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Matrix AW-338 MB08D Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Folding Stock by WELL - Desert (Package: Add Bipod)

7 Customer Reviews

by Matt H. on 11/24/2015
"Great sniper rifle

I got mine about 3 months ago and is still working like new

Solid stock,
Metal barrel and bolt,

Need to be upgraded to shoot further than a AEG,(its not that bad)
the bipod mount is poo,
the cheek rest is super poo,
and the stock riser is poo,

Over all its a great gun, the cons are minor but are still cons,

Ps use .25 - .30
by John R. on 10/15/2015
"This is a very nice, sleek gun, especially for the price. I was worried that the scope wouldn't be good and I'd have to get a better one but it works perfectly well for me (though it took a bit of work to calibrate). I love the spring eject for the magazine; it makes it much easier to reload when compared to other sniper rifles I've used. It's on the heavier side because of all the metal, but the weight distribution is good and the fact that it is almost all metal, with the exception of the stock, means it's very durable. The only complaints I have thus far is that the gun was supposed to come with two screws to help keep the stock and barrel/receiver connected more sturdily but there were none (They really aren't necessary as the two parts click together either way, they just make it so you can't take it apart when you don't want to), and I have yet to figure out how to change the hop-up. It is still a comfortable, well made gun and I am very happy with it.
by Zachary B. on 12/25/2012
"Its a very nice gun, not too heavy, not too light. the scope is very nice, and its easy to reload. the bipod sometimes wont collapse very well, but its an amazing gun
by Cory k. on 12/20/2011
"I love this gun, it is fantastic quality for it's price. It is made out of a very strong polymer outside in a beautiful tan finish. It has a foldable stock that locks into place for STORAGE, not shooting.
Also it has all metal internals, monopod, bipod, and outer barrel, that is fluted.
Also comes with a sling and speed loader

Strong around 450 Fps
Monopod and Bipod
Built in top rail for scope
Its weight

Con: (very minor)
scratches somewhat easily
heavy (not for weaker people)
could use another magazine
by Caleb L. on 03/16/2017
"I decided to buy my first actual sniper rifle and decided why not a classic awp? so at first i tried making a custom order, like a hand picked rifle, bi pod and scope, it would've been 170 dollars all together but you have to buy the bi pod adapter separately and those things are like 10$ so all together it would been 180 so why not just go for the deal of all 3 extra pieces plus the adapter for free. when i got the package i was excited because this thing is probably the heaviest gun i own. the actual full metal barrel assembly can be taken out of the plastic body (so basically the gun splits in to two) you can screw the barrel assembly permanently into the body with two screws if you want but theyre already put inside the body (i was worried i had lost the screws because the manual told me to place them in). basically its a good gun but be super careful.

heavy gun
accurate gun
packs a punch
stock folds for storage
mono pod on stock sometimes can help with reloading and stability
the grip has a nice feel i guess?
ive never used the cheek riser in combat but its there if you need it.

the first couple of days i had it, i transported it in my car within the box and as soon as i took it out the spring fro the magazine release lever magically disappeared. (hard to replace that thing)
the bi pod was neat for the first couple of days and it worked but the thing that actually tightens the bi pod (the metal cylinder inside the tightening grip thingy) it was crushed so now the left leg is constantly sticking out.
the scope is awesome , it even comes with mounting rings and two spring loaded protective caps for the lens but unfortunately the front yellow cap for me snapped off the spring and i could either glue it back on or just get a new rubber sleeve with protector on it (the caps arent on permanently, they're attached to two rubber cylinders that slide on the actual scope so no real worries there.)
ok last and final bad thing- the actual handle on the bolt itself has a spring mechanism inside that presses against the wall so it allows the bolt to go down and ready to fire BUT apparently if you flip it too much to the left the stupid thing slides out forward SO i had to take out the bolt assembly backwards and the metal box cap slipped off and i lost 1 out of 2 plugs so now the gun leaks oil slowly all over the bolt but at least i fixed the bolt and now i can shoot the gun again.
by charlie m. on 11/11/2014
"I got the gun a while ago and it was great. Over time the gun slowly lost fps and went down to about 400. This was easily fixed by putting in new internals. Now my gun shoots at around 520-560.


-cheek plate broke (easy to glue back in)
-might need to upgrade internals after a while
by Alaa S. on 05/16/2013
"nice for a person who knows what to upgrade, example. hop up, spring, scope etc

+good building platform
+very nice looking
+easy to upgrade
+easy to keep lubricated and clean
+good stock accuracy but use heavier BB's


-when i got mine scope would not calibrate properly
-weak sling
-hop up is not the best
-bi-pod is wobbly but easy to fix

overall its a good building platform and it is cheap