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Angel Custom Combat Raptor QD "Power Up+" Barrel Extension for KWA VFC KSC H&K Umarex MP7 Airsoft GBB

6 Customer Reviews

by tamara p. on 12/28/2014
"the product is outstanding and works amazingly good but i do have some what of a problem, i ordered this on 12/23/14 and didn't receive it until 01/02/15 the first Friday of January, but was most likely because of the holidays. i paid 10 bucks for ups ground shipping but i understand why it showed up late. other then the shipping this silencer is truly amazing and you won't regret buying it.
by chris d. on 10/08/2014
"This is more of a warning than a review.

If you are considering this for the We-Tech SMG-8, stop right there. The Angry Gun Power Up Suppressor comes with a 12mm POSITIVE flash hider. That's CLOCKWISE, CW flash hider. The We-Tech SMG-8 has 12 mm NEGATIVE threading. That's COUNTERCLOCKWISE, CCW threading.

The quick detach mechanism will not fit over the stock flash hider.

The suppressor itself looks really cool, and had the full, uncovered markings.

There is a 12mm CCW adapter available, but I've only found it in Asian stores and for twenty five bucks plus shipping.

I'm giving 5 stars for appearance and workmanship only--no way to judge performance.
by Michael H. on 05/23/2013
"****The best way to take off the mp7 flash hider is to put it over a stove flame for like 10 seconds, then unscrew it with pliers very easily!****
makes you gun look bad a*s
realisic weight feel
does add some fps-not much
makes a cooler sound
hard to take off mp7 flash hider(more with the gun)
the on off system one the silencer has to be perfect other wise, it will be crocked
my logo on the silencer is 89.2 degress instead of 90 degress
minimal wobble if not tightened correctly
by Liam R. on 11/29/2012
"This silencer is amazing. Its a little tricky to install but the thing looks cool as hell. Every time i go to the field everyone just stares at the mp7 and countless people want to shoot it. And it also increases performance. I didnt care for the power boust. What i did like was how much more accurate it is. So to sum up its and amazing add to any mp7 a must buy
by bailey s. on 01/10/2014
"got this surpressor yesterday and i have to say it is GREAT purchase for your MP7. there is no wobble or anything. it gets the job done and made my MP7 shoot harder and maybe 10 ft longer. great buy!!
by Ryan Y. on 09/21/2015
"Ive had this for awhile and used it at probably about 10 games and it worked great.....then the barrel decided to fall out and now i cant put it back together.

When it did work it made my KWA mp7 shoot around 510 fps wwith .2 bbs which is almost a 100fps increase just by sliding this on my gun.

I took everything out of it so now it works like an amplifier but i would rather it worked like before.

More accuracy
Higher fps
Increased range
Looks amazing
Easy to put on and remove

Mine fell apart