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Echo1 Special Operations Branch SOB-II Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

8 Customer Reviews

by Michael G. on 09/11/2015
"At the time of me writing this, the SOB-II has been discontinued; however I feel that my review may be useful for someone looking to buy the gun second-hand.

I received this gun in a Box of Awesomeness a while ago, since then I've carried this gun through many skirmishes and it has served me well.

Although it may not be readily apparent, the base gun for the SOB-II is an MP5K. This means it can accept the wide variety of parts offered for the MP5K. I ended up swapping the stock for an endcap and the tri-rail assembly for a classic MP5K vertical grip.

The SOB-II comes with a bunch of unique aftermarket parts right out of the box:

- Folding M4-style adjustable stock
- Top rail that runs the entire length of the gun
- Tri-rail assembly in place of the standard vertical grip
- Custom charging handle
- Straight MP5 magazines (x2)

All these parts are high-quality, some of them like the tri-rail assembly and the M4 stock cannot be found anywhere else to my knowledge.

The externals of this gun are excellent, there is no wobble anywhere, even on the folding stock (which is usually the weakest point on most guns with this feature). A minor downside to this gun is that it lacks sights of any kind, however this is not a major issue since the extreme length of the top rail will accept almost any sight the user desires.

This gun is surprisingly heavy, which I think is pretty neat but it can take its toll on unprepared players, especially on all-day operations.

Performance-wise, this gun has excellent accuracy coupled with a ferocious rate of fire. Mine chrono'd at 450 FPS, but after a spring swap to bring the FPS down to 350 this gun becomes the ultimate CQB machine. I don't even think it needs a Li-Po battery since it achieves this performance with a common 9.6V Ni-Cd battery.

The Pros and Cons:


- Good quality externals
- Unique external mods
- High rate of fire
- Excellent accuracy
- Heavy


- No sights (just buy your favorite ones and slap them on)
- FPS too high for CQB (change the spring)
- Heavy

The SOB-II is an excellent and versatile gun with no problems that cannot be easily fixed. If you're looking for a killer CQB gun then this is for you!
by Elizabeth U. on 12/26/2014
"First off let me say this thing is absolutely ridiculous in CQB! I went to a lot of CQB
Places and this gun performed amazingly and surprisingly accurate to such a short barrel. It's a great gun, but be warned, you'll be ripped after playing a few games.

High rps
Good fps for CQB
Very accurate for short barrel
Pretty much full metal.

Magazines are a little wobbly in maxwell but doesn't change performance
by Logan L. on 12/11/2014
"Allow me to start off by saying that this is, by far, my favorite submachine gun. It's perfect for CQB and has the potential for field use, though the short barrel makes it better for someone who moves at a fast pace or 'sprays and prays'. It's a must-have gun for recon, especially for the treacherous terrain of the Jungle of Doom arena at CPX Sports (Joliet, IL). Speaking from personal experience, I've used this gun to carry out a solo covert assault and take the hill in said arena in the last ten seconds of a game. This gun is also perfect when used with a Matrix RPG-7.

I actually got this gun for Christmas, 2013. As many have pointed out, the LE stock makes it heavier than the slightly older Echo1 Task Force Black MK5A5. For CQB players, I recommend buying the MP5K end cap ( This reduces the weight, allowing a strong player to wield the gun with one hand. For extra support and a stylish touch, add the PDW foregrip (

There is something that I haven't experienced, though; the default handguard seems fairly sturdy, and none of the rails have fallen off yet. Perhaps it's just luck.

As for performance, this gun shoots at roughly 330 fps with .20g BB's. The rate of fire is high with a 9.6v battery, so expect to burn through midcaps on full-auto. the rail system provides ample space for any scope. Also, if you use the railed handguard, be sure to attach a laser sight, and don't forget to buy a dual mag clamp for the advantage of a quick reload. Be warned, though: the stock must be unfolded for you to load the left magazine.

It comes packaged with two high-capacity magazines and a 9.6v battery. Overall, $250 is a decent price, but you'd be crazy to pass on this when it is on sale.

- CQB-friendly (320-330 fps)
- Compact size when the stock is folded or when the MP5K end cap is installed.
- Ample rail space.
- 9.6v battery and two mags included.
- Compatible with most MP5K parts, including end caps and foregrips.

