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Tactical Force Combat TF11 Mac11 Full Auto CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback by Maruzen

19 Customer Reviews

by Benjamin T. on 05/26/2015
"This is good for the price but not durable. I had one of these and dropped it and now it randomly shoots off bursts and the fire selector didnt work. After opening it up I saw tiny little plastic pins that were broken that held the fire selector in place. This gun does not disassemble like others. Taking it apart is also very risky due to how brittle some parts are. Other than that its a great gun. I bought another one and it works great. With the price of these you can get two of these instead of a kwa and dual wield, but these aren't as good as kwa. There are a lot of pros and cons to this gun...

Great rof
Good on gas if used wisely

Not durable
Does not stop shooing after out of bbs.. Which can be good for a prop
by Jordan D. on 05/14/2014
"You get what you pay for. My Bro and I each bought one. They are lots of fun, and have decent kick on full-auto for an airsoft gun. They are as accurate as a gas pistol when you use semi-auto (effective range: 90 feet). Full-auto is "spray-n-pray" (effective range: 60 feet). You must use .20s with it (heavier bbs will drop too quick). It is definitely an attention-getter on the field, and everyone takes turns holding it and gawking at it! The worst part about this SMG is that it will only fire 1-2 mags off before the Co2 pressure is too low to automatically cock the bolt while firing, but you can get another 20 shots off by manually cocking the bolt back each shot before the bbs are plinking due to low fps. Even so, that's 50-100 shots on one Co2 with functioning blowback! The other downside to the Mac 11 is that it won't fit in pistol holsters, and you are forced to either buy a bulky SMG holster, or clip it to your vest or put it in a huge pocket. The sights are totally useless but who cares! All in all this is a decent affordable backup weapon. I definitely would not recommend as a primary tho!
by Michael S. on 12/24/2012
"Ok so Ive had this gun for a about a year or two and I have mixed feelings about this gun:

The rate of fire is amazing!
Looks really cool
Dosent cost to much

Uses a lot of CO2
Range really isn't good
Fps is about 250

I would probably buy the KWA mac 11 if I could_......
by tonya h. on 02/14/2012
"My friend has this gun and i think it is very hanndy for cqb.It its (about) 20 rps ands about 300-350 fps