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WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 MEU Railed Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: OD Green)

4 Customer Reviews

by Brady D. on 04/26/2012
"This is an amazing pistol! The only problems i've had that are even slightly related to the pistol is that the extra mag wasn't the best. In fact, the stock mag has done way better, but evike is dealing with the issue as i sent the extra back. Gun shoots great! You can even get trigger happy with it. The only problem i have with the gun itself is that the hopup doesn't stay set(I'm assuming because it under the slide which does happen to blow back) altogether it is a great gun and easily worth the money! I would highly reccomend getting a propane adaptor because the bottles of $5 cheaper each. Easily reccomended gun.
by Kenneth K. on 11/05/2011
"This gun is very good. Has never jammed on me, and is very well made. The OD paint will not chip, but the black paint chips easily. The gun has NO plastic pieces and is pretty solid. It has a good weight and the slide does not wobble. The recoil makes it a little inaccurate.

The grip is hard rubber, and the emblem in the middle is metal with gold paint. The grip is pretty comfortable, and feels nice. The trigger pulls back beautifully, and makes a satisfying click...

The mag, though, has 2 pieces of plastic, the BB feeding nozzle, and the thing that pushes up the BBS.

It has never jammed on me, yet, but i think it never will.


Good gun, sturdy, no plastic, doesn't jam, good kick, solid, metal, peels nice.
by Dunren C. on 12/12/2013
"I recently bought this from a friend for $10 and that made my day! It stopped working for him so when I took it home, I opened it up and it was dirty like heck! All it needed was a little cleaning and lubricating and now it works like a charm! The bad part about it is it has leaky mags :( And the little plastic lip on the mag breaks easily. Paint also scratches easily but it gives it that "used" look. Sights are a little loose too. One day I was shooting it and for some reason the outer barrel just fell off. A little super glue fixed that problem. Overall, definitely a good gun for the price.

can take a beating
decent fps, 300
nice metal construction

paint scratches
loose outer barrel
bad mags

Overall, it's a nice side arm and reliable too. There are some things I would change but it's fine the way it is.
by kevin l. on 03/07/2014
"This gun worked so well the first time I fielded it. Sadly it broke right after it. This gun shoots so accurately and has a really nice kick. It's full metal and has a great weight on top of being single action. The mags, if you didn't know already, need an adapter in order to fill them up with gas. I recommend getting regular 1911 mags. Another problem is that the outer barrel is glued on, and it fell off... I would give it a 3.5/5.

Nice kick
Full Metal
high fps

some poor quality throughout the gun