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by John B. on 2012-04-17 13:19:08
"THe A&K dragunov is a good, affordable sniper rifle, and correcting my previous review:
Cost is low
easily upgraded(WOOD, BIPOD, CO2 SYSTEM)
long range
hi capacity mid cap mags (96)
great polymer furniture
Not very heavy
FULL metal
NEEDS lubrication to work AT ALL (Mags and gun
Cheek rest's metal twisted on mine (can't repair), they really need to sell replacements.

Over all, this gun is very good, but ONLY with lubrication. I would really like to see replacement cheek rests, and if Evike sent me one, I would be very happy.
by Nancy C. on 2012-03-16 01:17:59
"let me start off by saying this gun is a beast it functions at a high level, and adds a factor of intimidation with 525 fps. But when playing out doors it would be better to get a heavier round since its so powerful and since your a sniper you need range without the wind resistance.
-high powered
-very sturdy
-easy to strip and upgrade
-can jam if you multi- cock
-small heavy bolt
Over all a good gun
by John B. on 2012-02-29 03:58:47
"The A&K SVD is an OK gun.
Full metal
GOOD price
light weight
Wood furniture costs $100
Misfeeds(double feeds&bbs breaking in loading chamber)
Front heavy

Overall only an OK gun. If the mags actually WORKED i would love this gun. I don't recommend this Gun.
by Ethan Y. on 2012-02-10 15:22:48
"Good gods! This gun is fantastic!

Just got it today, the order went through Monday and it shipped to Indiana in 5 days. Fantastic! Pulled it out of the box and was immediately surprised by the awesome construction. Built like a rock.

Went outside (live in a huge woods) and started shooting. I was hitting targets 25 yards away like it was nothing. (Some I'm sure were farther out, but I do not know their exact distance)

Great gun, great price. Totally worth it.
by charles b. on 2011-12-30 17:38:44
"Ok I've had this gun for a while now and I've played a couple games with it and it's been outstanding!
It's accurate, cool looking, and has good range. I would strongly recommend 28 gram to 30gram BBS because I have 28s and at 75 feet I can hit dead on with my scope.

Good range
Best stock sniper under 200$( especially cyber week sale 125$)

Bolt is extremely hard to pull back, even if you think your strong,trust me it hurts after a while
Unless your ripped. I would recommend wearing a hunting shirt( has a padded shoulder) and a jacket.
Trust me.

This is probably only me but when I got my stock the parts holding it to the gun were SHATTERED wtf evike. But I was not going to return it so it just put some gorilla glue on it and it's fine

Overall: it's definitely worth every cent, get this gun while you can, IT'S AWESOME!!!

Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the stock, otherwise I would have given it a five
by Oscar R. on 2011-12-23 18:56:04
"Just got this sniper today as a Christmas present, my only complaint is that my stock wobbles. However the rest of the SVD is incredibly sturdy and lightweight. The bolt out of the box is quite hard to cock back but you just have to get used to it.

+Light Weight
+High Quality Plastic & Metal
+High FPS
+1:1 Scale
+Cheek Rest
+Can be easily upgraded
+Hop up adjustment
+Great paint job

-Wobbly Stock

Scope Mount recommendations:
Matrix Steel Precision AK / SVD Type Tactical Scope Mount Base ($20)
by estion l. on 2011-12-21 16:44:39
"Got the gun for christmas and as soon as i checked to see if everything was in the box i noticed how sexy this thing is and i mean it looks awsome... but my happyness was short lived because when i lifted up the gun the stock fell right off and the mounts that are suposse to hold it to the gun are snapped right off :(( so i filled out a rma to send it back and in the mean time i decided to check out the performance of the gun. and again i was amazed by it once i ajusted the hop up for the .4s that i also got with the gun i was hitting not my nabors fence between my house and his but my nabor's, nabors fence between their two houses and ive walked it with a wheel tape before and its 286ft ! i continued to fire and from about 20 shots 16 hit the fence and in aabout a say 5 ft round grouping ... as for more practical sniping at 200 ft i could hit a 3ft wide tree 8 out of 10 times mild wind and i belive that was the main problem aswell as my shotty electical taped stock \:( causeing me to wable..

beautiful cosmetics
strong fps
light (seams like to me anyways im used to saws and other heavy weight guns)

broken stock mine may just be a lemon but i hear alot of wobbly stock storys
not to be a wimp but cocking it after the 200 shots to ajust the finiky hopup made my middle finger swell up and turn purple (wear gloves will totally save your hands)
barrel has no threads
mag still has a little slop in it but from what i heard about the first gen. nothing in comparison and more than likely will not fall out
hop up ajustment not only finiky but annoying to get at plus its a rlly tiny allen and the gun doesnot come with a tool atleast mine didnt
slight forguard wobble

overall the pros totally out way the cons except the fact mine came with a broken stock thats y it deserves only 4 out of 5 stars not evikes fault prolly happend in shipping or the factory and the total pain in the butt hop up
by Tony D. on 2011-11-20 13:22:29
"Indeed worth every penny. You get what you pay for with this rifle. Well built, and solid as a rock. Maybe a little play with the trigger, but nothing like a little shimming for that would solve it, but overall, a strong and accurate rifle. 5/5 because of its value.
by Joe S. on 2011-11-17 13:59:08
"Great gun for the price.Best stock sniper out there.Does not look like an m28 or l96 either.

Great FPS
Doesn't look like other snipers
Full metal
Long,accurate barrel.

Hard to pull bolt.
You need a special scope mount and probably scope
Wobbly stock(Mine pops out on one side occasionally)
Small bolt,you need to pay for a bigger one(?)

Overall I recommend it if your 16+ or just strong.
by Dylan H. on 2011-11-17 13:31:11
"Let me just say that this gun is a beast. 500 fps right out of the box. All metal except for the handguard and stock, high quality and sturdy, real wood upgrade would make it awesome.

High Fps
All metal
Sturdy plastic parts
Nice sized mag for a sniper
easy to upgrade (wood, scope, spring)
Not that hard to cock

May be hard to cock for some? noobs.

Check out Junglemanairsoft on youtube for a full video review and shooting test!
by Andrew N. on 2011-11-17 00:45:01
"Sturdy, Efficient, Accurate. I bought AIM AK Scope mount, and it does fit if you take the dust cover off and put it back on after sliding on the mount, but it's not ideal. go with the Matrix QD one instead, or find a legitamate PSO-1 or POSP.

Cocking isn't hard after practice. Middle and Index, between top and middle knuckles, swift movement. I can fire off several shots in succession by doing this. Also it doesn't hurt to silicone lube the rails of the piston beforehand.

Not an L96/M24
Full Metal
Above average internals, last forever
High FPS and easy downgrade/upgrade

Not for the weak
Spring powered (release that gas mechanism, Evike!)
Scope Mounts incompatibility (use either leapers QD or Matrix QD)
Actual scopes are quite expensive (120 clone, 180 real)
by Stephen Z. on 2011-11-17 00:44:34
"Sniper's overkill, whatever you're trying to hit, if it's under 250 feet, then I feel sorry for it. Really a great sexy gun. 480 fps gives it great range and the rumor about cocking it, the spring wears down after awhile. This new version feature and m150 aeg spring, and a 590mm barrel. If you don't want the jg plastic excuse of an svd, or can afford king arms, g&p, or classic army's svd, this is the best choice.

High fps
Needs very few upgrades, all you need is a hop up bucker, and a tighbore barrel(optional since the barrel of this gun is so long, and spring(if you think 480-500 isn't enough)
Sexy, 1:1 scale

Heavy, bulky
Very hard to cock(depends)

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