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by Grant H. on 2016-08-04 20:39:44
"Definitely one of my favorite pistols in my collection. I purchased this after having major gun envy from my friend's Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge. So, being a huge Resident Evil fan, I hopped on Evike and chose the WE-USA version due to it's full metal construction, and might I say, I have NO regrets.
Chances are I'll get some flack from this; but I personally find this to be a superior product to the TM version. It feels just like a real steel Beretta 92, right down the trigger pull, and feels far more sturdy than the plastic Tokyo Marui variant, don't get me wrong, TM is a magnificent brand, but WE's version defiantly wins the round in construction and authenticity.
Speaking of authenticity, the Resident Evil markings on the pistol are sharply laser engraved into the slide with no imperfections, and the shiny RCPD logo on the faux-wood grips is a lovely touch, although the latter has a tiny issue; even with minimal use the paint on the RCPD logo will begin to rub off or flake, something that is easily fixed by simply taping around the circle with some painters tape, shielding the rest of the gun, then applying a few coats of clear enamel spray paint to the symbols, an easy $5 fix to a minor flaw.
The pistol also preforms without a hitch, averaging out at around 330fps and cycling without any issues (mine has about 100 rounds through it), just keep this puppy lubed up and feed it good gas and bb's and it's sure to serve you well.
This is by far the star (hehe, get it?) jewel of my pistols; while it serves mostly as a major nerd-cred showpiece among my other collectibles the Samurai Edge is a top performer in the field and looks bloody amazing while doing so.
-Amazing design
-Solid Construction
-Good performance
-Accurate Resident Evil/Biohazard replica
-Paint on grip inlay wears quickly (Easily fixable with a $5 can of clear rustoleum)
OVERALL: 10/10 A definite must buy for Resident Evil or Airsoft fans.
by nicholas w. on 2016-03-03 11:44:35
"this was my first purchase from Evike and i have to say very impressed! i didn't buy this to use for anything i bought it because i am a HUGE resident evil fan and the Samurai Edge is my favorite weapon from the series. it looks absolutely beautiful, it feels really good it's heavy and feels solid did i mention it looks really good? only thing that bothers me is the safety is really stiff.
by Brett T. on 2015-09-25 06:47:14
"Review #2

The Good: Flipping beautiful. Still beautiful even after the harsh punishment it's been through. It's got a great weight to it, and an even better feel to it. I can't say I really want to use any other pistol. Reliable. Cool. Sexy. Unique. Tough. Very easy to disassemble and reassemble. Low-Maintenance. Kicks well enough. Sounds almost like a silenced .22. Right around 325fps with .28g BBs. No Jams. No Dryfires. The Full-Auto is pretty sick(on the full-auto model). The WE magazines for this model are very tough in regards to dropping, mishandling, and the expel rate of the gas.

The Bad: The "HopUp" and the Accuracy. It has an oddly formed Proprietary inner barrel, with a small window for a rubber piece, that is adjusted by a mere brass screw in the hop up housing. The mound on it is rather small and narrow. The bbs tend to have a large spread even by an airsoft pistol standard. I'm quite displeased with the accuracy. Sadly, there is no replacement that I can find that will work, aside from a KWA M9(in which I can't find the hop up+barrel by itself). So I have to create a frakenpistol between this and a KWA M9.

The Ugly: The paint comes off pretty easy on this thing. I'd recommend giving it a couple of clear coats before use(on the grips). Also, it's hard to find an M9/pistol holster of any kind that actually fits this properly. There's something about the Trigger Guard that doesn't seem to be universal/standard... as that's where it always gets hung up.

Overall: If you just absolutely WANT and NEED the replica like me, then it's worth it. Otherwise, get yourself a KWA, CQBMaster, or TM.
by Carson E. on 2015-08-26 14:28:02
"This pistol is amazing it looks good, it sounds good, and it hits decently hard but the only draw backs for me so far are that the magazines leak, it uses a lot of gas, and it is loud ( I am only listing that because some people may not like that it is loud but quit frankly I like the fact that it is
by Adam B. on 2015-06-11 22:28:03
"First off I would like to say that this gun is a fantastic replica of the one in the game. I love the design and it preforms far better than I thought. I am mainly going to focus on the downsides so others can have a heads up. for a brief review of the good, the performance and looks make this gun a 5/5. The only flaws I found are the orange tip and paint.

The orange tip is extremely poor quality and is glued into the gun. when I tried to carefully remove the tip it immediately bent. After about a minute of bending with needle nose pliers and using a screwdriver I was able to remove it without damaging the gun. The gun comes with a threaded barrel attachment to replace this and it looks amazing, so not a huge downside if you are willing to work on removing the tip.

Now the paint! The paint looks great! It also starts to come off nearly immediately! While this works out for me, because I prefer my weapons to look battle worn, Others might not like that within minutes of removing the gun from the box. I was initially extremely gentle (I emphasis this because I had read the other reviews) with the gun and still after firing it once the areas where the upper and lower receiver meet had already began to loose paint. There is also now a small but noticeable chip on the slide towards the front. I also put a thin layer of clear lacquer over the grip emblems so they would not depreciate in shine because they look so good. So far this has prevented them from chipping away and I would highly recommend doing this if you get this gun.

