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The Box of Awesomeness (BOA released in 2011)

67 Customer Reviews

by Michael J. on 01/12/2012
"Edition: $100 GBB Edition
Just got mine today and was surprised to get one day after i sent in the order. Man was i surprised when i opened it up and pulled out the Custom KJW 1911 Tactical. Now i know it doesnt sound like much but man was i impressed with the gun and the contents of the package. First the gun, i have had a WE 5.1 HI-CAPA for a month now and have melancholy opinions about it, now comparing the WE 5.1 HI-CAPA with the KJW 1911 Tactical externally in appearance they are both the same but the HI-CAPA does make some noise when shake it in your hand, the 1911 Tactical is dead silent. Performance wise the KJW shoots straight and true up to 50' feet with tight grouping up to 10'' where the WE has trouble in distances past 35'. Also the custom ''already-installed'' Tanio-Koba grip adds great comfort and handling to the already awesome gun. Now for the contents of the package, inside i found a coupon for 18% off my next purchase always a great lil thank you gift Evike sends me =D, their extremely popular stress relief green foam grenade XD, an Evike velcrow patch to represent =P, a small card calender like they said =), a drop-leg holster XP, and 2 free C02 magazines for 1911 Tactical ''Heck-Yeah'' _=D.
by Glen S. on 01/12/2012
"I bought this box and after the 20% coupon code and adding shipping it cost like $168. I received the Echo1 Modular Carbine rifle and the WE M9 Biohazard pistol. I received roughly $315 worth of stuff for $168. Great deal. I'll deffinately order another box.
by Duane B. on 11/23/2011
"Really good deal. I got the JG g36c and the bonus was two additional magazines. Overall was more than a $150 value. Not quite what I wanted, but still a good bargian.
by Bryan B. on 11/22/2011
"This is an excellent opportunity for new airsofters or ones who find themselves buying second-hand guns that break down. You'll get a brand new gun for less than it's worth, and it'll probably be something you don't already have. I got the gbb "Bio-hazard" M9, which was not what I had hoped for, but I'm not displeased. I knew I risked getting something I didn't want, and I still think it was worth it. I also got the $9,999 "as seen on evikeTV" patch, XD. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but we'll see.
by Christina B. on 11/18/2011
"Great deal. Comes with awesome stuff that I was going to buy separate but came with. Great deal. I received a G17 by WE. It is amazing. When it comes out on evike be sure not to miss it.

Great stuff
Good deal

Might not get what you want
by Eric M. on 10/25/2012
"Cyber Monday Edition for $99 before coupon code: I was really pleased with the package overall. It came with the G&G M4 Special Edition Commando Airsoft, and the Full Metal 1x30 Tactical Red Dot Scope w/ mount.

I was really happy with the airsoft gun for the most part, but I did notice, that the flash suppressor was damaged. I have not played with this one yet, so I am disappointed about this flaw, even though it is relatively minor.

Externals, I got to rate it 8/10,

-Feels pretty rugged
-Fire selector switches smoothly
-Short length commando barrel goes through doors with relative ease

-Broken Flash Hider
-Lack of forward rail system
-Plastic body

*PLEASE NOTE* G&G flash hiders are meant to come with an indention in them. It is the way that G&G sends the products to us. I apologize for any confusion!
by David C. on 01/12/2012
"I got the box today.
I received a G&G xtreme 45 Co2 powered gun a holster and 2 spare mags as well as a patch, evike squishy grenade, evike karobiner an 18% discount coupon (that wasnt included in my 130$ box of super awesome) a nice drop down holster a small empty bag and of course the small evike calender.
not bad I spent 100$ and got about 150$ worth of stuff.

Pros: The build is quality g&g and made out of metal, the grips are an exception.
Very very high FPS.
Nice sights.
I like how the safety is only on one side. I hate the ambidextrous ones that wiggle to safe in the middle of a firefight.

Cons. Co2 powered so the fps is very high and I can not use it at any field with in 100 miles of my house.
The blow back is extremely depressing as it goes back only about an inch.
The grip safety doesn't even move (which is depressing since G&G usually makes quality stuff and even some cheap 20$ spring pistols have the rear grip safety that work)
Single Stack 16 round magazines....but not like I could use this at a real field with insurance.

So atleast I got a new target pistol...hooray