Reviews: WE-USA NG3 Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Two Tone

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Model: GP-WE-BioM9-TT

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by brennan r. on 2014-02-16 16:30:20
"I got this gun about 2 months ago as my first GBB gun and second gas gun, It performed really well after adjusting the hopup i could hit targets between 20 and 30 feet with little to now swaying in the bb just like other reviews the pain isnt the greatest and the makings on the grip panels rub off really fast but other than that it is a solid gun with plenty of upgrade parts available on the market.

Pros :
Good weight
Accurate with hopup
Tons of upgrade parts available
looks great
good FPS (around 300-320 with .20 BBs)
Cons :
Low quality (but not horrible) paint
the safety on the slide did not work (stuck in the off position) possibly a manufacturing defect
the grip panels could have been made with a bit better material

other than that it is a great gun
by conor o. on 2013-09-12 18:17:47
"well i just got this gun today and so far so good. I'm not an m9 kind of guy. i like the USP look (which is rare) but this by far is the best m9 I've shot or even held for that matter. so far no problems. I'd really like to extend the barrel and put a suppressor on it with a low profile laser to complete the whole thing but for right now its one of the best GBB pistols I've owned.

good weight
R.E. fans should love it

pain to get to hop up but that's all m9s
nothing else
by Harley S. on 2013-07-24 13:36:29
"I gotta say, I really love this gun. I'm a hardcore M9 AND RE fan, so when i saw this, I had to get it. I have had this gun for a little less than a year, and so far the only part i have had to replace on this gun is the rear sight. The paint is pretty weak, but in a way it gives it a sort of wear and tear, used up look that says it is a very well loved gun. Although im very gentle with mine. The gold paint on the grips also gave out but I've heard that's pretty easy to fix with some lacquer or clear nail polish so i ordered a pair of new grips and i plan on doing that. As for how it shoots, it is amazingly accurate and has never misfired on me.


1)Beautiful design and trademarks, gotta love WE tech for that.
2)Accurate and good range. I play woodland games and quick draw matches. This thing has won me countless quick draws and has pretty good range even in mid distances though i wouldnt rely on its range too much. it is a sidearm.
3)Durable, solid construction. As i said im very careful with it, but i have dropped it by accident a few times. It shows no wobble and still performs perfectly almost a year after the initial opening.
4) realistic everything. need i say more? size, weight, and kick. want more? its more or less a perfect replica of a resident evil samurai edge pistol short of ACTUAL wood grips. but you can make your own.


1) the paint of the gun is pretty cheap, but if you want a perfect looking gun, then you might as well not use one. honestly i could repaint the gun myself. its not that big a deal
2)the mag. the mag that came with it and the extra mag i ordered both leaked after the first few shootings. i had to replace the o-ring on one but it seems its starting to die again. i might just get the reinforced fill valve. evike has those on here as well but i wish WE would put a bit more durability into their mags.
3)no rail. i had to find my own, but im not really disappointed to much by this. there are rails to be found if you look hard enough.

overall it is a wonderful gun that is very precise and consistent. i dont have a chrono so i cant give you the rate of fire but i can tell you it is at least 300 fps. i have never been disappointed by this gun and hope to keep it in service for years to come.
by Ramen M. on 2012-12-25 21:22:11
"Buy this gun!!!!!

I will get right into the pros:
1.Fast slide due to the cut off part
2.Verry light trigger, if you don't use double action
3.Verry nice replica

The only con is like all gas blowback hand guns it is a gas guzzler :(

I use this gun on the field as my side arm, but i recommend that the gun should be kept on display for it being an exact replica.
by John J. on 2012-12-22 21:10:07
"Okay, I just got this gun a few days ago and I've used it every day since. At first i was a little hesitant but after feeling the true weight of the gun, seeing how hard it kicks, and just the overall amazing look of the gun, i fell in love.


Solid kick
350-370 fps
awesome look
threaded tip pre-installed
1:1 scale
realistic weight
dead freakin accurate
tight bore 6.03 barrel (sexy blue)


The slide is a little stiff but i think it just needs to be lubed
the slide also wobbles a tiny bit but its hardly noticeable and has no affect to the gun
hop-up was cranked all the way up out of the box. Easily adjustable tho. small flat head and it shoots straight as a whistle.

