Reviews: Matrix AW-338 MB08B Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock by WELL- OD Green (Package: Add Bipod)


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Model: SR-MB08B-OD

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by jason p. on 2012-10-24 18:48:14
"this gun came in about a week and a half ago and all i can say is WOW! this gun is so accurate and powerful. its heavy (good kind of heavy) for that realistic feel to it. the bolt release to the spring is fairly easy, but ajusting the hop up is another matter. it's so complex and hard. you have to take the barrel and unscrew it. the cylinder is easy though and you'll see your hop up. bolt is full metal and durable. full metal trigger. this gun is built to last! only thing you should do about this gun is change the spring to a higher quality spring. it loses fps fast. overall 9/10


accessing internals is a pain.
by CM H. on 2012-09-19 15:24:12
"This was probably the best gun I've ever had.
Great beginners sniper rifle since this gun was made by WELL as a MB08 anybody wanting to buy this gun should pay five dollars more and get the MB10 instead it shoots faster and harder and more accurate than this gun trust me The MB10 even comes with a scope and a bi pod.

Great FPS
shoots far
good rifle on the go
great with bi pod
great balanced gun

CONS: Only that
when I bought this gun the MB10 came out the next day so I was really pissed
mags in wrong spot
doesn't come with scope
and the spring really isn't upgraded only the piston is
by Ethan T. on 2012-07-30 14:20:54

By far this is the best rifle ive owned. Shoots about 420-430 fps with .20's, but thats easily upgradeable. I have a 3-9-40mm scope on mine and its dead accurate at 150 feet. The folding stock is a great feature because this is a very long gun but after you fold it its easy to store. If your getting this gun you should definantly look into upgrading it for better FPS i am personally going to get it shooting around 600fps with .20's. But you should adjust it to your feilds FPS limit. Overall Great gun.

Great Internals
Comes with Bipod
easily upgradeable
smooth bolt

FPS is a bit lower than i would expect

Great for any sniper, even beginners! BUY THIS GUN!
by Tony W. on 2011-12-30 21:02:50
"This gun is recommended for anyone trying out sniping. Shoots more accurate than the Well Type 96 and the UTGs. Although it doesnt come with a scope and the mounts are a little hard to find, I have had absolutely no problems from it that I couldn't fix with one of the included hex screwdrivers.
Easy bolt action
Realistic metal barrel and polymer body
More accurate than UTG and Well
Comes Pre-upgraded

Scope mounts are difficult to find but just check around your local gun stores for one that fits. I use 1 inch high quad locks made by Weaver. They work perfectly.

This gun gets a 10/10
by Byron B. on 2011-12-26 22:25:36
"got this gun a few days ago, sighted it in and IT IS AWSOME!!!
at 50 yards(150 feet) my grouping was abot 6 in.
I had my friend go out 150 feet and tell me how bad it hurt at he said tha it was prety bad@$$.

-foldable stoct
-feels realy durible
-heavy(could be a con)
-metal inturnals, and a dence plastic for the body

-bolt is a little hard to pull at first but aftur a while its easier to pull
-heavy(could be a con)
-mags in the wrong spot

cant thing of any thing else.
If you are looking for sniper rifle under 200$ and good fps, range, and durable get it it is awsome!

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)