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JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black)

39 Customer Reviews

by Sergio M. on 06/15/2012
"i bought this gun last year..its simply the best ive had so far my other m4 witch was li-poly broke so i got this bad boy and ive used in battle at least 30 times shots straight and far..

-good rof
-long distance(tight bore on mine)
-accurate(tight bore)
-flip up sights
-rail system

-loud(i have amp on mine sounds decent)
-160$ got mine when it was 140

over all great gun worth the price
by hayden d. on 02/26/2012
"I have had this gunfor 2 years it was my first gun. in this package you dont get what you pay for you get way better. i have used this gun in at least 40 wars. this gun is super accurate and super affordable. the only ad thing is the stock is silicone so it broke last war but still a great gun. i would buy it again if i could! I LOVE JG M4 S-SYSTEM!!!!!!
by kimberly a. on 02/14/2012
"Ive had this gun since december and it performs very well. it is a little difficult to get the battery in the first time if you dont know how but its still worth the money. I currently have an amplifier that i bought here on evike and a forward grip. I would also suggest buying a better battery. But I dont regret buying it
by Nick M. on 01/05/2012
"I've had this gun for two weeks, and I can say it was well worth it.

full metal
(read more in the other reviews)

getting the battery inside the gun is aggravating
sights are small (front one - closest to you)
doesn't come with an applicable strap that holds up well to the weight

I strongly suggest this to any one who is getting a new gun. This is my first automatic, and I've tried over 10 in the past and I can definitely say that this is (very similar) to the best I've used.
Love it! 5/5 Stars *****
by patrick p. on 12/14/2011
"If your looking to purchase this gun BEWARE getting the battery in is the most annoying thing ive ever done But the gun its self is AWSOME but the IRS blows
by Chris H. on 11/24/2011
"This gun is a must get it is the most realistic gun Ive ever seen. I just got it and theres nothing like it if your looking for a m4 this is the gun.
Crane stock
battery and charger
The only thing I see wrong is that the railing on the bottom cant fit a grenade launcher
by Mackenzie P. on 12/09/2016
"My friend had this for about three years and then I bought it cheap off of him after the fuse blew and I have had it for about three years. It's a great gun to get in to airsoft and there is plenty of rails for adding attachments. It says recommended lipo but I would not run one because that is what blew the fuse. I would get a 9.6v small type because the battery it comes with is a test battery and isn't that good. Overall great fun for the price point. It is heavy so make sure you can handle lugging around the weight.
by Sean D. on 08/12/2016
"Perfect starter gun! Shoots pretty well out of the box and I like the aesthetics of it. Battery space is a pain in the butt, however. Don't get this if you plan on doing a lot of body modifications such as a new outer barrel or handguard. It's designed in such a way that the bottom part of the front handguard can only properly attach to the stock barrel, no aftermarket barrels will work. But honestly a great gun if you plan on leaving it as is.
by Bobby R. on 05/04/2015
"So, I've had thus aeg for two years and overall its a grew gun for this price. If your looking for an aeg that wont let you down at range, is simple and compatible this is your aeg. I'm gunna get to the pros and cons for you and be straight forward.

-effective range of 100-120 feet
-high fps
-compatible with almost every m4

-high fps will deny u access to some parks
-trigger response slow
-can't spam semi auto"trigger fingers" won't work
-internals will lock if semi auto is spamed
-not enough space in battery compartment
-low rail space

Very standard aeg in my opinion great starter air soft gun and is worth that much money. Should u buy it??? Yes for that price its a great investment.
by christian o. on 07/16/2014
"I've had this gun for a couple of years now and used it countless times. The gun its self is pretty heavy (if you're running around like I do), but it is very durable and reliable for having plastic furniture. All around its a great starter gun for those just starting.
-metal rails
-full top rail
-neat aesthetics (mess with my gun behind cover a lot)
-pretty accurate
-Heavy (con for me)
-long (con for me)
-battery compartment is annoying
-wired to the front (con for me)
-low ROF (rate of fire) under 6rps (Rounds per second)
by Raymond P. on 09/22/2013
"I bought one in june and have been shooting it all summer.The gearbox itself is not bad.The only thing that i've noticed that it is not shimmed and isn't greased well at all and the piston gears are plastic and got pretty chewed up.Still shoots decent though and oh ya the inner barrel came bent. ? I've upgraded the receivers to metal and i;m ordering an internal upgrade for it now.
1.Ball bearings instead of bushings.
2. M 120 190% irregular pitch spring.
3.aluminun piston with full metal teeth.
4.Madbull ultimate full metal hop up w/ led module.
5.angel stainless 6.01mm tightbore barrel.
6.O ring air seal nozzel.
7.Ball bearing spring guide.
8.70' hop up bucking.
9.Replace wiring and fuse with mosfet/ H.Q.wiring kit.
After this i should have about $400.00 including gun invested,but should be a bad and realistic gun.I looked for a high end gun that was a full top rail M4 S-System gun but this one was the best one i could find for the $.I highly recommend this gun for anyone starting or intermediate cause as you see my list it is very easily upgradable if you are a little mechanically incline and not scared of tearing the gun completely down.Once i'm done with this one i will post a review on You Tube with a video how i the upgrades were done,a itemized price list of the parts,From of corse and a firing test.
by Adam A. on 07/30/2013
"I have had this AEG for quite some time and I have enjoyed it. I played several games with it and it worked good. Someone that I played airsoft with had a G&G custom gun and he said his was better than this, but he always had to do something to fix it. Not saying G&G is bad, they are very good guns, but he had done some changes to it that always needed to be fixed.
Range is decent
Weight (good and bad)

Weight (good and bad)
No metal body
Small battery
My front sight was not straight but it was an easy fix

All in all of you are just staring airsoft or playing on a budget, this is a great gun to buy and you should buy it.
by Jared R. on 07/18/2013
"Had this gun for about a year now and I am very pleased with the quality. Shot approximately 75,000 rounds through it and haven't had anything break. Plastic body is a pain just watch that you don't snag it on anything. Overall solid gun for beginners.
by jamie j. on 05/10/2013
"I have had this gun for a few months now and everything but the body and battery space is great. I opened up the gearbox for some tuning and there was no grease in it except a little dab on the bevel gear and there was no shimming done. the motor is a fantastic high torque which gave me pretty good trigger response with a 9.6v.

solid gun
the flip up sights are nice
awesome motor
good power/velocity
flash hider was easy to take off

battery compartment
bad factory tuning
plastic body
kinda front heavy
not allot of rail space for the sides and bottom
by Steven S. on 03/18/2013
"Overall a good gun, had it for a couple months and it has served me well so far. If you're looking for a reasonably priced but reliable M4, you found it!

High FPS
Good weight
Great quality for the price
Lots of rail space
Good ROF (with a 9.6)

Battery storage is a real pain, it's difficult to fit anything larger than an 8.4 in the front grip without some work.