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WE Open Bolt Full Metal M16-A3 Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

14 Customer Reviews

by Joshua G. on 01/24/2018
"I really must say, this gun really outdoes everything else I have. A beautiful piece of engineering! I recommend this gun to anyone who likes a typical American rifle! Although it isn't the most authentic piece out there, it still serves its purpose! I will definitely come back for more!
by Nick B. on 09/12/2017
"I just got this the other day, not through evike but through a trade, and if you get the RA-Tech trigger assembly it will shoot just like it should. I used to own a WE 416 and they've come a long way. I get plenty of shots through each mag. I also have a KWA LM4 and I prefer my WE M16. It's such a fun gun to use!
by jason s. on 04/28/2017
"Which 6.01mm inner tightbore barrel fits this gun and is not made from brass and not to expensive and fits very well in the inner barrel i don,t however i would appericate it evike if you could let me know thanks
by wyatt b. on 04/24/2015
"Relatively good gun, not much to complain about with it.
From the standpoint of someone using it as a training weapon and for pest control and fun on the weekends.

Pros: realistic weight, realistic feel and operation, decent recoil strength, relatively accurate out the box, good FPS for medium to longer distance engagement,

Cons: does not accept some real steel parts such as magpul MOE hand guards and magpul enhanced trigger guards. However they can be sanded and cut to fit correctly.
this isn't really a con for me but could be for some other people, but because it has realistic weight it can tire you out quickly,
In addition some people may find it annoying that they can only use expensive mid caps with this gun forcing you to buy a lot of them and reload constantly.

However this can be a pro if you're using it for training purposes as I am.

I might suggest not doing tac reloads due solely to the fact that the mags are 30-40 bucks.

Now into my general thoughts on the gun.

I would only suggest this gun to someone looking to build a dmr or sniper style gun that is about as realistic as it gets before needing to have a background check.
This is due purely to it's sheer length and weight.

I despise playing CQB with this gun because of that.
However if you feel like playing the role of an armorer periodically you can go ahead and buy a collapsable butt stock and buffer tube and simply swap the full length out for the collapsable and run it with that.
However that doesn't fix the problem of the 20" barrel. Which is still a bit much for CQB.

So realistically you should keep this on the open fields and in a medium to longer distance engagements.

Now this could just be a problem I had with my gun and the mags but the bolt catch doesn't seems to always work correctly so you should probably count your shots and check the mag when you get to
Around 30 shots so you aren't wasting gas.

I haven't noticed much shake or looseness yet, however just as you might expect on a lower end AR-15 there is a little play between the receivers, and on the hand guard.

Other than that she's solid.

The barrel is standard brass and I'd guess it's about 6.03 or larger.

So I'd suggest getting an angel custom 6.01 inner for it.

However the only one evike has in stock is the 500mm and that's about 9 mm shorter than the stock and may cause some alignment issues.

I'll measure the inner portion of the outer barrel this week and add another post to let you all know if that will work or not.
I suspect it would but it would suck to spend 50$ on a new barrel to find out it's not gonna work.

One other thing to mention is about slings,
Now some of you might be thinking it's impossible or stupid to run a one point on a gun this long and let me tell you from personal experience you're wrong.

It's actually pretty bad ass.

Some of you may think it's not possible to run a one point but you can.

If you get the real Steel G&P one point kit, and a dremal or a file, you can simply file down the notch on the sling adapter and file down the protrusion on the but stock so it sits flush.

And it actually works pretty well.

I do however suggest setting up the one point sling in a way that it routs trough your plate carrier or chest rig so you don't have the whole weight of the gun hanging on your neck.
Also so you can rig it a little higher up.

Side note make sure
When you reload that you SLAP the mag to make sure it's set in the mag well.

They tend to miss the mag catch and will fall out.

Same as with real steel.

