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by Kevin F. on 2016-01-25 20:26:39
"This is a amazing sight if you are looking for a new sight for your lmg because i think that it would be to heavy and big for a assault rifle or a sub machine gun. I have not had any problems with it except for the facter that its a little wobbly when it is mounted your rail. Not really a big deal tho.

Full metal
Nice sight
Good zoom
Heavy (could be a bad thing for some people)

Wobbls when on mount
Heavy (could be a good thing)
kinda big (not a big deal)
by Richard M. on 2015-12-10 00:24:00
"I like this scope a lot. It has a built in ridicule so if your battery dies it still serves a purpose. Illumination switch is easy to move so be mindful that it's off or else your battery will be drained in no time. I love the variable zoom. Sights in easy and holds that position forever. The only negatives I could have are the little iron sights broke off with little effort and it's chunky and adds significant weight to your weapon.
by wesley n. on 2015-11-12 12:31:06
"So I've owned this sight for a little less than a year and I finally decided it was time to review it.

First lets start with the obvious this sight is not cheap, but if you are trying to replicate a MARSOC kit, like me, then this is one of your few options unless you want to go all in and buy the real deal.
This sight isn't an exact replica and the main difference that I've noticed is that the mount for a micro red dot is canted to the right instead of being centered.
The overall build quality is great. The sight has a full metal body which for one makes it pretty heavy (I haven't weighed it personally but I believe it's around two pounds.) My only complaint about the build is that the front BUIS fell off. Now I'm fairly certain that this was my fault as I was treating the sight pretty roughly to test its quality. But this doesn't matter too much because I don't use the irons anyway.
Speaking of the irons, both are adjustable for windage but not elevation.
The dual zoom function is very handy, and I haven't ran into any problems with loosing zero when switching from 1x to 4x or vice versa. I haven't tested this at longer ranges but at around 150 feet I've encountered no problems.
The sight is relatively easy to adjust and is pretty accurate which it should be for the price.
My two major complaints are the eye relief and the illumination. The eye relief is too close to have the stock all the way out, but too far to have the stock all the way in. I've fixed this by customizing my buffer tube to have a point somewhat in between. The illumination is anything but. Even at the highest setting it is incredibly dim. Maybe because it is such a small area of the reticle being illuminated or it's because it can't get bright enough I'm not certain.

Overall I recommend this sight to anyone who is willing to look over the minuscule flaws that I've mentioned and has the funds to afford this behemoth of a sight.
by noah m. on 2015-07-12 20:27:36
"I bought one a while back and only had one word to say, WOW! The optic was tight and secure on my limited edition iar rails, never got off target, and never gave me any probloms with anything.

I give it an 12/10. Defonetially recomend it for indoor or out door, for indoor would recomend an mesh lense protector. I got one and it saved me two or three times
by Alex K. on 2015-03-24 08:10:33
"A beautiful paperweight. Not terribly good for anything but look and feel, though even at that there are a few distinct differences that make it clear this isn't actually a Spectre or that it's an inaccurate replica. For games, it seems best to just stick with 4x zoom, as switching from 4x to 1x and back causes the scope to lose zero. The reticle image was tilted off-angle on each of the 3 I examined, to various degrees, you can tell when mounted that the reticle image doesn't align perpendicular to the rail - it's harder to notice at 4x, another reason to just keep it there. So while it's solid and heavy to the touch, and looks cool at a glance, in my opinion, it's not terribly effective if you actually intend to use it for target acquisition.
by Zach P. on 2014-11-10 14:22:28
"I bought this for my Airsoft M249 rifle. However, as a fun project, I have mounted this on my Daniel Defense AR-15 (real steel) for about 500 rounds fired and it is still working as expected.
by Alan D. on 2014-08-12 19:47:49
"This is my update for this scope, I usually use it only for x4 because its airsoft and you can see the bbs.


-good build quailty
-clear sight picture
-good eye relief about (1-3 in)


-mount was alittle loose (i added superglue on the mount screws and added thin cardboard under it to eliminate the wobble, so easy fix)
-when switching to 4 to 1 the 1x is in a completely different place......
-ZEROING was hard as heck to do if you dont know what the heck to do, like me.

