Reviews: CheyTac Licensed M200 .408 Type Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by 6mmProShop (Black)

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Model: SR-6mm-M200-B

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by Nhan V. on 2016-01-26 20:05:29
"This gun is an ok gun. It weight about 15lbs, the inner barrel is about 500mm-550mm. The diameter of the inner barrel is 6.01 mm.
The button that regulate the stock is not good; it can fall off any time, so when u get the gun u should change the screw that stick to the regulate button.
The screw that adjust the hop-up doesn't seem long enough and resulted that the bb can't go up, so u might need to find a screw that long enough. And the hex screw for the hop-up adjustment is not included.
The flash hider is made out of metal.
Not a short stroke bolt action.
Spring guide and piston are metal.
Comes in with pre-installed bolt in to the gun; but the bipod is not pre-installed.
Shoot pretty accurate. Made by S&T.
by Stephen B. on 2012-02-02 13:48:53
"Well, Time for a review then. I absouloutly recommend this rifle if you want a cool looking sniper rifle. But, the FPS is wrong! Mine got chronoed to 312. I am upgrading it, because the spring that is following with the gun is shit. Sometimes the BB is dropping after 5 meters, other times it flyes 50 meters. So get a small spring to it with 500 fps and it will be good. AEG SPRINGS WILL NOT FIT! You have to buy a spring for a aired-cocked rifle. These springs aren't as wide as the AEG springs. 

Overall the gun i amazing.

- Heavy (Rock solid)
- Deadly accurate (Get a good scope, i bough the scope here at evike)
- 100 rounds magazine. Very usefull, dont wanna carry these mags around.
- Bipod is awesome! (Spring re-ejected feet)
- Very long range after a single upgrade. (Only metal parts! Which gives you a wide choise of upgrades)

- The button that regulates the stock, only locks at the first and last points, not at the 4 others.
- The button that regulates the stock fell of during a war. So it got lost. Had to tape the stock in its full lenght.
- bad range before upgrade. The spring lives it's own life.
- 6,03 inner barrel. Not good for sniping. Mine is 6,01.
- Unrealistic ammo capasity (Very good and a little bad)

I give this a 4 out of 5. In the first place, you need to be a good airsoft player for sniping. Becase it is alot of issues with hop-up, springs and bolts. It is important to remember that this rifle is BIG! not a problem, i am not to big of a guy, but i can carry it around easily. Had it for 2 games. First war = 5 kills, 3 headshots. Second war = spring lived it's own life. So i just sat it on its bipod and used my Co2 sidearm. My rifle is upgraded now and shoots like a dream. I recommend this rifle!

(Written on iPad. Sorry for any spelling mistakes)

Thank you for reading!
by John C. on 2011-12-28 12:17:53
"This gun looks great. Power, realism, and size are all nice, and the internals seem great. I personally wouldn't mind the (not-so-light) 17 pounds of this weapon. In short, I'd look into buying it. except for the fact that I noticed that the stock/cheek rest is distinctly formed for a right-handed shooter, and I am left handed, and nearly blind in my right eye so sighting right-handed is a problem. Because of this I was wondering if there is a left-handed stock/cheek rest group available or included with this gun.
by Sangmin L. on 2011-11-20 22:43:57
"This gun looks great. The externals are just amazing and intimidating on the field. But because the weight and the fact that this is a spring weapon, it is not very skirmishable. But if you dont mind the weight, this gun will be fine. This gun is not too bad for skirmish but is amazing as a movie prop. You no longer have to pay extremely high prices to get an intervention.

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