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KJW Full Metal KC-02 Airsoft Gas Blowback Tactical Carbine / Sniper Rifle (Version: Type A)

20 Customer Reviews

by ricky k. on 01/31/2017
"Its a great gun, You will need more than one mag, because that 30 rounds (extended mag) and the 22(normal mag). it goes quicker than you think. :)

over all MAKE SURE YOU GET THE GREEN GAS mags(way better to my standards)

ITS ACCURATE, kindoff silent. and AWESOME

Its super lightweight.
by Sean M. on 08/26/2015
"Hello all,

Let me just say this gun is grand! I have used it more than on a few occasions I have bought and I am now my team's DM using this rifle. Shots are accurate up to almost 200ft with the gun being stock! That's amazing! Once I put in a tightbore a new hop up bucking this gun shines above all other GBB DMRs. One other thing I would recommend is putting the gun in a real 10/22 stock and make it beautiful.
by gabe g. on 05/10/2015
"ANAZING, this rifle is greater than great I absolutley love the gun and recommend it to everyone
by Gardner S. on 04/28/2015
"I've had this gun for a while now. It works great as a dmr, I have a scope/bipod/magpul stock & grip/and a suppressor on it and it looks AWESOME! It's very accurate and the recoil is fun, but nothing special. Do not put a tight bore in this! Put a wide bore barrel. Wide bores are better for gas guns... I learned that the expensive/hard way. Overall a good gun. Definitely my favorite GBB.

- not as costly as most GBB rifles
- versatile, you can field this in cqb or field
- looks awesome
- evoke sells a lot of parts for it

- mags are very difficult to load. Its possible with a speed loader but the springs are too strong and won't let the bbs in.
- it is threaded, but it took me hours of putting the barrel in vices and heating it with propane torches, trying to unscrew with pipe wrenches. Then when that didn't work me and a neighbor used his drill press to drill out the orange tip. But it was still stuck in between the threads and wouldn't budge. So I bought a replacement barrel off evike.
by Brandon L. on 11/08/2013
"I got this gun a few weeks ago at Airsoftcon, and I am very impressed with it. Its very accurate with a good range, even with the stock inner barrel, which only goes halfway through the outer barrel. Its light weight, it has a light trigger pull, the iron sights are very nice, and its very customizable externally to fit your role as an airsofter. Also, its very realistic in terms of weight, I own two Ruger 10/22s and I've compared them. This could make a good sniper/dmr platform, and even a zombie themed rifle because of .22s being a good survival gun.

-good accuracy and range
-good FPS
-light trigger
-realistic weight
-good iron sights

-may be too powerful for some fields
-barrel isn't threaded
-inner barrel is only half as big as the outer barrel, but a 370 or 380mm inner barrel will fit it
by Robert A. on 06/26/2013
"The KJW KC-02 is possibly the best GBBR on the market. Not only is it rare; but also extremely affordable. And not to mention the mags are not as expensive as other gbb ones.

High FPS 415-425

No threaded barrel (Can be fixed by using BAR-10 adapter)
High FPS
Not many aftermarket internals for it

All around this rifle is great. And I suggest it to any play who wants a long range, or controlled GBBR.
by Dan F. on 03/08/2013
"All I can say about this gun is that it is a beast! When I got it I was surprised about the extreme durability of it! I chronographed it right away and the fps is pretty accurate by whats stated on evike(~380-400 w/ .25, ~430-450 w/ .2)

Short Trigger Pull
Not too much recoil(good for sniping)
Awesome blowback
Mags sold here for revelantly pretty cheap compared to other gas guns
Mid-High Fps

None that I can think of off the top of my head
by Aaron P. on 12/30/2012
"I have had this rifle since the first month it came out. And within that time, with other than cleaning it, and making sure everything is set and in order with it, it still work's, shoots straight, strong, and hard.

This is a very accurate rifle from 75-150 feet. I have ordered 6 of the long mag's, using 31 rounds. No issue save for a few leaks every now and then.