So what you do is unscrew the flathead screw on the left of the scope. Then adjust the two hole screw on the left to zero it and then tighten the flathead screw to keep zero

All in all great and cool scope to get
by Alan D. on 2014-06-03 20:06:49
"Just got this scope today and i have mixed feeling on this product

Looks amazing
full metal
scope does what it does
pretty damn accurate
red dot only

-loses zero, I have read the rest of these reviews and they are right, i dont know if its just mine but when you switch from 4 to 1, the 1x lens is in a completely different place.... but i just use the iron sights and 4x so its not that big of a deal
-the top iron sight was loose and it couldnt be screwed in (thank god for superglue)

so ill give it a 4 out of 5
by Curran H. on 2014-01-13 17:14:43
"I have to say, I was truly excited to receive this scope. To my dismay it doesn't live up to what I expected. At first glance and touch the build quality is solid for a clone and could with stand a good beating. The 1x and 4x magnification is a nice asset although, small eye relief squanders its full effectiveness.

Beyond build quality and variable zoom option nothing else is impressive nor worth $140.00.

My main gripes are with the condition of the piece. As I've read in the comments and in other reviews, my sight came tilted to the side by a good margin. Now, this wouldn't be a huge deal, could it have been fixed by the right and left adjustment "knob" although this issue was more with the base and scope itself. The scope was off kilter with the base and couldn't simply be adjusted. This is obviously a huge deal considering you can't properly sight in the sight at all or at least for very long.

- Good build quality, not great but good
- Variable zoom great application
- QD mounts are nice

- Off set scope on base (couldn't sight in)

I wouldn't recommend the sight, the con I had, although only one major one, it was a MAJOR one rendering the scope useless. This scope is expensive too, save up for something else.
by Jacob G. on 2014-01-09 10:46:04
Great looking scope
Zeroing system is clearly visible meaning any defections is easily detectable(something that you can't do in normal scopes)
Great aesthetic piece

Eye relief. Now when I got this scope, I got it despite the eye relief gripes because my love for the specterdr knows no bounds but DAYUUUM Is this eye relief bad. Your eye needs to practically be right up on the scope for this to work. What does that mean? It means no extension on your collapsible stock, has to be fully collapsed. No, absolutely no backup iron sights. This shiznit has to be on the very rear of your gun.
Bottom line. If you love Specters, and you want one bad. I know it's tempting, but really do some soul searching before buying this one. Because your going to make sacrifices to make this scope work.

Switching between 1x-4x there's a bit of an issue. I haven't seen the zeroing issue exact just yet but I do know where it comes from. The side with the 1x has a bit of play, this play will ruin your zero, the play will still move the switching tool which will adjust your reticule left and right. The adjustment screws do not move, so the scope doesn't actually "Loose Zero" like some of the reviews gripe about.
If you can't figure out exactly were in this play the zero is, it's better for you to adjust for either 1x or 4x and don't switch(Considering the nature of the sport probably want 1x) And honestly, also considering the nature of our sport, the Zeroing isnt an issue. In most cases you won't hit the first shot anyways, so you adjust according the the trail of your shot.

If you can get past the terrible eye relief, and you can figure out the throw lever to keep your zero between each one. This scope is great.
by Gabriel F. on 2014-01-02 23:13:24
"Overall, I'd rate this scope as decent at best. It is not necessarily "bad", but there are gripes to be had with the Phantom.

At first glance, the Phantom looks excellent. Although the little brim above the objective lens is not true to the real steel, it is a small enough difference to not bother me, and I am pretty particular about the accuracy of my replicas, especially when it comes to optics. The trademarks, although they only say "Phantom Gear" among other things, add a really nice touch. Overall, the look of the sight is wonderful and based on that, I'd give it a 4.5/5 if not a 5/5. It also looks wonderful on a variety of different weapons. Both my M4's and my PDR look nice with it (Although the PDR looks a little impractical).

