Reviews: WE Open Bolt Full Metal M16-A1 VN Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

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Model: GR-WE-M16A1OB

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by Aaron M. on 2015-07-26 09:42:00
"Will definitely need modifications. I must admit when people said this gun should be for experienced airsofters they were right. You will literally have to file, scrape, and trim the parts in your rifle for it to function properly, and every magazine that you buy as well. Green Gas Mags Only!!! The co2 ones Do Not work. And the Ra-Tech bolt carrier will not fix the bolt catch either, you have to mod your rifle. It's a shame that you pay good money for something that doesn't work, but I guess if you have the time, money, and patience it will work out.


The quality of the rifle

If you do decide to take the challenge of owning a WE rifle, ye be warned! There is a 30 minute how to video on youtube by Non Existent, good luck
by sean h. on 2015-07-16 00:17:51
Full metal
Vietnam look

Some time gets stuck on full auto even when you put the gun on semi

Mags cost a lot

Weight can be a pro to
by michael j. on 2014-12-24 13:24:40
"ok so i have had this gun for well over a year. it has couple of problems that are easy fixed but overall this gun is one of the best gbbr i have ever used or owned.

three prong flash hider

inner barrel
bolt catch

this gun if you know how to fix it and clean it is amazing i would definitely recommend this gun for experienced airsofters the internals arent bad but they aren't amazing so i would suggest getting ra tech internals.

P.S. if you want to remove the flash hider you need to use a torch to heat up the muzzle.
by Cole M. on 2014-07-06 20:52:54
"I have had this rifle for 1 month. This rifle is truly amazing when it functions properly. The recoil is amazing and the sound puts the fear of god into people. Its effective to up to 200ft with .30s. The gun is also fairly easy to understand and clean. I started having problems with the valve knocker not making contact with the mags gas release. However, with a pulling the charging handle a few times and lots of lube, It started working again.
Pretty much everything.
All around feel
Takes alot of time and care (not completely a con)
Handguard is very cheap
by Max H. on 2013-09-29 11:27:17
"I bought this rifle a while ago at the Evike Super Store and I got to say, this rifle is very realistic!
I want to point out that my dad had an AR-15 and said that the recoil is almost spot on and the hand guard felt like his ( cheap and plastic feeling, which again is a pro for realism.) I want to mention that i did buy 2 30 rd magazines and they work perfectly fine. those have a matte gray finish and look totally different than the 20 rd mag. also, 20rd mag was way more solid feeling than the 30rd mags. the finish of the gun is a dark black not gray, but it looks good. the paint job is pretty good and the forward assist does work. the accuracy is amazing. I hit a target about 100-120 ft and hit it almost dead center! I love this rifle and have had no problems with it so far I totally recomend it to players with realsteel AR expirience. One thing to mention, when you get it, lube it with good lubricant and baby this rifle. Always take good care of your rifle and it will take care of you ;)
highly realalistic
great paint job
awesome blowback/recoil
no need to upgrade
uses 30rd mags and 20rd mags
great for 'nam softing
comes dry and dirty (a little lube and a good cleaning in the bolt and trigger assembly wouldn't kill you)
by matt e. on 2013-04-17 21:03:28
"I bought this about 3 weeks ago I use it every day its cheeper then shooting my real steel AR and it works the same way. This is my first gas blowback airsoft gun, this is deffently a great training tool im not sure if I would use this in a airsoft game just cause the mags only hold 20 rounds. When I got this It worked good for the first 6 mags then my fire slector broke it also broke bbs in the chamber so I took everything apart and cleaned all the broken bbs out of the lower reciver and upper and fixed the fire slector switch. This is as close as you can get to a fully automatic M16.. do not I mean DO NOT buy this if u can not take the time to clean it when u get home from the field and make sure you lube everything b4 u head out . I used .25gram bbs and they still broke in the chamber so I wouldt recomend using anything lower .
I also would not recomend this to a young kid unless they have someone that can show them how to clean and maintain a firearm (make sure you use airsoft safe lube to clean

Great gun
Good build quailty
Great FPS
Hard recoil
Good traing tool

Instruction manual is all in japanese
Since this is a new gun not many videos out on it
Some minor stuff wrong with it (mentioned above)
by Michael S. on 2012-08-08 21:00:03
"This gun is AMAZING!!! not really any problems when i first got it that were not able to fix easily. First off its fps is 430+ and accurate as hell. feels great in your hands and light weight for it's size. the first problems that were easily fixed were the feeding nozzle in the upper receiver, leading onto the barrel, so i sanded it down a little and it fixed it. The other is the hop-up, it is a pain to find the right allen key (the one that mine came with didn't fit) to fit and turning is a pain, i used small needle nose pliers to turn it(left is up and right is down) and fixed the hopup. but it all turned out great and it is a great gun. when i got this gun i never went back to aegs so when u go gas u dont go back. the mags are very efficient but sometimes the bolt catch doesn't work on the mags. couldn't have gotten a better gun. Over-all an amazing gun.
by Takuichiro T. on 2012-07-13 17:50:18
"Good rifle for sniper use of reenacting war Milsim games. Very accurate and light, lots of fun to use in a game. Very realistic feel and nice recoil.


Light weight can be carried all day
Real cap mags for the Milsim junky (like me)


Can't use 30rd WE mag (with out changing bolt)
not many accessories for this model


Don't let anyone tell you this rifle is not good for pick up games at you local field. It holds it own you just have to chang you style of play, but I don't recommend it for close quater combat due to the length, but that choice is yours.

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)