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H&K G36KV Airsoft AEG EBB Rifle by Elite Force w/ Integrated Scope

10 Customer Reviews

by Alex E. on 08/21/2014
"An extremely impressive weapon; light without the battery, but nicely weighted once it's fully charged and sitting in the battery holder which is easily accessible through the hand guard. Accurate at well over the designated range, along with a built in optic, this rifle is really a value for the money. The polymers that make up the weapon do not feel cheap and give it a rugged and durable feel that's apparent once you hold it, and it doesn't detract on pointability thanks to its relative light weight and folding stock.
by spencer h. on 10/28/2013
"For starters, this rifle is a very comfortable rifle and it is also very accurate right out of the box.

-Good range
-Great rate of fire with a 9.6v battery
-Amazing scope with a great reticle
-Very cool blow back

-The blow back is bad for the gears because it is mechanical, it also drains the battery faster
-Very cheap feeling selector switch even though it is metal
-Every 3 or 4 shots will have a bb that has half the range of the others
-The battery space is very small and it is very difficult to get the battery in
-Stock is slightly wobbly (not horrible, but still annoying)
by Amber M. on 03/27/2013
"Ok got this rifle about a week ago and my first impression was HOLY CARP! It has a flawless finish, the Polymer body is just as awesome as the real steel counterpart. On to my impressions...

Realistic Specs
Blow Back
High FPS
Quick Change Spring system
Folding AND adjustable stock
Has a little Heft to it
The HK Trades
Sring detension

The Scope is FINIKY on the eye relief
Tight battery space, BUT a 9.6v 1600MaH butterfly will work
and thats about it for the cons.

Overall I give this rifle the BEST rating possible. I have been in airsoft since 2003 and this has to be one of the best rifles I've had. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!
by Logan R. on 11/29/2012
"This gun is amazing.

x4 scope with real G36K reticule
Quick change spring
HK Trademarkes
$100+ Sniper Stock
Bolt Catch/ Detension button

Foregrip too small to house 9.6v, although Evike recommends a 9.6v it bearly fits. I could bearly get pin in. Plus once battery is in makes the barrel crooked.

When I pulled out gear box it almost tore wires

Bigest con for me is te battery compartment in the foregrip. If it werent rounded in the battery would fit. A butterfly configuration might work maybe.

Additional Comments:
- I don't Mind it too much but the scope has bad eye relief.
- I disabled the blow back so my battery wouldn't drain as much and wouldn't add as much wear and tear on the gearbox but blow back gave really nice feel.
by Orvil B. on 04/21/2012
"i just receive this gun yesterday! my first impression is! WOW! this is the best g36 replica ever made! the the polymer body is very sturdy and well made like the real g36.all internals are metal were it suppose to be! i just cant wait to try it out! and it blew me away i was really amaze how everything works its perfect! the built in scope is very accurate for long range! it has 4x zoom only but still has tight groupings in every shot. its shoots about 400+ fps .2s and after i finish shooting i just press the anti reversal latch and releases spring tension that is a plus because you dont have to worry about your spring getting stuck after you finish using your gun..XD

no cons! i love this!
by Ian K. on 10/17/2014
-Good weight; heavy but not made of lead
-Included scope
-Good FPS
-Solid feel and comfortable in your hands
-Looks awesome

-Horrible eye relief on scope (I had to put my eye about a half an inch to an inch
away from it to see the full view
-Battery compartment is a hassle to get on/off and put battery in
-No rail on bottom of handguard (not a big deal because you can get one), which
is useful for adding a grip, or adding a bipod to convert it to a saw along with a drum mag
-Mine came with a broken safety. It wouldn't switch to semi or full auto; however, I'm thinking I just got a bad nut of the lot or it was somehow damaged during shipping

Mix of both:
-Nylon fiber body
-Adds realism since the actual g36 uses this; however, I have heard that Elite
force guns with this kind of body are notorious for breaking and chipping
(though I'm not positive, so do your own research)
- Realistic and fun; however, it drains the battery quicker and adds extra wear-
and-tear on the gears

All in all, a very good gun. I give it a four out of five mainly because of the bad eye
relief, annoying battery compartment, and the fact that mine was utterly and
completely unusable (that being said, it was probably a bad nut). Despite these cons, the pros far outweigh them. This is a very nicely made gun and if you are starting out airsofting or you want a versatile weapon, this is the tool for the job.
by Sterling V. on 05/11/2014
Great fps,
Decent ROF,
Great scope,

Gearbox malfunctioned second day of use.
Blow back (Could be pro if you like it)
Small battery space.

Overall the gun is great except the cons and the gearbox/motor malfunction from 3 days of use
by JAMES C. on 04/14/2013
"Pretty neat for the price. FPS foor an outdoor field at 360 was a little bit of a let down. My expectations were a little high though. The gear box is LIPO ready so a new spring and maybe a high torque motor and it should get better. The gear box is already reinforced. The eye relief on the scope is close. The feel of the gun and the weight are excellent.
The stock being able to collapse and swing to the side make it easy to handle while on a single point sling during pistol transitions. The batteries go pretty quickly and so far i've been getting jams in semi auto. I think once the gun has seen a few trips to the field it'll break in fine.
by tony z. on 01/28/2013
"got this gun a couple weeks ago n im loving this beast. great for outdoor play but also great for indoor witht the quickchange spring. heres the breakdown

sexy af
blowback is a nice feature. INTIMIDATING AND LOUD _:D
good rof w/ 9.6v even with blowback enabled
zoom scope(3 or 4 times?)
GREAT internals. no absolute need for immediate upgrades
carrying handle is convenient
retractable stock(4 positions)
dem trades! :D

battery compartment absolutely sucks. the way its designed, i cant put the pin into the lock with an 8.4v. recomendation: buy a PEQ15 and drill som rails on.- also looks very nice.

but thats it. i run this with a drummag for support but am also able to go assault with the switch of a mag. overall, the pros EASILY outdo the single con. one of my favs
by Travis H. on 10/18/2012
"I've had this gun for a week now and at first i thought i might have to return it. it was shooting fine and it stopped working like it had no battery changed out the battery and it still wasn't working. I disabled the blow back and it started working again. But now i'm very happy with it, out of the box it was shooting 408 FPS and works very well.

High FPS
Very well built
nice built in scope
Good range

The stock has just a little wabble in it.
Blow back was not working on mine.

Over all i give it 4 stars
I listed the fps as a con due to the fact you may want to buy a m110 spring to lower the fps for CQB
the blow back is not a huge issue to me but it might be to you. and it may just be my gun but who knows.