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by Samuel H. on 2015-12-26 11:43:17
"I love this thing. Backyard battles or cqb this is a great buy. The main problem with this little thing is that it does occasionally break. And, I ain't gonna lie it isn't a "professional" quality gun. So if you're a noob and buy this gun you may end up getting screwed if you can't fix it. I generally get about 3000 rounds through it before something breaks.


So, so much fun to shoot
Fair ROF
Really efficient, you get about 100 shots a canister
mags are fairly cheap


Mags are very large and awkward to carry spares
Breaks easily
I'm not sure if i can really complain about accuracy, but yeah


Price 10/10
ROF 7/10
INTIMIDATION (single): 8/10 (dual) 11/10
Efficiency: 9/10
Durability: 2/10
by Benjamin T. on 2015-05-26 17:40:12
"This is good for the price but not durable. I had one of these and dropped it and now it randomly shoots off bursts and the fire selector didnt work. After opening it up I saw tiny little plastic pins that were broken that held the fire selector in place. This gun does not disassemble like others. Taking it apart is also very risky due to how brittle some parts are. Other than that its a great gun. I bought another one and it works great. With the price of these you can get two of these instead of a kwa and dual wield, but these aren't as good as kwa. There are a lot of pros and cons to this gun...

Great rof
Good on gas if used wisely

Not durable
Does not stop shooing after out of bbs.. Which can be good for a prop
by Nick S. on 2014-06-10 11:16:53
"*DISCLAIMER* I bought this gun on sale for 60 bucks

If you are looking for a secondary, get one

If you're looking to be a boss Gangsta get two
Pros vs. cons

-Gun is awesome and is the best gbb pistol for the price period...
-ROF is sweet not as fast as some of the more expensive kwa and other brands, but it is hardly noticeable, plus the mags last a little longer then :D
-Reliable when lubed up and has high mobility
-Looks gangsta
-Hard kick
-mag has never failed me in any way (neither has the gun)

-No stock :( and there is no way to order one
-acts weird on low gas and ROF gets slower with longer bursts
-range isn't awesome, but hey who buys this to snipe?
-You don't have it

Overall it is totally worth the 78 bucks and since i got it on sale I am over joyed with what I received and people thought I was lying when I said I snagged it for 60 bucks.
by Jordan D. on 2014-05-14 19:51:44
"You get what you pay for. My Bro and I each bought one. They are lots of fun, and have decent kick on full-auto for an airsoft gun. They are as accurate as a gas pistol when you use semi-auto (effective range: 90 feet). Full-auto is "spray-n-pray" (effective range: 60 feet). You must use .20s with it (heavier bbs will drop too quick). It is definitely an attention-getter on the field, and everyone takes turns holding it and gawking at it! The worst part about this SMG is that it will only fire 1-2 mags off before the Co2 pressure is too low to automatically cock the bolt while firing, but you can get another 20 shots off by manually cocking the bolt back each shot before the bbs are plinking due to low fps. Even so, that's 50-100 shots on one Co2 with functioning blowback! The other downside to the Mac 11 is that it won't fit in pistol holsters, and you are forced to either buy a bulky SMG holster, or clip it to your vest or put it in a huge pocket. The sights are totally useless but who cares! All in all this is a decent affordable backup weapon. I definitely would not recommend as a primary tho!
by ben b. on 2014-03-14 21:41:45
can fit in some holsters
great for indoor
mag is easy to reload.

co2 leaks sometimes
mag sticks out in holsters
iron sights = poop.
by Chris P. on 2014-01-23 11:32:46
"This gun in my opinion is best for cqb. The only time i would recommend using this at a field is if you use it as a sidearm. The range is not the best, while its rate of fire is amazing. However with the rate of fire comes average gas efficiency. I could maybe get 2 magazines on a half semi/ half full auto burst before the gun would malfunction. the gun does not break, it just messes up when low on gas. for example, when i go through the first two magazines in 60 degree weather (reloading immediately after emptying it) the gun shoots fine. however, if i were to try to use the magazine a third time on the same cartridge, the gun will misfeed and shoot a two second long full auto burst regardless of which setting i am in. But again, the gun works for the first 2 mags on the same cartridge. (100 rds) i still love the gun 100 rds is a decent amount of shots for one cartridge. i definitely recommend this gun!

fits in the mp7 holster on evike (the m11 one was out of stock)
no leaks in the mags
has m11 threads
hard kick
EPIC rate of fire!
no misfeeds in first 100 rds
fairly accurate for a pistol in this price range (about 70 feet)
easy to load with included quick loader
you can easily de-cock the weapon (pull the bolt back and then pull the trigger while holding on to the bolt)

Gas hog (kinda)
inaccurate for field
cheap feeling magazine
plastic outer barrel
doesn't work as well in the cold as other co2 guns
iron sights suck (its a m11, who uses iron sights)

All in all, i 100% recommend this weapon for cqb play or as a sidearm
by Claudio B. on 2013-12-02 15:16:14
"i brought this about a month ago and is incredible:
·rof is about 23 per second
·accurate with 25g bb
·no co2 problems
·a catridge of co2 lasts me 200 shots

·lightweight(the mag adds weight)
·mostly plastic exept iron sights, sling mount and internals

buy this if you want a bad booty gun
by Braydon E. on 2013-11-30 14:45:41
"this mac 11 is awesome! It has a insane rate of fire. The fps is great too, I would hate to be getting shot by this. This thing has tons of kick! It feels like a real gun!! it is made with a great material, i think polymer. it wont fit in any holsters so you'll have to use it as a primary weapon. Everything is very sturdy and nothing is wobbly.

Pros: Insane rof
great blow back kick
made with good materials
doesn't use alot of co2 one co2 cartridge= about 3 or 4 mags

Cons: runs out of ammo fast (cause the rof)
i got a extra mag and the mag leeked the co2 out and that was very annoying
by Robert L. on 2013-08-29 11:38:07
"I had this gun a while a go but i bought a clear version. I loved it but I had no extra money to buy more mags and CO2 so I sold it. But now I have some extra money soooooooooo... I BUYING A NEW ONE SOON :) !!!!!!!

Cons: Gas hog
Low FPS (could be pro)
Not accurate at all (could be pro if you like a spray and pray weapon)

Pros: Great 1st or 2nd weapon
And in my view great in every way!
by Caleb M. on 2013-08-28 16:19:06
"i love how people say it runs out of co2 quickly, yeah thats if you go full auto all the time. it takes 2 secs to dump a 50 round mag. i had it for almost 2 years and it works great. took out a whole team with it twice. the only con is that the selector switch fell off but i got it glued back together and its working nice
by Jeremiah J. on 2013-08-14 11:39:11
"I like the gun but you have to arc it to get it to go long range. The co2 you need to run this gun is umarex co2. You can however put a rubber o ring in the bottom of your mag and then use craftsmen. Well at least that's what i did.
by Mikhail M. on 2013-08-05 16:18:57
"I had this gun for a few months and its awesome.

1) Accurate
2) Lightweight (could be a con )


1) Uses a lot of CO2, I mean A LOT (about 1 CO2 cartridge every full mag)
2) Came with a broken selector switch.

Overall a 4

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