Reviews: Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC) 2 Airsoft AEG Rifle


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Model: AEG-E1-JP33B
Location: A1-019

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by Kyle B. on 2013-05-25 16:10:01
"This gun is phenomenal. Definitely purchase a small type 9.6v butterfly, like it says the battery it comes with isn't the best. I'd also recommend using .25 gram BB's with this. The spring and hop up are too powerful for .20 gram BB's. Recommendations: Paint colored dots on the sights, get a sling, practice reloading a few times.
Probably the best gun I've ever owned.

FPS: 340 with .25 gram BB
Accurate and precise out to 150-200 feet (with .25 BB)
Real high ROF
Takes all M4 mags
Looks great
Lots of rail space
Perfect for field or CQB
Can switch out parts from other G36 type guns.

Mag release takes a little getting used to.
Stock collapses but doesn't fold
by Thomas W. on 2013-05-15 17:13:18
"this gun shoots like a dream. it is very accurate even with .20 at 125 feet. it shoots about 370 and has a very good feed with the 2 mags it comes with. the 9.6v battery is also a nice touch that is stantard with the gun.
by Sean R. on 2013-03-28 10:57:39
"Great gun! You wonít go wrong with it. Did shoot 370 fps out of the box. Put a UTG tac light/ laser combo and UTG short fore-grip and attached the pressure pad. A Red/ Green dot reflex scope and also put a B-2 OPS Barrel Extension suppressor, fits mostly over the barrel so itís not crazy long and it fits inside the Rail System so you have that cool short suppressor look that comes out of the rail system. Sick looking gun out of the box but a beast with add-ons! Use the rail system while you have it! I can mount my flashlight style camcorder to it also but havenít field tested it yet.
by Dalton P. on 2012-09-22 16:05:06
"I've had this gun for about a month and a half now, I've used it in one battle so far and its performance has been completely outstanding! Not a single jam, the hop-up works very well, the weight of this gun is glorious(not to heavy but heavy enough), it hurts like mess which I enjoy haha, M4 mags are affordable, durable and everyone has them, and Echo 1 includes a 9.6 battery which held its charge for 4 hours of pretty intense shooting.

Metal where metal is suppose to be(besides charging handle)
Rail space is amazing
Hits hard and consistantly acurate
Weight feels awesome
Sounds smooth while firing(no loud spring sounds)
Hop-up works as it should
Comes with two good mags and a great 9.6 volt battery
Low profile sights built into the rail do work, just a little hard to see(I painted yellow dots on them so they work great as backup sights)
Solid with nearly no wobble from any parts
ROF is very good out of the box
The gun has a very aggressive look to it

Plastic charging handle(not even a problem really, I just like metal)
Trigger was sticky at first but I broke it in within a few days and its perfect now

All in all this gun is Amazing! If it's to heavy just throw on a foreward grip and you shouldn't have a problem getting used to it. If you're thinking about getting it, don't hesitate to buy this beast. May God keep you safe, and happy airsofting!
by William B. on 2012-02-28 20:19:48
"This gun is AWESOME. I was looking for a weapon that used M4 style mags (STANAG) but I didnt want an M4 or M16 like everyone else. I was looking for something to go agenst the grain. This is the weapon that does it. Handguard is Metal with grooves in it for comfortable, right out of the box use. Mag release is a bit sticky at first but after a few games, it loosened up. The body is made out of Polymer plastic and the top rail is made out of Metal. Buffer tube is metal and the 6-position Crane stock is plastic. the MTC 2 shoots 350 out of the box, which is a good power for Field and CQB. The inner barrel is about 2 inches shorter than the outter barrel (which is dissapointing) but the gearbox is great quality. It comes pre upgraded with a Madbull Hop-up Bucking. The Weapon comes with 2 Echo 1 Metal Hi-cap mags, a 9.6V Crane stock battery. Speaking of the battery, the end caps of the battery compartment in the stock (the end toward the gun) kept poping off of mine. I had to super glue them on to make sure i didnt lose them. also, the Ironsights that are built-in are something to be desired. They are quite wothless.

Heavy (but not too heavy)
Lots of rail space
Crane, 6-position stock
Comes with 2 hi-caps and 9.6v Crane stock battery
Pre-upgraded hopup bucking
Midrange FPS (350), perfect for field and CQB
Will have all your friends saying "WOW!"

Crane stock Caps kept falling off (fixed with super glue)
Built in Iron Sights are garbage (fixed with Magpul Flip-up sights)
Hop-up is a little agressive but after my tightbore barrel, it fixed itself right up.

Advice- Get a 455 AK length tightbore barrel and a Madbull Gemtech Surpressor. It will increase the accuracy on this thing ten-fold. I do plan on getting a Full stock because this thing has become a great DMR.
by Johann P. on 2012-02-02 14:08:58
"This gun is amazing.I got in the out of the box and it is awesome. I would highly recomend this gun. The thing that i didnt like was the shipping because it is a slow proccess
by Peter S. on 2011-12-20 20:15:55
"This thing's just completely insane. I used it in a battle about 3 days ago and I absolutely love it! The size of this thing is absolutely intimidating, and it has a good rof. The only downside is it's not really that compact. But other than that, it's worth every penny.

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