All in all this is a wicked gun and I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in doing real steel training for less money, pest control of small critters for a lot of money(red rider is cheaper and more power full for this job), or wants to bring as much realism into their airsoft game as possible.
by Paul D. on 07/27/2013
"As a member of the us army this rifle is amazing. The 30 round magazines are extremely realistic also the recoil as well. The weight is also surprsingly close to the real m16 A3. I do not own this rifle yet but my next paycheck I will. If you want a good rifle thats close in realism to the real steel weapon I highly reccomend this gbb. I absolutely love how external real steel parts such as rail systems and pistol grips can be attached. Im absolutely amazed by this rifle. And the price is so much better than some more pricey gbb rifles I looked at. And this exceeds all my expectations by price fps and overall performance and look. This will no doubt be my dmr. For $300 I would buy this rifle, itll be worth it
by colby r. on 05/18/2013
"Love this gun! it is a great gun for experienced players or law enforcement training. But be aware..... you will spend a lot on this gun to get it to be where you want it. I bought six co2 mags for it and it cost me 220 bucks and it still has the same amount of ammo as a single midcap! but if money isn't an issue than you need one.
by Stephen W. on 04/07/2013
"This gun is amazing. Full scale, realistic operation, accurate from the word "go", and it can accept real steel rifle parts! Need more convincing still?

I ordered this gun and got it in amazing time (using the cheapest shipping option) and in great condition. Having experience with a real AR I found that when I put it together I felt like I was holding my real rifle. I took this out to my back yard and was able to hit targets up to 60 meters with the iron sights.

I have had this gun for a while now and I have turned it into a DMR that has seen me through a fair number of milsim ops. I was able to take my real steel DD Omega X 12inch rail and attach it with no problems. I added an old Magpul PRS stock and an ergonomic AR grip with no problems either. This gun accepts real steel external accessories at almost every point of the gun.

If you want this gun I suggest grabbing a few of the 20 round mags to go with it. They look great and function just as well.

Forget all of the bad images you have of GBBs and WE, this gun is a clear testament that those rumors are NOT true. If you want to hit targets from 100 meters without excessive upgrades and hassle then this is the gun for you. If you want to add more realism to your milsim experience then this gun is for you. If you want a great looking, well-functioning, and completely entertaining gun; then this is the one for you.
by tyler h. on 12/28/2012
"I got this for Christmas. Great gun. heavy, I also got a r.i.s which adds some weight.
Solid accuracy(I plan on making this my dmr.)
A little maintenance and some regular cleaning this thing will run for a long time
by Daniel V. on 04/13/2012
"I just bought 3 gas blow back rifles from WE. The best is the FNH SCAR however this M16A3 is very close. The kick is wonderful. The rifle is balanced very well and the quality is pretty good except with the fore grip being a little loose. I highly recommend it over the WE G39 rifles. It, like the SCAR just feels better.
by michelle C. on 02/21/2012
"This rifle is amazing. When i first got it, it came in two peices which takes about 60 seconds to put together. The dustcover got jammed to it took full force to open it the first time, but after that it opens easily. The bolt catch doesnt work all the time but its fine. The flash hider comes off easily(its not glued on). I would seriously recommend this.
by Rob B. on 05/31/2018

Iíve had this rifle since March and have not yet take it to a game because Iíve been waiting for warmer weather (I live in Michigan). If you donít know much on maintainance and care for GBBRís, please look it up before purchasing.

The gunís externals are good and they work well, but you can tell that WE-Tech cut some corners on cost and made parts out of decent grade cast aluminum. The paint is odd and not very accurate to a real M16/AR-15. There are so many different paint colors used on this gun; you can get an idea from the stock photo Evike has but itís more obvious in person.

What you will receive:
- AR-15 style armorerís wrench
Itís decent quality pot metal and will work for what you need it for. But it will start to show signs of wear very fast. You can use it to tighten/loosen the flash hider and delta ring.
- Metal flash hider (same color as the barrel)
- BB speed loader
I honestly think itís useless and I just use a standard loader. Just pinch your fingers around the feedlips and it works just fine.
- Manual

The gun comes packaged in a plain box that says ďM4Ē, but it will be zip tied down in a plastic sheet tube in two sections, the upper and lower assemblies.

Initial Impression:
The externals seem decent and will work just fine, but you can tell itís not anything super high quality. With that being said, I was still pleased with the externals. The paint on the darker painted metal parts does scratch/wear VERY easily, so if you donít like that then be warned.