Now the first issue I had with this sight is the QD Mount. Not quite sure if mine is a lemon or if other people experience this, but the rear QD lever does not like to lock in place firmly, but this is not too much of an issue, and it is easily fixable by tightening the bolt down once mounted. The locking mechanism still wont stay stiffly locked, but the actual lever doesn't move. My next issue was with this guns fit on a 20mm rail. Between all my guns, which include a King Arms M4, a G&G M4, a KWA M4, a Magpul PDR, and an Echo 1 Red Star AKM (With an aftermarket rail on it), the snuggest fit of this sight was with the King Arms and the PDR, but there was a notable amount of wobble. On the other two M4's the wobble was significantly greater, and on the AK, it simply would not stay on the rail. Something I noticed when comparing it to my replica Ampoint T1's QD mount, is that the thicker part of the QD levers that slide below the rail are noticeably slimmer than the T1's, making it hug the rail less snugly. By placing electrical tape on the inside of the mount, I was able to get it to snugly fit the KWA receiver, which is the gun I want to keep it on, but the way the sight attaches to the mount leaves it with a little big of wobble still. Worry not however, for I have dropped my gun with the sight on it twice, and neither time did the sight come off. For that, I feel the need to give them credit.

Now moving forward, my next gripe with this are the iron sights atop the optic. They are quite honestly awful. After dropping my weapon once, the rear sight bent out of shape and was loosened from the sight. This is remedied by tightening down the screw, but the iron sight bent forward, preventing me from accessing the screw. With the second drop, the rear sight became worse and the front post became wobbly. After that I all together removed them because it was too much an annoyance, which is a shame because they added more than you might think to the overall look of the optic, however it still looks wonderful.

Now I am not going to bring up the issue of the 4x-1x zero change in depth because there are other reviews that go into it more in depth, but if this is the first review you are seeing, then just know that the crosshair does not keep its zero when you switch from one magnification setting to the next.

My final issue with this is the eye relief. For such a large ocular lens, I would assume I would get better eye relief, however, my 4x magnification Acog has better eye relief. I personally did not have a terrible time looking down the sight with my ESS Profile NVG goggles, but someone who wears a full face mask, or goggles that are less slim than the ESS will have a definite problem. The lens of the optic will likely be up against your goggles or face mask. I had a little bit of an issue looking down the sight with my Iron Face mesh mask on in addition to the goggles, so I may try putting my MAX riser mount on the optic to see if it helps.

Overall, the sight, like I said, is decent at best. In terms of function, you are better off sticking to one magnification, which might I mention, the 1x magnification must be at least a 1.5x. The ability to put a red dot in the crosshair adds a lot to the optic when sighting in a target. Mounting can be an issue depending on what gun you're putting it on, so some modification may be needed. The overall look is worth it in my opinion though, as the SpectreDR is an intimidating and rare sight, so it'll definitely turn heads, and this functions just like an Acog.

I plan on getting the G&G to see how it matches up with this. Hopefully the mount will be better and the eye relief will be farther.
by Dan S. on 2013-11-18 13:52:03
"Great concept, but extremely poor execution. There's a good reason why the real ELCAN Phantom costs 2000+ dollars. The variable magnification mechanism is simply very difficult to be reproduced cheaply and reliably.

I purchased this thing based on all the rave reviews I saw here. A scope that lets you toggle between 1x and 4x zoom? That's what I call best of both worlds. However, when my scope finally arrived, an obvious problem appeared. The reticle simply doesn't line up between 1x and 4x mode. Zeroing in one mode will mess up the other, rendering the whole selling point of variable magnification completely pointless.

I assumed mine was just defective, so I started the RMA process with Evike for a replacement, while also purchased a different brand (G&G) of Phantom clone elsewhere, as I was planning to have two of these scopes eventually anyway.

To my displeasure, both the replacement scope and the G&G scope I received also appeared to have the exact same issue as the first one I purchased here on Evike. Now I'm not sure which brand they're selling on Evike, but if even G&G, a company known for their high quality, couldn't get this clone right, I doubt anybody else could manage to make a problem free clone.

Finally, I returned the G&G for a refund while started another RMA with Evike, hoping to finally get a working as advertised scope. It was a complete wishful thinking on my part, perhaps. The 3rd scope I received from Evike still has a misaligned reticle between magnification.

Right now I've given up on ever getting a properly working variable magnification Phantom clone, and just gonna use this as a dedicated 4x zoom scope. At least it looks great aesthetic wise when mounted on my rifle.

In short, stay the heck away from this scope. My guess is that all the raving reviews were probably all based on the relatively decent early batches, and the manufacturing tolerances have since gone to the toilet. Or I could be the unluckiest guy in the world. You be the judge.

On the side note, I'll commend's speedy handling on my multiple RMA requests. This scope might have been a bust, but I certainly will continue to shop here for a long time to come.

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