- The entire flash hider is bright orange, despite the fact that there is already an orange tip.
- Sights are not included, but you'll probably use a red dot sight anyway.
by Corey B. on 07/06/2013
"This gun is amazing. It feels super nice in your hands, is made of sturdy material (except the charging handle), and performs well too. The gun has a polycarb piston with a ported piston head, it has reinforced steel gears, and it has a metal spring guide. these features, combined with a great motor (that gives it a ROF of about 17 rps with the stock battery) make a gun that wont break, and performs great. This gun shoots about 360 fps out of the box, but settles to around 340 after some use, making it perfect for cqb fields. The fps and small size do not limit this gun to only cqb though. It's Madbull hopup bucking and well made hopup unit make this gun very accurate when dialed in. Now for some pros and cons...
Very sturdy
Great feel
durable internals
Heavy weight (could be a con)
fps & ROF
folding and removable LE stock
Metal RIS system

Hand-guard is a little wobbly
Gun is a little front heavy
with a 9.6 volt battery in you cant pull the charging handle back
flimsy, cheap feeling charging handle
no iron sights

Conclusion: If you like MP5k's or are just looking for a great cqb gun, then buy this gun. The cons aren't big problems at all and ultimately don't effect the performance of the gun.
by adam s. on 06/05/2015
"alright, sportsfans, time for the Engineer Review.
first of all, Echo1 installed the stock themselves. it was installed on a single point plate, and they just remounted the sling swivel, so you are technically getting a single point plate as well.

second, the stock is reversable. pull off the stock...stock, unscrew the bolt holding the end cap on, unscrew the inner screw, and pull it off. reinstall upside down, and reassemble, and the stock folds to the left instead of the right. super cool.

third, the mags (thats right, two of them) fit perfectly in double stack pistol mag carriers.

the buffer tube is military spec, not civilian, so if you want to install another M4 stock, make sure you get the right diameter.

fourth, there are downsides. the paint on the selector markings is easy to rub off, and the grip is about as slick as a gen one Glock pistol. get some grip tape.
The weight. everyone else commented on this, too. its a cast metal frame, not weights, so you can't remove anything to fix it. who cares? it is great!
The charging handle is locked into place when the battery is installed, and only used for ejecting said battery. No faux cycling for you!
flash hider is painted orange aluminum, and locked into place with a setscrew, and glued. I had to dremel it off.
selector is spongy, but improves when you tighten up the setscrews on it. I filed a notch into the pin, so the setscrew locked in better, and now the selector is so positive, it does PT every morning.
by Felipe F. on 09/27/2013
Lipo ready
Removable stock
Very compact
Great cqb weapon
Flawless when upgraded

Cons selector switch is odd and clicks a bit lower or higher
Very heavy!
No sights
Rail is wobbly
by Alex M. on 08/16/2013
"Great CQB gun.

I like the flat top rail as it made putting on a red dot less of a chore; however, there are no iron sights so remember that.

Only three issues with this gun.

1. LE Stock
The stock has some wobble to it. Not more than you get from a normal m4 LE stock but enough for me to put it on here. Also the nut that holds the adjustment lever in place wiggled its way loose and now it is just a threaded rod. I am not sure if this was just a bad one or if I did something wrong; I rarely pull the stock out so it wasn't a big deal.

2. Heavy for a CQB Gun
I have a full metal PPSH and this gun weighs a bit more than that. It is very front heavy, not just a little. At first I thought it was me b/c I used a lot of traditional rifles (m14 m1) but everyone who holds it all agree that it is one heavy gun. I would get a fore grip.

3.Hop up self adjusts
The hop up is the infamous stick hop up. I hate these because the constantly move while being used and putting the battery into the gun. I kind of solved this by doing the adjusting my hop up and using a zip tie to secure it in place.

Overall, good gun for CQB. Has decent range and good trigger response.

I would get a fore grip and a red dot at least with it.
by Andrew M. on 12/11/2012
"I have owned this gun for around 2 months so I feel like I have gotten a good, unbiased amount of data for this gun.

Basic info:
- The gun comes shooting around 350 (0.2g) out of the box. It uses a ver 3 gearbox but a long type motor.

- Build quality is very nice. Metal upper receiver, rails, buffer tube
- The straight magazine is a very nice touch and is a LOT easier to insert and take out of magazine pouches.
- Shoots reliably and accurate within 18in at about 80ft.
- Great for CQB
- Comes with rails so you don't have to buy a mount for optics
- Uses normal 14mm threads

- The gun's balance is really terrible. Its really front heavy, especially for something that doesn't have a long barrel or suppressor. Even after removing the rails it is pretty heavy for a CQB gun.
- Not a lot of battery room. With the stick battery in there, its actually impossible to move the bolt back and fourth.
- The hopup lever re-adjusts itself after a while. Kind of hard to tighten the lever without damaging the plastic.
- THE FRONT RAILS ARE WOBBLY AND DESIGNED TERRIBLY. This is a big con for me. The front rails are only held in place by a single MP5 pin. Not only that but the pin also looks like a sling mount. The problem is you can't use it as a sling mount because there's a chance that your sling will pull the pin out, dropping your RIS somewhere.

Overall I give this product 4/5 stars because of its great performance but some design flaws.