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Matrix Custom Full Metal M4 Zombie Killer Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

34 Customer Reviews

by clint c. on 06/06/2012
"i got this gun from the last BOA, its a very nice well built gun the bottom rail is a little wobbly but an easy fix, i chronoed this gun with a matrix small type 9.6v battery and i was getting on average 418 FPS
but only 8.9 RPS,

Full Metal
on mine AWSOME FPS
Awsome Engravings

Slow RPS might or might not be a con
bottom rail a tad wobbly ( But Easly Fixed )

other then that its a really nice gun and maybe with the lower RPS might save on some BB's LoL
by Cameron H. on 05/11/2012
"I ordered the 280k box of awesomeness and this was inside. I LOVE IT.

full metal
cool engravings
V-style receiver
8mm gear box
everything else.

I don't really like the crane stock it just feels kinda cheap.(not that it is it's just me) and if you try to chance it out to a G&G crane stock you're going to have to change the buffer as well.

by Kimberly S. on 05/07/2012
"Great Gun... Received this gun in the box of awesomeness. Really good build shoots pretty hot.

Pros: Sights are good
Full Metal
Nice engravings
Good Range

Cons: None
by jennifer f. on 04/18/2012
"This gun is a beauty. It has a great roy and high fps. It is well built with a full metal body which gives it a good weight. The gun comes with a high-cap metal mag and a front,bottom,and side rail. One problem I still have is the bottom rail is wobbly. It shoots accurate and has good grouping. All in all 9/10!
by Steven P. on 04/10/2012
"Ok to start off wow. this gun is amazing it is dead on accurate. I would choose this over my magpul moe any time.{the moe keeps breaking} All you need is a grip, a red dot sight, and a, grenade launcher and this thing is beast.

300 rounds
Full metal
Mag is Metal

Mine shot 320FPS
9 pounds

And Thats It.
by Eric C. on 02/27/2012
"Definitely an awesome gun!

Love the Vltor looking upper receiver! About time something different from the ordinary is available.
Great weight right out of the box.
Good details everywhere.
Shoots very straight and accurate right out of the box.
Similar items I found else where are around $400....

Orange tip....but I guess it is the law.
by Steven P. on 02/14/2012
"I just got this gun...Out of the box, it worked perfectly. It is very well made [all metal], but a bit heavy (about 10lbs). This gun is definitely worthy of its price. I put an apple about 60 feet away and i was hitting it consistently on full auto as well as on semi. It comes with a sweet black mag, which never wobbles, to fit its already awesome full metal body. I have had no problems with the Zombie Killer so far, and its built well.
I haven't taken it to a field yet, but it looks to be shooting around 360fps, which is pretty sweet.

Very Accurate
Mags aren't loose
Fits all m4 mags
The battery is very easy to get into the stock (I use a 9.6v butterfly type and it works great)

May be a little loud, but a suppressor always helps out
Battery isn't included
The lower part of the RIS is a little wobbly, but not enough to be a big deal
by pedro s. on 01/09/2012
"This gun is a great gun. The external quality is pretty good. Its really light and short. The range on this gun is magnificent, I mean that its crazy!!! It can reach up to 170ft with no problem (I know its 170ft because I measured the shooting range and by the way it was a test that took place outside). I know its a CQB gun but I was literally using it as a sniper (single shot), everyone around me were really impressed including myself since its a stock 285mm inner barrel. Its really accurate and the hop up is really good. (For the test I was using matrix .28 bbs just make sure you adjust your hop up right) The only con is the ROF (rate of fire) its in the 700s with actual matrix butterfly battery, but dont worry about that its not a big deal you will probably use single shot because it has great accuracy and range. BUY IT YOU WONT REGRET IT.. I recommend this good for CQB, Sniper, outdoor/ woodland, ect..
by Mary B. on 01/09/2012
"This gun has one word... Awesome!!! The full metal body and engravings are superb. With a 9.6v it has a descent ROF around 9-10 bbs a sec. (yes i have a chrono). The fps is way to high for cqb, i was getting 395-420 fps with .2 gram bbs. With .3 gram bbs it was chronoing around 330-350. I bought a new spring to lower the fps. The accuracy is very good considering the size of the barrel, being only the size of my hand. I did have some slight feeding problems when starting out and had to re-position the hop-up and it works fine now. The mag in the mag well is a little wobbly but wont affect the shooting experience. One thing i really dislike is the bottom rail, its removable and when its on its a little wobbly and i don't see the point of the removable lower rail.

