Reviews: G&P Custom Supreme Grade Full Metal Contractor AK47 Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-GP-AK001
Location: L4-004

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by Joe W. on 2014-12-31 17:37:49
"Externals are very good, once tightened they do not move, however, the piston stripped after about 40 rounds. I am very disappointed. The packaging is also very poor and offers little protection.
by andrew s. on 2014-04-28 19:50:57
"the guns externals are really good looking and the internals are good however the magazine sucks and it unloaded all the BBS into the gun while i was shooting it and the gun now dosnt work another issue is the battery space i still cant fit my batter in the gun if any one knows help me out,otherwise than that is is a good gun worth buying if you got it on sale
by Anthony C. on 2014-02-12 18:51:13
"Not the best gun ever. It looks very nice and it has a solid design, but the internals are bad. Personally, I regretted getting this gun.

Looks nice
Li-po ready

No batteries fit, so you have to modify it
Hop up is bad
Gearbox is cheap
by alexander m. on 2013-12-26 00:06:21
"The gun has extremelly nice externals however the tolerances on this gun are horrible. This is the most wobbly gun I have ever seen or used. The front sight wobbles laterally by 1/8 " making using it pointless, and the stock wobbles vertically by 1/2". The pistol grip and foregrip also wobble to a lesser extent. Despite wobbling by 1/8" (measured from the top) the dust cover still impedes the charging handle from returning to a closed position without being manually pushed forward.

Perhaps I simply received a lemon, if it were not for the wobble this would be a great gun.

-great looking externals
-black flashider included in box
- depsite what it states in the description my gun came with the vertical grip in the picture
-good rate of fire

-HORRIFICLY PACKAGED ther was only a sheet of 3/8" foam on each side, and a block of foam over the charging handle, allowing the gun to move freely throughout the box. When I received it the box was slightly dammaged from the gun impacting it. ( this may explain why it was so wobbly)
-Poor battery space.
by Bennett F. on 2012-06-10 12:50:58
"Its a pretty good gun. It has a wierd hop op adjustor but it does the job. Takedown isn't too bad. Good internals. It was a hassle, to say the least, to find a battery for it. All the lipos i used wouldn't fit. I ended up getting a 8.4v high output battery and re-soldering it to deans. Works well. Comes with a nice metal AK-47 style flash hider.

FPS -- can go either field or CQB
good ROF

battery space
battery selection
No clamp mount
The upper receiver is made of a weird metal, is really oily
clockwise threads
M4 Stock -- eeeeew
is picky with its mags
by Peggy N. on 2012-06-09 20:34:51
"I got my AK in the BoA, and it is an outstanding gun. It has a very fast RoF, it is full metal, and it is pre-wired to deans. The only issue with mine is that the hop-up adjustment knob was missing when I got it, and I could not adjust the hop-up without a screwdriver/alan key.

Full Metal
Pre-wired to deans
Fast RoF

Hop-up adjustment knob must come off easily, so be gentle.
by felix r. on 2012-04-23 19:23:53
This gun is freak'n awesome, best AK on the market for the money you pay. This is the fifth gun I bought from G&P, great internal and externals, it has good range and with the G&P M120 motor it has a great rate of fire. I like the tactical look but the only con is that the buffer tube is commercial size(had to buy a real steel stock). Another thing is the battery compartment is small, but with a few minor mods you can easily fit a 9.6v battery, and it has a deans connector but I see that as being a pro. If your looking for that agreesive AK, look no further you found it.

- quality
- range
- rate of fire
- Its a AK

- battery size(can easily be fixed)
- stock size
- deans connector( if you see it as a con)
by Damien B. on 2012-02-18 17:47:58
"great gun just limited battery space
full metal
high rof
tatical look
battery space

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)