Reviews: WinGun Full Metal Panther Airsoft CO2 Gas Blowback w/ Integrated Laser - Dual Tone Stainless


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Model: GP-WG-4801-BS
Location: U13-211

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by laura f. on 2013-01-25 16:01:56
"If ur thinking about getting this gun do it I got it and wasn't too sure I made the right choice at first but it is amazing with its high powered lazed it reaches really far distances the blowback is a little short but it's really cool because its a really nice blowback and if u get it and think its broken cause it won't shoot don't worry u have to pull the trigger back a little more than most guns but u can still pepper nicely and another plus side is that it looks like Leon's handgun in resident evil 4.
by Leonard P. on 2011-11-06 01:18:00
"I Received This In My Box Of Awesomeness From The Recent Week. At first I Opened It And Was Kind Of Disappointed Because It Was A CO2 Gun.. After Finding Out It's Amazing Features such as The Built In Laser. I learned to love this thing. It completely changed how I feel about CO2 guns I Know From Now On That CO2 Guns are some of the Best If They Are In The Right Hands. As For Power it leaves a Huge Hold In Trees, Cans, and Hurts Alot. Gas Last For a Long Time. Kind of a Downfall Because of the Small Magazine Compacity so it Requires Alot Reloading of BB's. The Built In Laser Is Amazing, easy to adjust, and the Laser Only Turns on When You Pull The Trigger Half Way! Which I Find To Be An Amazing Feature Makes The Game Worth It!

Very Durable
Built In Laser
Alot Of Gas When Loaded
Very Powerful

HARD trigger Pull
Small Mag Compacity
Have to Use All The Gas Before You Stop Using It(to Keep The Seal Nice and Strong!)

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)