Reviews: Lone Wolf Licensed Full Metal Timberwolf Airsoft GBB Pistol by Echo1 - Black


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Model: GP-E1-LWTW-B
Location: U13-004 Y6-M04(RLK)

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by jonathan p. on 2013-02-21 09:00:58
"great gbb pistol!!
holds 25 bb's but I'd prefer a more realistic count so I put 17 in.
no threaded barrel like others have said but for $50 you can get a WE tech G17 slide and threaded barrel that fits right on.
good on gas, mag can be a pain to load but I've seen worse.
the safety blows, that's my only real issue with it.
all in all, it's definitely a cool pistol and I'd recommend it.
by Aaron J. on 2013-01-22 18:59:34
"Great gun straight out of the box. All i expected and then some. Minutes after using it i realized that the barrel wasn't threaded. This isn't much of a problem for me because im not a fan of the silencers or whatever else you can throw on it. Now to the pros and cons

Pros: Great accuracy
very comfortable
a nice mag size
easy to load with or without speed loader

cons: like i said my barrel wasn't threaded
safety is a little awkward on the bottom of the gun which wouldnt be accessable if you have a flashlight or something on the bottom rail

overall i give it a 5/5 somewhat because its my first GBB pistol and i have 2 other friends' to compare it to but my first impressions was that it met all my expectations
by James M. on 2012-11-29 18:20:15
"This blowback pistol is AMAZING!!!!! It has quite a kick, great for CQB, rail for lasers and lights. Overall i give this gun 5/5 i have had this for a year and still works great

can change back plate and mag plate
full metal except grip
VERY SEXY looking

paint chips after a while (especially on the mag)
by George M. on 2012-10-20 15:05:31
"My first gas pistol sidearm and its shoots really good. Great accuracy and gun is relatively light compared to most pistols. Make sure you know its green gas. I originally thought it was c02 but its not. Also picked up a mock silencer which makes it look very sexy. The only thing i dislike about the gun is the magazine loading. The mag requires you to hold down the spring and give some pressure while putting the bb's in the mag and its really annoying if u have no other mags and ur in a game. Would recommend picking up some extra mags.

sexy looking
comfortable grip

green gas (prefer c02)
mag reloading could be better
by heath w. on 2012-03-01 21:15:35
"i just got mine in the mail today and right out of the box the gun feels amazing. the only real problem i have with the package as of right now is that it DID NOT come with another timberwolf butt plate for another mag just a random socom butt plate,
by kyle l. on 2012-02-20 20:26:50
"This gun is the best and first gbb pistol i ever had. After tested in the shooting range at evike, it was 100% awesome. I also like the interchangeable back plates and bottom pistol plates.
Overrall 5/5
by Jason C. on 2012-02-20 13:07:02
"Received this gun today and let me go over a few pros and cons. I was super excited about the gun when it came out since there aren't too many glock style replicas on the market anymore. I got this gun for a good deal along with the holy cow mag so who can complain. I am an owner of the kwa G series and upon comparison with kwa products, the socom gear timberwolf lacks detail and overall build quality.

Ergonmic Design
light weight
silencer adapter
universal (accepts we g mags and is marui compatible)

Safety has poor design ( too hard to take out of safety, requires pin at times)
Lack of build quality.
The gun feels cheaply made and steers me towards sticking with kwa.
by Chris L. on 2012-02-15 23:52:04
"I just got my gun in the mail today, not disappointed at all, the magazine it came with, and the extended mag work perfect, and i was jumping right into a game pulling it out of the box, thanks Evike everything I've bought from this site hasn't failed me yet, looking forward to more purchases, this gun is a great sidearm, realism and upgrade/interchangable options make this a worthwhile purchase. Hook it up with some of that airsoft cash!!!!!! Airsoft Evike for life!!!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)