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H&K MP5A5 RIS Airsoft Electric Blowback EBB AEG Rifle by Umarex / G&G

9 Customer Reviews

by RM O. on 05/02/2015
"There is not much more I can say over the previous reviewers about how good this gun is, and with it being discontinued it really is pointless as well. I can say that this MP5 was regarded as one of the best out of the box MP5s available in its time, and in my humble opinion still is. If you want a MP5 and you can find one of these new, do not hesitate to buy it, you will not regret it.

Totally awesome
The best
Blowback action is beastly

by Kyle W. on 04/06/2015
"I love this gun. Externally it is wonderful to look at. Has a good weight and feels balanced. The only thing that rattles on the gun is the charging handle, due to a weaker spring. Very sturdy and all the pins are higher end pins. The stock is well put together it has some small torque when it is full extended but it doesnít hinder the gun in its function. The selector switch clicks firmly in place. The front barrel does wobble in annoying fashion. To remedy this take out the front site pin and remove the 3 prong flash hider and put blue lock tight on it. With those two fixes the gun as amazing externals.
The internals are rather good for a stock gun. I encountered 2 problems 1 the hop up arm need to be shimmed to have good consistent shot to shot performance. 2 storage space for the battery suck. Other than that the internals are rather good. 8mm ball bearing for the gears. The gears are G&G gears and should be able to pull up to a 130 spring. The Piston and piston head are really good they will last a long time. The cylinder has on port about 2/3 of the way back from the front of the gear box. Has a clear plastic cylinder head donít really care much for it but it does have a good air seal.

Good high cap
Good fps 360 (I use might outside)
Quick trigger response
Hop up is good after shimming it

Mid finding good midcaps
Shimming the hop up
Battery space
Wobbly flash hider
Weak charging spring

I absolutely love this gun feel and performance of it is amazing
by Alexander L. on 02/17/2014
"This is an absolutely wonderful gun! I've added a vertical grip and tac-light to it and it looks awesome. First time I used it at a game it did not fail to impress me. Battery compartment is a tight fit but manageable.
by Kaleb M. on 01/07/2014
-Good Weight
-Rail system
-Adjustable stock
-Rate of fire is good
-Comes with its own flash hider which can be removed
-Metal body
-Blow back (EBB)
-Mags are cheap as-well
-Nice Iron sights

-Battery goes in the hand guard :(
-Flash hider is a bit annoying to get on and off

Overall: Nice gun for CQB, great build, light weight, decent rate of fire for a decent price, would recommend this to anyone who wants an MP5, and it has rails :D.
by Richard C. on 01/04/2014
"This mp5 is probably the best mp5 you can get. Sure the vfc one has a better body but that cannot beat this one. Even though it may not look like it, this gun has immense range and fps (cqb wise). My gun came with the hopup already set perfectly. Once you set your hop-up, you can outrange so many guns.

Decent fps: 320-350
Nice trades
Metal body (only the top reciever is metal)
Extreme range (beats my g&g m4)

Even though only the upper reciever is metal, this gun has a decent weight to it.
You don't have it!
by Jayson H. on 10/07/2013
"It's a good gun, by far my favorite. Compact, solid, has good range, and rate of fire.
360 FPS perfect for indoor and outdoor with its range (Outranged my SOCOM MK112 DMR W/tight bore)
overall a good gun, I wouldn't hesitate on getting it
Charging handle flew off after a couple HK slaps but you can still get to the hop up which isnt a really big deal to me, may bug others.
by ryan q. on 07/21/2013
"By far the best mp5 aeg you can get out there. i've had it for almost a year and i love it. For a long time i used this thing with a 25c 11.1v lipo battery and the gun could almost keep up with my trigger finger. Now i've installed a chimera mosfet in it and added a lonex a1 motor to it. The gun shoots around 30 bps now and the trigger response is near instant and can keep up with my trigger finger.

The accuracy on this thing is perfect for cqb, i can hit a head size target 100ft away with .25g bbs 8 out of 10 shots. It's got a version 2 gearbox and is compatible with a lot of version 2 gearbox parts. Ill add that the screws on this gearbox are not great at all because after opening it 10 times the screws now loosen up when the aeg is fired. Not only do the screws loosen, but the metal slide that helps hold both sides of the gearbox together comes off easily after taking it off a few times which messes up the blow back assembly.

The only complaint i have with this thing is, like everyone else is saying, the battery storage size. It is small and will require some sort of butterfly/nunchuck style battery. Even though it is small i was able to fit a 1.4mah 11.1v butterfly style lipo battery and a mosfet controller in there just barley lol. Thats just about all you can fit in there though.
by Nathaniel R. on 12/25/2012
"Incredible gun. Well worth the price. High fps and rpm. Only problem I've had is fitting the battery in the foregrip. Other than that, the gun is perfect. It score it a 9 out of 10
by Carlo A. on 12/29/2011
"The H&K MP5 worked real good out of the box. Using .25 bbs it gave me at least 365 fps and is quite accurate for long range engagement of 120+ ft. Solid construction and very durable, with its full metal upper body it adds weight but easily adaptable while running. It feels like the real thing.

I've dropped it a few times so you might want to consider getting a good sling. The weight of it made my one-point sling release when I slung it down. Hop-up is easy to access from the slide breach for quick adjustment in game play. Even my old King Arms mid cap mags worked well on this! The retractable stock is a plus for getting in small places or taking aim from a distance.

The markings look great with it own serial numbers make it look authentic. If your a collector this is a good one to have. I see no reason to crack it open and do any modifications just yet. Its a solid build and it should last a long while before I need to replace anything.

For the price, well worth it. A great primary or secondary to have cqb or outdoor.