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ARES Full Metal Stoner LMG AMG Airsoft AEG Machine Gun SAW

3 Customer Reviews

by BRIAN Z. on 06/17/2014
"I love my Stoner
i fielded at a game and it ran flowlessly
I do admit a bigger box mag would come in handy but the top loading door worked well
great rate of fire and mine is shooting 420 FPS
mine is running on an 11.1 stick battery that fits perfectly in the buffer tube
by Lawrence S. on 02/28/2013
"This is an amazing AEG as it provides an extremely light platform for those looking to run a support gunner role. I have used many M4s that where heavier. The box magazine refills quickly from the top side, which means you do not need to remove it or load from under the cover as you do with some 249 systems. It has an overall very solid feel to it however; the stock is a bit wobble. One feature that is great for future upgrades is the quick change spring. It can be accessed by removing the stock (simply push the locking lever and slide down) and unscrewing the rear bolt to replace.

Very Light Gun
Overall Solid Build
Rail system
Quick change swap springs
Box mag feeds very well

Stock wobble
Battery loads in buffer tube which is a pain
Low size box mag
by Jeffrey Y. on 12/15/2013
"Howdy Evike'rs
I've had my Ares Stoner LMG for about a month now. My initial impressions were that this was a solid airsoft gun that would last awhile. I have a friend who has had one for quite some time and hasn't had any real issues. After having it for awhile, here are the things I've found frustrating about this LMG.
1. Hopup is easy to move out of the 'sweet spot' when removing the barrel to insert the battery. I found the sweet spot then carefully marked a line on the dial and the barrel to realign right before closing the feed tray.
2. I could not get a lipo to fit inside the gas tube, and the 9.6v Nim battery just doesn't provide the performance that I was looking for. I'm having it rewired to run a 2200 Lipo mounted in the space under the zipper in the box mag.
3. The spring pin that is verticle to hold the rear stock plate on simply fell out one day. Luckily I noticed it and was able to replace it. I had to glue it in to ensure it wouldn't fall out again and end up losing the latch and internal spring.
4. The safety is a two part design with a set screw holding the two together, with the screw positioned so that it has to be tightened from inside. Mine came apart and both sides basically fell off in my hand during a game. Luckily it was in fire when it failed, so my safety is currently inop.
5. Out of the box, mine shot 420fps with 17fps with the 9.6v battery.
6. There needs to be a bigger box mag available for this machinegun. Heck I can by a 5000 round box mag for an M4 for $50 and have about five times the capacity of this LMG.
7. Ensure you SNAP the box mag closed when reloading- as you'll be doing a lot of that- or else you'll be donating unused BBs to the dirt gods.
8. The included box mag has jammed about once a game on me. A tool is included to unjam the mag but cut down the unjamming rod that is included to carry with you to push BBs back into the mag from the exit port to help unjam it.
9. There are no sling mounting points included. Not a huge deal, but good to know.
10. The included rear sight has no detent to keep it from folding rearward during use. Open the feed tray to expose the front sight rail and slide on (front to rear) a Magpul flip up rear sight and you'll be much better off.
11. The shaky, noisy extendable stock has been mentioned before in other reviews, but a piece of tape around the joint takes most of the play out of it and quiets it down to reasonable levels..

In conclusion- its expensive and has let me down every time I have fielded it. I have high hopes for it after I dump some more money into it that it will be more reliable than stock. When it does work you will drive the enemy to tears and their women will flock to your side. Just bring a back up gun in case it goes down.