- Solid rifle (save le stock of course)
- Nothing has broken
- good range
- very accurate with .28
- Lots of rail

- Mags last 2 full loads
- heavy mags
- people confuse for shotgun

Over all, this is a great rifle. but not meant for starter Gas players.
by Andrew K. on 10/09/2012
-LE Stock
-standard AR pistol grip (can take Real steel or GBB pistol grips)
-30 round mag is gas efficient
-realistic weight
-can take Ruger 10/22 stocks

-stock wobble (typical among LE stocks)
-safety button can come out easily (can be put back in easily as well)
by Ethan L. on 08/12/2012
"This gun is epic!

-Loud as heck!!!
-High Fps
-Metal Mags

-No kick (could be a pro to some)
-Goes through gas fast (gas will last for 1 and a half mags)
-Ugly Orange tip (irremovable)

Over all this gun is fun to shoot because it is accurate, and is fudging loud!!
by Brandon M. on 03/24/2012
"i just got this gun yesterday and, these past 24 hours have been the best! the recoil is feel-able but does not effect shooting accuracy at all. it's just right. i will just sum it up with pros and cons,

pros: -light weight
- accurate
- easily upgradable
- in the 400's fps out the box
- nice sound to the blowback
- very well priced for green gas blowback rifle
- 14mm ccw threads

cons: - 22 round mag goes out faster than you think. (get extra 30 round mags there pretty well priced)
- orange tip is VERY hard to remove, (it does come off though, trust me) (only on version 1)

see how there are more pros than cons, yea... its an amazing gun. because it shoots semi auto only, and over 400fps, and easily upgradeable, i personally use it as a sniper. performs much better than spring snipers.
by cal c. on 02/26/2012
"Great gun!
High fps
great accuracy
light weight
feels like an original m4
impressive recoil

hmm dont have one
should get more magezines becuase they only hold 30 rounds.
definitly buy it is a powerfull reliable and accurate gun.
by Bradley K. on 11/14/2011
"This gun is amazing, i feel that anyone who can pay the extra, should definitly get this gun as a sniper, all u need is a scope, and mabye a tightbore.

-long range, high fps, accurite, semi auto, Gas Blow-Back
-Safty comes out easy, ugly orange tip, 22 round mag goes reallllllyyy quick

Over all, this is definitly the best sniper iv ever used, and u can use it defensivly, and affensivly.
5 stars
by Chun T. on 11/14/2011
"Just got mine a week ago and it is pretty awesome. I have several GBB rifles, including several WE and WA. The quality of this rifle is top notch compared to the others, and that is saying a lot because they are all actually pretty good. Excellent solidity with just a bit of wiggle as is seen in all M4 collapsable stocks.

Just as the video review shows, the gun fires at a higher velocity, so it is not usable in most indoor games. Outdoors it works great and the externally adjustable hop up is very nice, allowing for quick corrections, even with shooting gloves on.

The mag holds gas well, and I have not had any problems with it leaking, unlike some of the WE and WA M4 magazines that I have. The rail is really solid and I have attached a silencer to mine, making it look super sweet. The weight of the gun is less than a comparable M4, with a polymer and steel construction. Easily carried in an game. The nice part is that magazines are compact, so they are easier to carry and reasonably priced, so have two or three is no big deal.

Overall, great gun with excellent power out of the box. Solid construction and gorgeous looks, especially with a scope and silencer attached. Not an M4, so no full auto feature, but great sniper gun. I would highly recommend it.
by Bradley K. on 08/22/2011
"This gun is amazing, i feel that anyone who can pay the extra, should definitly get this gun as a sniper, all u need is a scope, and mabye a tightbore.

-long range, high fps, accurite, semi auto, Gas Blow-Back
-Safty comes out easy, ugly orange tip, 22 round mag goes reallllllyyy quick

Over all, this is definitly the best sniper iv ever used, and u can use it defensivly, and affensivly.
5 stars