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MICH 2002 Fiberglass Replica Kevlar Helmet by Lancer Tactical / Matrix - Desert

2 Customer Reviews

by darcy c. on 07/26/2015
"Great helmet. I personally bought it because I didn't want a fast helmet, and wanted something unique. This is it!!!!
by Mike K. on 09/12/2015
"So one big reason I bought this helmet was stated that it was "fiberglass". Boy are they wrong, its plastic (found this out by drilling the NVG shroud holes, which are marked on the inside BTW. Strike one. The pads are not the best but I also understand that it can't fit everyone's head 100%, but they could have tossed in a extra pad or 2 or 3 or 4. The straps are by far the worst I have ever seen. They should sell this helmet without the straps! I like the looks of the mich 2002 helmet the best so I'll replace the pad set with the US surplus versions, and same with the strap (USMC surplus version). Oh yes the nape H pad keeps the lower straps just low enough to rest uncomfortably on the bottom of my ears, no matter what position the H nape is in or adjusted. The straps are SUPER long!

Pros -
Looks great, even has the textured finish on the outside to slightly resemble the real one.

Cons -
Straps are bad, very bad.
Could use a few more pads.
Straps are way to long.
Cost, should cost less due to being plastic.