Over all these have been the only problems I have encountered. The slide is very solid and not loose and the Safety is very tight. While it takes a bit of force to move it doesn't feel cheep like some other safeties I have felt.

by Ethan D. on 2015-06-01 06:20:38
"I bought this gun about a week ago and I am very impressed. The gun itself is very good looking and sturdy and I cannot argue with it's performance. It is dead-on accurate and has a very nice kick.

-Great weight
-Sexy looking
-Nice kick
-Good size (Could be con)
-M9's are annoying to adjust the hop up
-The slide is kind of jerky at first
-The barrel has a little wobble, but I'm pretty sure that is intended

Overall 9/10
by jeffrey p. on 2015-03-28 13:57:41
"I just bought this pistol with a co2 mag only a few days ago because I'm a fan of the series and I'm pleased with it. It shot without fault with the Co2 magazine and well within cqb limits. It feels not too hefty and the recoil is crisp. Fixed the fadding gold paint embulm issue with some clear varnish.

Wel made replica
Crisp recoil
Co2 capacity about 3 mags worth
Easy to disassemble
Full metal
My came in with some chips on the slide
Safety doesn't move to safe easily
by Caleb L. on 2014-12-07 15:34:24
"I got the WE Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Limited Edition Airsoft Gas Blowback - (Two Tone Stainless) and it is amazing! I personally love the weight, means that it is high Quality. The gun kind of sounds like the real-steel M9 because of the full metal thing. The Imitation Wood Grip Covers, the lip of the gas mag, ans the inside of the Newest blowback unit are all plastic, everything else is metal :)

slide isn't wobbly
Full metal
2.42 pounds
realistic blowback
newest blowback unit / bucking
a good 300-330 FPS for airsoft battles
21 + rounds
supper realistic sound and feel/the metal's falt ;3
magazine release and injection is smooth

for some people the Weight
slide railing on the slide is not well maid
when pulling back the slide it gives a jerk

Over all the awesomeness I would recommend this pistol if you are a collector and an airsofter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jsckson p. on 2014-06-17 19:04:29
"the gun is great only able to test fire because someone brought it to my local field but one complaint he had was the STARS logo would fade and he would have to buy new grips. i told him if he put some clear lacquer in an old water color paint set and used a brush to paint it over the logo than it wouldn't fade.he tried it and it worked so if anyone else has this problem of the logo fading than they should try this out and it should work.

hope this was helpful to someone.
by Ramen M. on 2014-04-13 16:07:32
"I have had this gun for well over a year and it still works fine, as a new comer to airsoft at first I loaded the gas into the the gun with the mag on top like an idiot only getting 2 or 3 shots per mag but after loading it the correct way it gets 3 mags per fill. I started off using green gas and then switched to propane with silicon oil. The former owner didn't shoot it much but when he did he never cleaned the gun, it took me only 5 minutes to completely disassemble and clean the gun and now it works flawlessly. This gun can be used for combat but remember that it is a REPLICA so its made for shelf looks not heavy work but it still has very nice internals. The only problem is that after getting the gun I put gas in it and when I pulled the trigger it looked like a shell flew out, turns out that the gun wasn't shell ejecting and the rear sight flew off. The rear sight is an asshole, it jams the slide and flies off. Other than that the gun sometimes will mis-fire in my holster, I think it is a holster problem but it hurts 1 inch away from my leg :) GREAT gun I love resident evil and this goes on my list of guns that every one should have. BUY IT!
by Brett T. on 2014-04-02 07:02:21
"The Good:
For starters; This thing is absolutely beautiful. It's very well crafted. It came in a nice RPD-like box with the Gun and Magazine. It was nice and lubed as I could see some of it glistening upon removing it from the encasement.

It has a perfect and very accurate weight to it. It's sized just as an M9 would be(possibly a smidgen bigger). It functions almost completely identical to an M9 handgun. It houses enough green gas, and a little extra, for pushing out all of the shots in 1 magazine. Make sure you hold the canister upside-down when filling that magazine! The blowback is perfect; Not too much kick, not too little. It gives you that realistic feel without destroying accuracy or punchisizing your face. The gun is fairly loud, but in a good way and as close to what a real gun would sound like minus the breaking of the sound barrier part. It's my favorite one to shoot for sure and I hope I get the opportunities to use it.

The Bad:
The only issue I have with it so far, is that the BBs I am using tend to veer Upwards by a good bit after only a short distance(25ft). I had to aim roughly 1.5 feet Below the target to actually hit it. I do not know if this is because I am using .20mg or if something from the inner barrel is the cause. I know I use the same BBs in my JG G36(electric rifle at 450fps with a 9.6v/1600mah) and they also veer upwards but only a little, and after a good 100ft or so. Of course my JG G36 has hop adjustment that helps alter that. If I ever figure this out I'll try to edit this review and/or make a new one with solid information.

The Ugly:
by james h. on 2014-03-17 21:25:12
"Hello, this was my first ever pistol my second gun ever. I got this gun 3/15/14. I have only used the gun once. IT IS A AMAZING Gun. There is one down side, if you use only pistols like i do, you run out of ammo very quick. So you could buy the extra long mag that is 50+2 or you can buy extra 25+1 mags. This gun is still a very good gun and looks very nice if you add a supressor to it

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