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JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

235 Customer Reviews

by Wilfrido L. on 01/02/2015
"This was my first airsoft gun, I regrettably sold it to fund my DMR build. Let me tell you, this gun, was amazing for the Price. It has the performance of a gun twice the price. It had really good trigger response, really good range, consistent FPS and above all that, it was RELIABLE! No matter what I did to it, it would work after words. This is literally the definition of a plug in and play gun. I still wish I had this gun. My only complaint was the fact the body is made of polymer, and the polymer does look cheap, but the internals are really good. would recommend this to ANYONE looking for an amazing starter gun.
by Pamela H. on 07/07/2014
"This gun is one of the best guns i have purchased out of my many years of airsofting. One of the only bad things about is like most people say a very tight fit for the battery. This gun is good for CQB Battles and Outdoor battles. Would recommend getting a fore-grip and red dot because the iron sights are a pain and the grip makes it look amazing. Would recommend this gun to everybody i know weather they are a beginner or part of a pro team.
by Christian G. on 06/19/2014
"Pros: full metal upper rail
Full metal buffer tube and barrel
No barrel or stock wobble
Comes with a battery

Cons: battery barely fits at all( recommend a butterfly type battery, it's somewhat easier to install in the handguard)
Kind of front heavy
Plastic receivers( they're durable enough but u can buy a JG metal reciever)
Rear Iron sight is pretty small

Overall: very good gun for its price, highly recommend it!
by Billy Z. on 04/09/2014
"Im new to airsoft, i had to get a good gun to keep up with the competition but i didn't want to break the bank. this gun is perfect. it shoots very accurately and pretty hard. the only thing i dont like about the gun is its pretty hard to get the battery in the first few times. its slightly front heavy but if you purchase a fore grip you wont even notice it. great gun and i only use .25 bbs im not sure how other bbs will work with it
by Jesse A. on 03/19/2014
"I got this gun around 2 years ago and it was shooting 395-400fps with a 9.6v 1600mah battery at 16 bbs per second. great gun for biginners or experienced players. I really had no problems with itand had it for 2 years. I strongly recomend this gun.
by Ryan N. on 02/09/2014
"This was my first REAL Airsoft gun and it's still my favorite after 2 years
Along the way I made some mods to it such as adding a MOSFET and fixing up the hand guard to hold a 9.6 and now it's one of the fastest gun at my field
by dylan a. on 01/29/2014
"this is a great gun over all but the only thing is the stock battery life sucks so i recommend getting 2
by jordan H. on 01/11/2014
"This gun is great I just got mine yesterday and its just a good gun the sights in the rear are trash tho but the front is nice if you ever played mw2 is the same m4 to the tee... This gun shoots hard it has range on it and it sounds like I beast whet you shoot it the only thing I had a hard time with was the flash hider I had to cut the pins out with a durmmle or how ever you spell it but in my book this gun is no joke built to last to so go head and cop one
by Alex C. on 01/07/2014
"I got this gun back in 2011 which was 2 1/2 years ago. I got this as a starter gun. It is still running and, all I did internals wise is I changed the fuse. I only needed to be changed because I put a 9.6 5000 battery on it. For the price you are getting what you pay for. For beginning to intermediate players I recommend this gun.
by sage m. on 01/05/2014
"One of the best guns I ever owned it lasted me a long time.Great starter gun and well made.What I did to it, I wired it to the back, put a crane stock ,and changed the look of the gun and it balance the weight of it
by Joseph S. on 12/27/2013
"This gun is very good. This was my first high end airsoft gun, and when it worked is was incredible. After it broke down several times I took it apart and realized that a wire had stripped. After I replaced the wire and bought a new battery it performed beautifully.

small battery space
by david h. on 11/18/2013
"I love this gun. It feels amazing. this gun has many pros and few cons.

-high fps
-realistic feel
-hard hitting (personal experience)

-heavy (easy to get over with if you lift)
by Paul L. on 07/06/2013
"I've had this rifle for about 3 years and I must say, this is one of the most outstanding AEG's I've ever seen. Right out of the box, it was very sturdy and heavy, which I see as a plus; this added to the realism, something I look for in my airsoft purchases. This rifle and I have been through almost every abuse and environment change imaginable: from extreme humidity, heat, snow, mud, dust, and it still works like the day it arrived. The range is also pretty decent and shoots around 420 FPS. It's great gun at a wonderful price!!!


- The battery compartment in the handguard is a pain to deal with even to this day. However, don't let that stop you, with this rifle almost any custom job or add on, such as a mock PEQ box, is possible to help with thit problem. The battery it comes with will fit, it is just a pain to get in.
by Eduardo L. on 06/09/2013
"This is an outstanding airsoft gun . The materials are high quality and durable and the whole look of the gun is just beautiful . This gun is can outperform a lot of higher end guns . The price of the gun say to the pros that is not that good , so they go and get $250+ guns that are on par if not outperformed by this gun. In the end this is a professional gun , at a beginner's price . In other words, get it NOW .

Pros: Cons:
Price. Rear flip-up sight (I suggest replacing it
Look with Magpul flip-up and/or scopes & optics)
Build Battery installing is only a con if you don't watch the the tutorial
Internals. EVIKE TV probably has one
More unique look thx to
LE type stock
Having the battery in front
And still having the RIS
by Koichi K. on 05/02/2013
"Honestly, I have owned this gun for over three years now. It has been my main weapon of choice since I have owned it. Battery may need and upgrade after awhile but not for a year and a half or so. It's just due to how old the gun is and the use of it. There is so many upgrades you can do to this weapon. I recommend it to anyone who likes the M4 series. Only downfall I have on its design is it is front heavy due to the battery being in the fore grip. But that's just my own opinion. Well worth the money i spent.