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WE-USA NG3 Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Two Tone

36 Customer Reviews

by Ty T. on 12/01/2012
"Just got this gun yesterday and it is nice
-3-dot combat sights
-nice kick
-full metal
-can buy extended mag
-slide is funky with spring
-mag leaked then fixed
-paint on tip cam off after noveske
-little bit of gas hog
-no rail
by Zac H. on 03/29/2012
"This is one of the hottest shooting pistols that I have owned. Evike claims that it shoots between 300 and 330, but when I chrono'd the gun, it was reading 360 with .20s. This could be because I like an a warm area, but it's still very good.

This gun is not very good as far as the "quality" of the gun goes. On arrival, the front and rear sights were very loose and I had list the rear sight on the first day of use. The hop-up is terrible and I just took it out completely and it shoots fine.


- Good FPS
- Decent Kick
- Gas Efficient (Sorta)
- Seems to have a built in tight bore barrel


- Not very good quality (I recommend gluing your sights on before use)
- Mags get leaky if you do not take care and oil your gun.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable sidearm.
by Carson E. on 08/26/2015
"This pistol is amazing it looks good, it sounds good, and it hits decently hard but the only draw backs for me so far are that the magazines leak, it uses a lot of gas, and it is loud ( I am only listing that because some people may not like that it is loud but quit frankly I like the fact that it is
by naod e. on 04/08/2012
"Unlike all the other reveiws you read i actualykept this gun for 6 months before writing a reveiw.
The reson his gun gets good reveiws is because people write them as soon as they open the box.
so lets get started. The gun coes in a nice box which i kept because it was very usefull. The one thing i noticed right off the bat is the paint on this gun is CHEAP!! I I opend the box then set it down to read the manual and as soon as i picked it up and looked at it the paint was significantly chiped off. Also the trademarks on the grip dont last long because the gold paint whears of as soon as you pick it up.
other than that it is ok the mags are high capacity and work prety well. its also got a very realistic feild strip wich i like.
PROS:nice feel
realistic feild strip
real looking wood gripes
nice kickback
can be mounted this silencer
If you are buying this for airesoft and for the looks you would be beter off with a 191 by WE Tech
by Stephen L. on 12/14/2011
"Very crappy slide and barrel. Slide is not moving back smoothly. It seems to snag something. The barrel is also eh. Has an inch of play front to back and maybe 1mm up and down.
by david s. on 12/02/2011
"very disappointed, nice gun but the mag it came with had a broken part that holds down the bbs (sorry don't know the name of it) i didn't get my propane adapter till yesterday only to find out that when blowback occurs half the bbs shoot out the top. with my propane adapter i bought the extended mag (this mag was also WE not a chinese clone) so i gave up and tried that had the same problem. I do not know if this is just my luck because I didn't see any reviews about this happening so it maybe. The gun works perfectly but the mags are a pieces of poo worst part is it came in a box of awesomeness so i cannot return it :( sorry i didn't review the gun but there are plenty of other reviews that i'm sure will be more helpful than me