Reviews: Matrix AW-338 Shadow Ops Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock & Bipod - Black

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Model: SR-MB08B-B

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by alix b. on 2012-08-01 06:27:09
"I just got this sniper yesterday. It looks amazing.The stock feels great. It has a great mag. The gun is also a perfect weight heavy but not to heavy to carry around. The bipodd makes the gun look great and really helps when shooting. I just don't see any use in the folding stock. Other than that the gun is really worth it for that price.
by August S. on 2012-02-07 20:31:34
"I have had this sniper for over a month now and it is very good for the price. I use it as a back up if my aeg breaks down on me. It has some pros over the older shadow op L96 that is now has a textured lower receiver, something the other one lacked. There really is no tactical advantage of the folding stock unless you are storing it to save space. It is difficult to cycle the bolt without using the stock. Because there are no pins holding together the barrel near the front of the gun, when resting the barrel on an object, the barrel will be forced up slightly, reducing the accuracy of your shot when using a scope. I overcame this by wrapping electrical tape around the barrel and lower receiver to hold them together tightly. The gun does shoot 450 fps with .20 right out of the box. The inner barrel free floats inside the outer barrel; this gun comes with no spacers which can be annoying during re assembly.
The reason why i bought this one over the older version was because it was described to have a metal trigger box. I was disappointing when I took it apart because it still had a plastic one, with a plastic bolt catch inside that will probably snap after excessive use. Evike sells replacement trigger boxes.
But as a back up, I really cant complain.

Pros: Price, New textured lower receiver, folding stock and Full Metal mono pod (be sure to tighten monopod screw under cheek rest just in case) 450 fps, exceptional quality, comes with bipod

Cons: Outer barrel issues, no spacers, PLASTIC TRIGGER BOX, hop up access in a quite annoying location (must use Allen wrench to adjust)

Conclusion: Best spring L96 Evike carries. One of the most common snipers out there. If you want something no one else has, get something else.
by christian d. on 2012-02-07 14:35:35
"Afew scratches on the paint when it came out, nothing too noticeable. I did realized that it didn't come with a scope so it isn't 'battle ready' out of the box. but very accurate.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)