Reviews: JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Tan)

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Model: AEG-JG-M4Sv2-T
Location: L2-030 WSO5-M11 L2-T11

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by Declan M. on 2015-03-06 19:57:32
"This gun is a great gun for anyone just starting out in airsoft, and would also be fine for any experienced players, as long as a few upgrades are made. First upgrades you'll want is a peq2, so you can use a 9.6v battery, also becuase it is IMPOSSIBLE to put your battery in the hand guard of this gun, so a peq box saves you time and looks bad ass. Next, you may want to get a tight bore barrel, barrel extension, new hop up unit, bucking and nub. These are all simple upgrades that can easily be made. It is actually very easy to open up the top of your gun and make these quick upgrades. After these, your gun will be shooting amazingly accurate. I would also recommend a red dot sight and foregrip, along with any other attachments. I have a peq2, a red dot sight, a bipod, foregrip and flash light. Now lets get to the pros and cons.

- Price
- Accuracy is good
-ROF is a little slow around 10-13 rps, but not bad
- Durable
-Shoots hard around 400-420
- Not too picky with mags
-Crisp selector switch
-Heavy (could be a con)

- Accuracy can be unreliable at times
- Slowish ROF
-Heavy (Maybe a pro) (Im 14, 5,9" and 130 lbs and its completely fine to hold all day)
- Cheap looking pistol grip (easy change)
- Rail system could be better if you like full free float quad rails

No other big cons, in the end, this gun is outstanding for any beginners and will be amazing for outdoor play. Highly recomended
by Weston B. on 2015-03-05 07:51:28
"This gun is amazing! Pretty accurate and shoots hard. It's also pretty sturdy, I fell on it hard and there were only a few tiny scratches and it worked fine.

Shots at 400+ FPS.
Full metal gear box and internals.
It's heavy, kinda like a real gun.
4 rails.
Looks realistic.

Battery compartment is small, you kind of have to jam the battery in it.
The battery it comes with isn't amazing, I suggest buying a 9.6v.
Front heavy.
Plastic body (but it's not crappy plastic)

Overall, it's definitely worth the price and if you put a little bit of money in to upgrade it, it could easily rival some much more expensive guns. And the iron sights aren't as bad as everyone says they are.
by Wilfrido L. on 2015-01-02 17:02:38
"This was my first airsoft gun, I regrettably sold it to fund my DMR build. Let me tell you, this gun, was amazing for the Price. It has the performance of a gun twice the price. It had really good trigger response, really good range, consistent FPS and above all that, it was RELIABLE! No matter what I did to it, it would work after words. This is literally the definition of a plug in and play gun. I still wish I had this gun. My only complaint was the fact the body is made of polymer, and the polymer does look cheap, but the internals are really good. would recommend this to ANYONE looking for an amazing starter gun.
by Brad W. on 2014-09-25 17:17:38
"i have had this gun for about two months now. It is a good gun for a good price. it has very good accuracy and high fps. BUT i have been experiencing some hop up problems. Two bbs will feed into the chamber and sometimes will not feed at all. I did not expect much from such a cheap gun. Also the battery compartment is tiny for the battery that comes with it. I would recommend wiring it to the back of the gun or fitting the gun with a peq box. I give it three stars because of issues with the hop up.

High FPS
Full Metal Gearbox

Hop up
battery compartment
sights are not all that great
by Pamela H. on 2014-07-07 22:10:50
"This gun is one of the best guns i have purchased out of my many years of airsofting. One of the only bad things about is like most people say a very tight fit for the battery. This gun is good for CQB Battles and Outdoor battles. Would recommend getting a fore-grip and red dot because the iron sights are a pain and the grip makes it look amazing. Would recommend this gun to everybody i know weather they are a beginner or part of a pro team.
by Billy Z. on 2014-04-09 16:56:07
"Im new to airsoft, i had to get a good gun to keep up with the competition but i didn't want to break the bank. this gun is perfect. it shoots very accurately and pretty hard. the only thing i dont like about the gun is its pretty hard to get the battery in the first few times. its slightly front heavy but if you purchase a fore grip you wont even notice it. great gun and i only use .25 bbs im not sure how other bbs will work with it
by Henry S. on 2014-02-20 10:17:36
"This gun is simply amazing for the price although be sure to use .20 gram bbs for maximum damage and accuracy the only con of this gun is the main body is more of a gray plastic instead of a jet black but other than that this gun is perfect, i would recommend getting an optic as the iron sights on this model can be a pain, and yes many reviews comment on haw this guns battery is difficult to get in i assure you its about the first 2 times but after that it works like charm. This is the best sirsoft gun i have seen for the price and i highly recommend it.
by Christian L. on 2013-08-06 14:35:38
"This gun rocks and has an amazing performance. Here are the pros and cons.

Metal barrel
metal buffer tube
full metal rails
and a great battery life

Its really front heavy
Can't get the metal flash hider off since it has an industrial apoxy on the threads
Body and stock are an okay plastic
paint chipped off easily on the stock

Overall this Rifle is a great choice for beginners. Shoots 400 average out of the box and is very accurate. Slap a foregrip on it and your set for a very fun day down range. 4/5 Is my rating
by Eduardo L. on 2013-06-09 17:31:06
"This is an outstanding airsoft gun . The materials are high quality and durable and the whole look of the gun is just beautiful . This gun is can outperform a lot of higher end guns . The price of the gun say to the pros that is not that good , so they go and get $250+ guns that are on par if not outperformed by this gun. In the end this is a professional gun , at a beginner's price . In other words, get it NOW .

Pros: Cons:
Price. Rear flip-up sight (I suggest replacing it
Look with Magpul flip-up and/or scopes & optics)
Build Battery installing is only a con if you don't watch the the tutorial
Internals. EVIKE TV probably has one
More unique look thx to
LE type stock
Having the battery in front
And still having the RIS
by Koichi K. on 2013-05-02 08:45:53
"Honestly, I have owned this gun for over three years now. It has been my main weapon of choice since I have owned it. Battery may need and upgrade after awhile but not for a year and a half or so. It's just due to how old the gun is and the use of it. There is so many upgrades you can do to this weapon. I recommend it to anyone who likes the M4 series. Only downfall I have on its design is it is front heavy due to the battery being in the fore grip. But that's just my own opinion. Well worth the money i spent.
by Charles P. on 2013-02-02 21:20:58
"My third gun and is probably the best. I have a king arms m4 and a cyma m14 and this gun shoots hard and accurate compared to my other besides the m14 because that shoots far.
Pros. shoots har accurate light weight and it just looks cool.
cons. battery hard to get in, the connection with the fuse was crap and i had to take it apart and take the fuse off for it to work
by Heather R. on 2013-01-22 16:43:51
"This is an excellent gun. At first, it was slightly confusing (mainly because I'm too ignorant to read the manual) to customize and operate, but it works like a charm now. The whole spring screw idea isn't the best, but works I guess. I put my EoTech holo sight on it, and it isn't accurate at all. The iron sights are precise, however. Great gun overall.

Heavy like a real rifle
Long barrel is intimidating
Looks real
Works with most M4 mags

Battery placement isn't the best
Isn't accurate with a sight on it
Sling mount is on stock instead of gun itself (I like it on the body by the grip)
Not the highest FPS with 8.4v and 9.6v

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