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UTG Multi-Burst M4 90 Super Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Retractable Stock / CQC Barrel

9 Customer Reviews

by Ken T. on 05/01/2014
"This is a pretty good shotgun. it has very good range, (enough to use on a field!) and it is very sturdy. the only problem was the wobbly stock. but you can just tighten it with an allen wrench. overall a good gun

pros: good range
good accuracy (almost dead accurate)
shoots pretty hard
looks awesome
low priced
kind of loud for a spring gun

cons: plastic (very sturdy, good quality plastic though)
light (could be a pro for some)
wobbly stock (easy fix)

no other cons i can think of, and none of the cons are a big deal at all. overall, if you like shotguns you should buy this
by Elijah S. on 08/24/2013
"Well i'll be honest and say that when I bought this, I wasn't planning on using it for airsoft, but instead for making a video with this for a Final in my video class at College. This sucker makes a great replica M1014 from battlefield 3 (yes I know, ommigawd really) and needless to say this gun, along with 56 hours of hard video editing, has made me a prized icon of the class. But after a while of doing nothing I didn't want this gun to sit around all the time so I thought I would go to one of the canyons in my area with some friends and have a skirmish with this. This gun impressed me a lot, considering that I don't have high expectations of anything. The multi-shot feature is what I like most. I enjoy that I can act like it feels like a replica shotgun and not a $60 dollar cheap, spring rifle. It gave a little badash factor to it in a sense.

3 shot, useful + badash
Decent weight to it
Very durable (fell on this thing hard when my team got ambushed, just scratches here and there)
Badash looking!
Great replica of the M1014 from BF3 with the right weathering and painting skills ;)
Got me an A+

Pump surprised me with how difficult at first it was to pump (got used to it quick though so not really a con anymore)
Like everybody else, the STOCK! Holy balls that was quite an experience. Never have I been so frustrated in years. I had to tweek the hell out of the thing to get it stiff and since then I haven't had problems.

It is a pretty interesting gun to use, definitely different. I wold probably only use this with my friends in that canyon though, not at an actual field... unless it's CQB guaranteed. It's right now on my wall as decoration but I might use it again. For video purposes this thing is effing perfect! If you wanna be like CorridorDigital from youtube and make sick vids like they do or I did, than this gun is a great!. It's cheap and has too many possibilities for videos!
by Micah L. on 07/02/2012
"Loved the gun. Poned in a 22 hour war (we are die hard fanatics) only problem was that the stock assembly is held on by one screw that is in realy deep in the back. It takes an allan-wrench that needs to be at least 6in. long just to get to it, so the stock is a little loose.

Exteamly accurate
can mount a red dot sight
comes with three shells
very cost effective

stock screw is hard to get to
not fully metal
by Ian M. on 06/26/2012
"Pretty sturdy for plastic, shoots accurate, pretty hard hitting too, pump isnt that bad unless your shooting a lot, then it gets hard, actually have a bruise on my hand from the pump but it's all good, over all 5/5
by Hunter C. on 04/28/2012
"Overall durable gun that is quite reliable gun. Only con is that there is no hop up, but i don't believe there is a way to put a hop up on a triple barreled gun cheaply. But other than that and the fact that it could be hard for some people to cock back, it is great.
by Josh p. on 02/01/2012
"This shotgun is a reliable weapon i got it about a week ago and just absolutly love it, the only bad thing about the gun is that its front iron sight was crooked, but i strapped on a red dot sight and problem solved.
DO NOT BUY the tokio mariu( sorry about spelling) 4 pack of shotgun shells, they misfeed 5 out of 10 times and only hold half the bb's they claim. (about 15, or barely 5 shots ) . but i love the consistancy of the gun and it is very simple to operate
by Brandon H. on 01/29/2013
"all around it is a decent gun. ive had this for 2 months now and i have some some minor problems, but ill do a pro/con list

-3 shot shotgun, thats pretty cool
-works well with all types of BB's
-nice weight, not to heavy not to light
-pretty durable (ive accidentally slammed it against metals and concrete walls, just some scratches)
relatively cheap

-the pump is pretty stiff, it takes some getting used to, but after a while it starts to ease up
-the shells are really cheap. i bought 6 extra shells with it and 4 of them broke (the spring is stuck at the bottom of the shell, still feeds but i have to hold the shotgun straight down when i pump)
-THE STOCK WOBBLE! oh man this gets annoying, thankfully it can be easily fixed. what i did is i found an allan bit that fit the screw inside the stock, unscrewed it completely and took the stock off, i applied Loctight onto the thread of the screw and screwed it in as tight as i could (i put my stock on backwards the first time and i had to weld the allan bit to a metal rod so the bit wouldnt break off to get it off)

-the range is less than desirable but i have high expectations when it comes to range (maybe about 50-80 ft)

great for CQC and backyard skirmishes, and its cheap. if you want something to impress your friends and not be that guy with the $500 skin-puncturing gun, get this one.
by William C. on 04/08/2012
"I got this shotgun awhile back and it still works like a dream, the only problems i have with this gun are that the barral stops way before the outer barrel does, and its kinda long, so its hard to use in cqc but other than that, its perfect love the rail, the sights, the stock, the look, and it shoots 3, i mean thats just awesome haha, but yea if your planning on using a tri-shot for cqc i would get a shorter version
by Marina B. on 04/03/2012
"let me just say this is incredible starter shotgun.

power full 2 shots bounces and gave me a mark on my arm at 10 feet
heavy(could be a con)
ris space
30round slugs
metal barrel and stock tube

hard cocking tube and hard slug release
sotck began to wobble alot after some use
grip began to pull away from the gun but its probably just mine
not to my knowledge but there is no why of field stripping this gun