had several helmets and I honestly would have paid 100 for this and the price is perfect for what u get comes with everything you need I hocked my mesh mask on the to hocked peices and it took no more then 5 mins comes with goggle things and one rail for a flashlight all in all I give this 10 stars awesome product one of the best for sure fits my goggles and everything buy this helmet I promise you will not regret it its the best helmet iv seen on the market
by Dylan N. on 2013-04-14 12:38:50
"I got this helmet and was pretty happy with it. However, I am a hat size 7 & 1/2, and this helmet barely fit me with all of the padding taken out. If don't want to wear it high on your head, then you might have a hard time finding goggles that fit with the helmet.
by Bill W. on 2012-07-20 12:27:51
"Overall this is a good, comfortable, helmet. It has a neat adjustment knob on the back, plus several different sized pads to get the fit just right. I like the rails mounted on it and the large bag of accessort clips and such that come with it. I was able to attach my lower face shield directly to it using the attachment "buclkes" and rail sliders that were included with the helmet so I didn't have to havee an elastic strap running around my head. It has good ventilation ar well; I played on a field in 100+ degree heat and high humidity and wasn't bothered al all by this helmet.

The only problem I had was that, when lying in the prone position, the neck protection area pushes against the back of the neck/shoulders forcing the front of the helmet down and partially obstructing your vision of things at a distance. Of course, when I was hit in the back of the head a couiple times, I was glad that neck protection was there.

It's a bit pricy but it's a really good helmet.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)