The part that everyone wants to know about, the performance. I was actually very disappointed with this part. As a buyer for spending hundreds of dollars, you would hope you could take it out of the box and start shooting it. Unfortunately, this gunís initial performance was quite poor. The FPS was extremely inconsistent...sometimes 50-70 FPS between shots. This made finding the full range of the rifle very hard and it made dialing the hop up literally impossible. BUT DONíT BE DISCOURAGED! The mag was very wobbly in the receiver so adding two layers of electrical tape around the mag solved the issue and now it is very consistent. If the mag wobbles, then it doesnít have a good gas seal so a lot of gas can escape, creating huge FPS issues.

With the issue resolved, the gun can easily hit 180ft on a man-sized torso and can possibly go farther than that with fine tuning of the hop up. For a completely stock gun with a 6.08mm barrel, thatís very good. Any upgrades you do to the hop up/barrel will make it a beastly assault rifle or DMR.

Adjusting the hop up is a major pain (look up how to do it on YouTube), but it is very solid and shouldnít wiggle out of place. Basically, it might be a pain to do, but you should be good once set perfectly.

Also, I just want the record to show that in 30 degree weather, I had a record high of FIVE mags on a single charge of MAP gas. This was, of course, shooting controlled semi auto shots about 1 shot every second. I normally can get about 3 to 4 mags on a single charge with using semi only.

All in all, if youíre like me and like full length rifles for an assault rifle, or are looking to build a DMR, then I think this is the perfect gun to start. Because I had to fix the gun right out of the box (even if it was easy), Iím giving this gun 4/5 stars.
by Tommy E. on 08/21/2016
"Great project gun!

I've been waiting a couple months to write a review so I could get a more detailed and accurate account of this rifle's features.

Good Stuff:
-TONS of aftermarket parts. You can upgrade anything you need without worrying about not finding what you want
-Realistic weight, recoil, overall feel of what you want in a training rifle/GBB
-Accuracy has good POTENTIAL. As always, upgrades will be needed, but stock performance exceeds expectations
-Stock FPS over 400. If this is a problem, Tokyo Marui sells affordable NPAS systems to lower it for field regulations

Stuff I had to work out (notice how it's not BAD STUFF):
MAGS will leak at first, and be difficult to load. Solved by lubing all the O-Rings and internals with silicone oil and buying a decent speed loader.

BOLT CATCH doesn't always work. HAven't found DIY mods for this, but there are very good replacement STEEL parts to fix this dysfunctionality

MAGS also will wobble inside magwell. Just take electrical tape and wrap once around the perimeter of the mag where it seats inside the magwell and that will stop it (also prevents them from accidentally sliding out).

FRONT SIGHT POST?GAS BLOCK needs some attention. Make sure the screw underneath is tightened or else it will wobble. IF the handguard begins to wobble, make sure the delta ring is tight (the wrench looking tool included in the box is designed to fix this).

HOP UP is a bit tricky to adjust. If you're creative, you can stick an allen wrench down the chamber through the breech and do it that way, otherwise you will have to disassemble the front end of the rifle to remove the inner barrel and hop up completely.

Overall, this gun isn't perfect, which is expected. But it's extremely easy to work with, and I would recommend buying because of all the tech videos out there to help you if something breaks (which something will) along with parts to fix it. Remember, it will take an equal mix of DIY mods and pre-made upgrade parts to make it shoot well.
by Blake Z. on 04/20/2015
"This gun has worked fine for me so far, though I've only had it for a couple months. I've probably fired 500-1000 shots out of it and have had very few issues. The only problem I've had recently was that the hop-up was back-channeling pressure and causing the weapon to double feed, but I fixed this with a quick adjustment. The bolt stop only stopped last shot for the first couple weeks, but I guess its no big deal.

-Metal (albeit handgaurds and grip)

-Mags are expensive
-Plastic handgaurd
-Bolt finish wears quick
-Bolt stop malfunctions

Overall, this gun is a great middle of the road GBBR with the capability to use gas or CO2 mags and has a nice heavy feel.
by dillan m. on 06/03/2014
good kick
high fps
easy to field strip
bolt lock works 10% of the time
mags are unreliable(leak,jam and,hard to load)
mag well was not formed right so 20rds wouldnt fit(a file fixed that)
the rear sight spring was missing
the rails were not in spec
(possibly mine was a lemon)