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JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Tan)

233 Customer Reviews

by William S. on 08/26/2012
"I got this gun 6 months ago, it works great as my first airsoft gun, and is great for upgrades and lipo-ready if you get more serious airsoft. The price is great for this gun and i would recommend it to anyone. It looks great and the rail system distinguishes this gun from any other m4. Out of the box my only problem was that the bbs curved up something like 5 feet with the hopup completely off (apparently). I had to take apart my hopup, reset the gears and then turn the hopup off. Great Buy

opportunity for higher-end upgrades

hopup thing
i lost my rear sight clip(that holds the sight down, it came out easily)

NOTE: as i discovered, this gun is not accurate across a windy meadow at 200 feet. do not attempt to... counter-snipe?
by jill e. on 08/11/2012
"This is a great gun, it has everything you could look for.

-looks good and feels right

-not much room for the battery
-front sling swivel comes unscrewed easily
-screws in side rails didn't fit right on mine

anything else i didnt mention is most likely a pro so ya...
by jared m. on 08/09/2012
"This gun is a high power, high performance AEg by JG. Most of the gun is metal, except for body and a few other parts. The handguard and retractable stock are nylon. Out of the box, the JG M4 shoots about 420 FPS with .20g BB's. The range is about 150+ feet. Overall, this gun is more for outdoors wars, not CQB. The ROF is pretty low, and the High Cap magazine holds only about 30 rounds per spin. The magazine holds around 320 rounds in total, however. This gun is the same thing as the S-system M4, and this is the 2012 model. The Front and Rear Sights are flip up. I don't like the front sight because it has a very small reticle. The battery compartment (in the handguard) is a very tight fit and only fits 8.4V batteries.
Great range and velocity
Mainly metal and nylon
Heavy (good or bad)
Flip up sights
Rails on both sides, bottom and top

Battery compartment
Plastic body (But the gearbox and internals are metal)

Overall, I highly recommend buying this gun for $145.
by Matt C. on 08/06/2012
"The gun is good over all for the m4 i do not own it yet but i have used it before

amazing accuracy
good knockdown power

cons none

Watch Gate Leader
by tim w. on 07/31/2012
"This gun is the most amazing gun i have ever used in my airsoft games and for one its fps and rps is increased more than ever with the lipo ready gearbox pro are pretty much everything from top to bottom such as the construction of the gun to its stock.I couldn't find one con on this gun so i would highly recommend this to any airsofter out there.
by Jake B. on 07/12/2012
"THIS GUN IS AMAZING!!!!! For the price it is fairly accurate. It has good internals and it comes with a nice motor. (better than some guns from jg) the only problem is the rear sight. One it is a veary small peep hole but I just drilled it out to be bigger. Second the rear sight is way too tall. But if you put it down half way it kind of works. But I just got a different sight and it's perfect. I also got a new inner barrel and the grouping is no bigger than my fist.

Looks sexy
Easly customizable

Rear sight

Overall it's a good gun with about 45 dollars of upgrading it will never fail.
by Sergio M. on 06/15/2012
"i bought this gun last year..its simply the best ive had so far my other m4 witch was li-poly broke so i got this bad boy and ive used in battle at least 30 times shots straight and far..

-good rof
-long distance(tight bore on mine)
-accurate(tight bore)
-flip up sights
-rail system

-loud(i have amp on mine sounds decent)
-160$ got mine when it was 140

over all great gun worth the price
by Kathleen P. on 06/14/2012
"I absolutely LOVE this gun. It is very accurate out of 160 ft. Out of the box, I charged my 9.6v and tried to get it in.It was difficult.But on the bottom rail I sanded down the parts that stuck out. And put tape around my butterfly battery. It fit awesome. Out of the box, my first chrono was 427. I am amazed.

Amazing FPS.
Hasn't jammed on me once.
Small battery space.
sights bent a little to left

Over all Amazing gun!
It's a sin if you didn't buy it.
by Zack M. on 06/09/2012
"This gun is awsome. Best gun I have ever owned. Its acurate and powerful. My friends are afraid to be on the apposing team when we go airsofting. I own the battlefield with this gun.

Easy to use

by Heatheran B. on 06/07/2012
"This gun is AWESOME
!!!!!!! I bought a 11.1 Firefox battery and it shot at 25 rps !!!!!!!! And shoots at 415 fps.
I had this gun for four months now and NO problems with it at ALL.

Range(200 ft)

Hard to put battery in
8 pounds
by Hernan H. on 06/07/2012
"Well I got my JG m4s in three days and I live in Texas so that was.quick.Well out of the box this gun shoots hard I say around 380-400 fps also I orderd 2 of them by accident and I had to call to stop one of the orders so thank you.evike the gun is.around 8(lbs) the paint chips somewhat easily and that's about all the bad things this gun has so you.can't.complain on this gun
by Bryce D. on 05/29/2012
"I love this gun!! I got it about 6 months ago for Christmas of 2011 only I have the black one instead. I have had no problems with the weapon at all. It shoots fast and accurate. I upgraded to a aftermarket 9.6v battery. its tough to get it to fit so I had to modify some things but I can fit it in the hand guard.I also have mounted a red dot for it. The irons arent that good. I have a foregrip on it too. But for me I have no problems and I love it!!

shoots fast
good weight

bad iron sights
gets a little heavy after along time
by mario s. on 05/28/2012
"i hope evike puts this bad boy back in stock this rifle is one of the best aeg's iv ever used
i rate this rifle 5/5
realistic weight
great fps
has rails
no barrel wobble :D
tan finish
way better then the original s system
rate of fire is decent
very accurate
difficult battery instalation
plastic body (somewhat a con)
small rails no big deal

all in all its a great aeg i recommend to both beginners and experienced players X)
by Erik A. on 05/21/2012
"This gun is Amazing! I got it on Christmas of 2011, and I have and still love it. It shoots very well with a high fps, and it is very universal with all of the attachments you can put on it. The gun does have quite a bit of weight, so I recommend a vertical grip. It has a great rate of fire, but many guns have higher. Sometimes the semi auto jams up, but all you have to do is switch to full auto, use it for a little bit, then you are good to go. One other thing I love about the gun is that you don't need to use the delta ring. There are small screw looking things that you twist on the side and then they pop out by a spring. Once you do that to both sides, you are able to put your battery in.

rof (could be con for some)
does not need any upgrades to internals (unless ou want to)
long rail on top and on the sides
fast reaction time when trigger is pulled

semi jams
hard to put battery in

I would highly recommend a smart charger, vertical grip, and extra mag if you want to buy this. Overall, I would highly recommend this gun to anyone. GET THIS GUN!!
by steve f. on 05/18/2012
"This gun is amazing i bought a 9.6v battery to increase the ROF and its better than ever. I also bought a battery box because the battery slot is hard to get the battery into on the gun. The gun is so good i convinced my friends to buy one in the tan version.

Effective Distance

Weight as well
Sights bent to left a little