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The Box of Awesomeness (BOA released in 2011)

67 Customer Reviews

by Rob R. on 10/25/2012
"$99 Cyber Monday Edition
I got the Echo 1 MTC1. No problems whatsoever (I got a previous box with an AGM m16 that had a broken safety cover), great gun, but no add on's. Still very happy with what I got and I don't think there's much more I can say. Definitely going to buy another.
by Brian L. on 10/25/2012
"$99 Cyber Monday Edition:
i won the 500 dollar gift card and commando. it was a good day! get this box!
by Tim B. on 01/12/2012
"$65 Edition
Got a WWII 1911 nickle plated! Beautiful gun... Just need to get some green gas and I will be set.!
by Maxwell W. on 01/12/2012
"$65 Edition
Oh yeah i got the Dragonouv. Seriously how can you beat that. Its a freaking cannon. Altough sniping isnt wat i prefer im still gonna use the hell out of it.!
by Pat C. on 01/12/2012
"$65 Edition
My second box of awesomeness and the same jg g36 as last time, not what i was hopin for but at least this time it came with a spare mag. oh well still 100% worth it.
by Karen M. on 01/12/2012
"I got my box today and It had the WE Glock 17 LE with scilencer and 20000 0.20 gram BB's

Thanks evike, for a priceless gun!
by Nick C. on 01/12/2012
"I was pleased with my box! I had ordered the box from the previous week that had many of the same guns, so I had my fingers crossed that I wouldn't get another biohazard m9, and I got lucky! I got the JG MK36C, along with a free awesome looking shirt! (although the shirt comes in XL... maybe I should wear it over all of my gear?) Thanks for the great prices and quality guns! Can't beat 65 bucks for a rifle!
by Austin A. on 01/12/2012
"$65 Edition
ell that sucks, i had a 3 in 250 chance of getting the gun i least wanted and i got it, but its a gamble and i took my chances, got a g&p zombie killer in my last one so id take advantage of the box again, just not the awesomely affordable one

i did get an as seen on evike tv patch which i did want so that was pretty cool i guess
by Justin P. on 01/12/2012
"ok so i ordered this within a verrrrrry short time period of this going on sale well i knew it was going to be good but wow i was blown away origanaly i wanted a m4 or a rifle but wow was i wrong my peckage came in the mail today i saw it was small and said oh darn but i was not going to fuss because well i got something good when i opened the package i saw a bag of evike promo bbs and a bag of matrix bbs a grenade stress reliever and not to mention the hat that came with my package and other amazing pieces of paper ... no really amazing ... so i proceeded to open my two boxes i first noticed the excellent shape of the boxes and how my items where packed and what are those two items well they where two steel we gas blow back guns well not just we gas blow back guns the best gas blow back guns i have ever seen. one 3.8 baby hi capa and one 1911 but they are amazing i absolutely love them and yea two pistols over a m4 well no i love these pistols and besides im ordering a g&p m4 with magpul furniture today .... yay i love evike
by Michael D. on 01/12/2012
"Just got my box of super awesomeness and guess what.....a KWA KM4A1 appeared in front of my face....nice! worth every penny i spent on this item. Thanks for this early christmas gift.
by Rick M. on 01/12/2012
"I got this for Christ mas and was happy to find a cybergun Thompson, two extra mags, an hat, foam grenade, a bag of 1000 bbs, an calendar, and a bag of 100 promo bbs. By rhe way, the thompson is a great gun.
by Remso M. on 01/12/2012
"Awesome!! I got the SRC AK74 (came with battery, charger, BBs, etc), 2 metal 600 rnd magazines, an EVIKE baseball cap, and a EVIKE stress grenade. This item was a great value for everything you get. I think they could have added a few more goodies, but price wise, you can't beat what you get. Looking forward to it next year.
by Jorge T. on 01/12/2012
"I am very pleased with what I got on this christmas Awesome box! I got a KWA M4A1!! only problem really is that a battery isn't included.
by Virginia U. on 01/12/2012
"okay. so i got my box of awesomeness (special christmas edition) today, and i got the G&P zombie killer M4. so i was prety bloody excited about that! 130 bucks for a 290 dollar gun.. thats a prety darn good deal ide say. so yeah.. this was indeed a box of SUPER AWESOMENESS! im very pleased evike. thanks alot!! your the best!!
by Dawn S. on 01/12/2012
"Awesome stuff ordered it and got a KWA M4A1 and which is worth $165 more than what i paid for! definiatly a good buy... thank you evike!