Reviews: G&P M180S Satan High Performance Ultra Custom Airsoft AEG Motor - Long Type


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Model: MO-OTH021

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by HAU N. on 2016-02-14 20:05:58
"Pulling my SP150 spring with no sweat at 560 fps with decent rps. It was a tight fit in my stock motor grip but all went well when I upgraded to a new grip as well.
by Taylor R. on 2014-04-25 22:15:40
"Having owned this motor for a while now, I've been testing this monster and trying to see it's limit. Haven't met it yet. I have it in my hk417 350c, pulling a prometheus m135 at 27 rps, using an 11.1v lipo and the stock gears. To top it off, it still runs cool. the power output on this motor is amazing, and now I'm about to buy another one for a 416.
by Sandy e. on 2013-10-27 18:17:27
"I love the motor because it gives my gun a lot more rps and rps but my motor grip gets a lot hotter

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)