Full Metal (internals too)
Eye candy
Own custom license number
Comfortable pistol grip
Functioning blot catch and release
Much more...

Too high of an fps
Mag is a little wobbly
Bottom rail feels loose (don't know the point of the removable bottom rail)

Over all a great field and cqb gun though the fps is a little high. It feels quite solid and the graphics are a great added touch. I recommend this for intermediate to expert players.
by anthony c. on 08/10/2013
-never jams
-good for the price

by Connor O. on 06/04/2013
"This is a solid outdoor gun. First of all, gun doesn't shoot only 50 feet. It has an solid range, which is at least 100-120 feet (about 35 yards). Way too hot for a cqb field though. Mine shoots 400 without any internal upgrades. Overall solid gun, but some deals of the day give away better guns for less money

-shoots hard and hurts a lot
-sturdy all metal design
-good flip up sights
-crane stock with cheek rests
-custom laser etchings with bible verse
-most m4 mags will fit

-too powerful for most cqb fields
-Slow rate of fire (upgrade motor and upgrade gun to be lipo-ready to fix)
-mag it comes with feeds very badly. BUY FLASH MAGS!!!!!!!!!!!! (lonex works)

Overall good gun. If you like high caps buy the flash mags they feed amazing and a couple string pulls before the game and your set. NO MORE WINDING! Best investment I've ever made.
by Georgette B. on 04/24/2013
"Excellent fun for die hard zombie fans.

Great range
Great accuracy
Full metal (good weight)
Fully upgradable
Great hop-up

Disappointing Rate Of Fire, reccomended buying a different Long Type Motor
Wobbly low rail, not a big deal at all
Dull sound and feel to the bolt catch

Reccomended buying a long type motor with this. Also reccomended getting the special ops Eddition laser sight for the biohazard reticle (zombies) also recommend the zombie killer silencer (zombies!) also reccomended getting out real response team or zombie hunter patches (ZOMBIES!!!)

Great gun overall, but you really do need a better motor for ROF.

Shoots about 390 FPS with .2 out of the box
by andrew a. on 10/20/2012
"ok i bought this gun a long time ago and it was a great gun it works like a charm and always fires great. stock a little wobbly and my mag release came not working as well as the pin in the gun was loose (a little duck tape fixes it) and the gun works fine.

-good weight
-decent r.o.f.
-all metal

-bolt release breaks eventually
-buttstock a little wobble but nothing major

all in all you get exactly what you paid for.. i used this gun in all my battles at my field and so far its worked without a hiccup only one jam. 4.5/5
by Emi O. on 09/17/2012
"I have to say Matrix, as usual has come through once again with an amazing gun. This gun is solid, has never broken down on me once. As far as price goes, $230 is a bit pricey as you can get some higher end M4s around this price.

As stated below one of the MAJOR cons of this gun is the ROF. Being a "high torque" motor, you'll be luck to get 6 RPS (if not less) out of this thing.


- High FPS (could be good or bad, I guess)
- Durable metal body
- Somewhat decent internals (You'll have to upgrade your gears if you're planning to have a high speed setup.)
- Unique CQB look
- Comes with rail covers
- Hop-up is meh, could be better, curves to the right.


- Weak motor. Not high toque. 6 RPS can be achieved with a 9.6v battery. (I would suggest buying a Matrix 3000)
- Cheaply, ugly crane stock (mine fell apart on me)
- Buffer tube gets lose often
- Rails wobble and are not secure
- Selector switch got loose

Because of the cons, I will give this gun a 4/5.
by David L. on 06/18/2012
"ok well before i made this reveiw i played about 5 games with it. when i first looked at the box it was complete crap it had a lable that was tapped on it said asia and was a pic of the gun. for the gun it performed good but needed some upgrades. i got a madbull black python 300mm barrel, gemtech blackside barrel extension, polar star nub, a matrix magnum motor and all of that turned this gun into a complete monster.

rails (but wobbley)

short inner barrel
the cap that keeps the battery in looks like junk it is just cut out

this gun is a good beginner gun but if u put out some extra $ and buy the upgrades or better ones that i reccmened u will have a complete monster!!