All in all, its an awesome gun. Amazing for the price. I would definitely recommend this gun to a friend. (as a matter of fact i have and he already ordered one). I will definitely be purchasing another as well as another 7in silencer. Makes the gun look and sound so sexy.
by Ty T. on 2012-12-01 18:09:59
"Just got this gun yesterday and it is nice
-3-dot combat sights
-nice kick
-full metal
-can buy extended mag
-slide is funky with spring
-mag leaked then fixed
-paint on tip cam off after noveske
-little bit of gas hog
-no rail
by Shelby S. on 2012-06-18 13:58:45
"All i have to say is wow this is the best pistol that i have ever owned. It is just perfect from the performance of it to the stunning looks that it has.

- Nice blowback action
- Hits pretty hard for a pistol at around 340-355 fps
- Two toned design
- Very accurate because of theamazing blue 6.03 tight bore inner barrel

- NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

All i need to do now is get the rail for an m9, flashlight/laser, extra mags, and the WE full auto Biohazard when it comes out so i can have my Resident Evil load out for the next zombies event. But overall I give this pistol a 5/5
by Quan V. on 2012-05-26 23:53:33
"Have had this gun for almost 9 months and everything still functioning well
however, the slide release is too loose (not just my gun, i saw in a few reviews also) and sometimes it has issue, and this seems to be the only con with this gun
other than that the gun shoots perfect and kick feels great..still lovin' the imitation wood grip, it's plastic but looks and feels flawless
Idk what's wrong with the paint of the guy below, but the paint on my gun stays intact after 9 months..and i play with this gun like insane

- pretty mux everything Lol... probably the best resident evil M9 out there, dont waste money on the TM M9
- kick feels great and the gun is heavy
- flawless finish on the imitation wood grip, looks much better than the grip on the TM version
- consistent ~340fps .20gr

- too loose slide release
by Matthew S. on 2012-04-12 20:28:47
"The paint stays on nice and has a good feel. Also this gun is bulky once put in the hands of a 12 year-old little boy. I have this gun and I like it a lot because of it's awesomeness in every way from performance to design.
by naod e. on 2012-04-08 16:32:55
"Unlike all the other reveiws you read i actualykept this gun for 6 months before writing a reveiw.
The reson his gun gets good reveiws is because people write them as soon as they open the box.
so lets get started. The gun coes in a nice box which i kept because it was very usefull. The one thing i noticed right off the bat is the paint on this gun is CHEAP!! I I opend the box then set it down to read the manual and as soon as i picked it up and looked at it the paint was significantly chiped off. Also the trademarks on the grip dont last long because the gold paint whears of as soon as you pick it up.
other than that it is ok the mags are high capacity and work prety well. its also got a very realistic feild strip wich i like.
PROS:nice feel
realistic feild strip
real looking wood gripes
nice kickback
can be mounted this silencer
If you are buying this for airesoft and for the looks you would be beter off with a 191 by WE Tech
by Zac H. on 2012-03-29 02:08:02
"This is one of the hottest shooting pistols that I have owned. Evike claims that it shoots between 300 and 330, but when I chrono'd the gun, it was reading 360 with .20s. This could be because I like an a warm area, but it's still very good.

This gun is not very good as far as the "quality" of the gun goes. On arrival, the front and rear sights were very loose and I had list the rear sight on the first day of use. The hop-up is terrible and I just took it out completely and it shoots fine.


- Good FPS
- Decent Kick
- Gas Efficient (Sorta)
- Seems to have a built in tight bore barrel


- Not very good quality (I recommend gluing your sights on before use)
- Mags get leaky if you do not take care and oil your gun.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable sidearm.
by Eric C. on 2012-02-20 19:46:08
"For one I just want to say this is a sick gun that not only shots fast but is accurate with .20 .25 and .28 my friend got me in to one and can't wait to get mine

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