Reviews: Matrix SVD II Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black)

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by Tara G. on 2014-04-08 12:03:06
"oh my god I love this gun if you want to get this ita a hell of a good gun 1,000,000,000 thumbs up

Con: hopup is hard to find
Con: if you are looking for a genuine scope on evike they are about $140.00 just as much as the gun WTF but its awesome so if your looking at it now pull that credit card out and buy it
I will make a link to a youtube video that ill make later
by Ryan P. on 2014-04-08 12:00:56
"Rifle is a clone of the atoz dragunov that was discontinued years ago and seems almost better. The rifle shoots hard but is equally hard to chamber a bb. (380-410 .2s)


-Metal barrel, magazine, reciever, trigger, and bolt
-Strong plasic foregrip and stock
-Shoots hard
-Iron sights dead accurate to 60-70ft easily
-High cap mag
-Easily upgradable


-Hard bolt pull
-Slight play in the foregrip
-Mount is slightly off for scopes meaning real scopes can wobble around and potentially fall
-Not real wood
-Black makes every imperfection(scratch) noticeable

Overall this is the gun you bring to games that everyone wants to use in a game, but doesn't know if they want the scope or not because of the wobble and extra bulk. True croudpleaser and fun to use.
by John H. on 2014-04-08 11:59:06

Mag is HUGE
Metal is everywhere

No Manual
Hopup is hard to find
(If anyone knows PLEASE post)
by michael r. on 2014-04-08 11:57:42
"This gun is awesome stock but it is even better with a 170 spring in it this is a must have if you are a truly devoted sniper. it shoots straight and true with a 170 spring in it and btw it is harder to pull with the 170 spring installed.

Pros: It rocks out of the box, the spring upgrade is beyond simple and easy just two screws. it truly is a work of art the craftmanship is superb

Cons: The only negative statement is there is nothing wrong with the gun.
by nick s. on 2014-04-08 11:55:44
"This gun is very worth the money. I bought it (elsewhere, no pre-order involved while it was still in stock) around July and have had it for around 4 months now.

Stock Stats:
FPS: 4/5 (480 w/ .20g bb)
Accuracy: 5/5 (can easily hit a head sized target at 40 meters)
Barrel length: Not sure (some where between 550mm and 600mm)
Barrel Compatibility: unsure (too good to need to replace)
Spring Compatibility: Uses standard AEG springs

I have put an M150 AEG spring into mine (which takes about 5 minutes to complete) and the FPS has jumped to around 520 FPS w/ .20g bb's.

General Take Down:
1) Rotate pin above the trigger around the projection that holds it in place so that it points down.
2) Lift the top piece above the bolt off.
3) Take the two hex head screws out of the spring guide
4) Push spring guide forward, then pull up and out

Hop up adjustment:
1) Take off piece above bolt (see disassembly)
2) Pull Bolt back as if to cock
3) Tighten middle hex head screw to "hop up", loosen to "hop down"

Great Stock (performance wise, not the rifle stock)
Nice anodized blue metal hop-up and piston set

A pin that holds the handgaurd and barrel in place fell out of mine in the middle of the woods. I recommend reinforcing this as it is only held in by maybe 1/16th inch.

Best sniper I have ever used stock.
Easily out ranges other upgraded snipers.
Most accurate airsoft gun I've ever shot (my other is an M14 at 434FPS w/ 650mm tightbore).
A must buy if you can find it, but these have been on pre-order for almost a half year now.
by chris d. on 2013-11-29 21:09:46
"My first gun purchase in several years and with a little TLC it is no disappointment

Out of the box the handguard was very loose and the plate which secures it (at the skinny end, closer to the muzzle) was moving around.

Turns out, the set screw the factory used was much too small to bridge the gap between the plate and the outer barrel. I replaced the tiny set screw with a ten millimeter piece and now the plate is very secure. If you have the same issue, buy an M3x10mm set screw. These are used for certain R/C cars and are readily available online or at better hobby stores

Also, the locking pin on the handguard plate must be removed in order to slide up/off the plate. Some online videos indicate that it only needs to be turned to allow the plate to slide off. Not true. Rotate the pin so the locking tab is free of the plate then pull the pin straight out. It is a very tight fit

Either AIM/TOP or Evike filled the set screw hole at the flash hider/front sight piece with solder. Why is anybody's guess. It took a lot of effort to remove the solder and get to the set screw. Again, the set screw was a bit small. I swapped in an M4x8mm screw I bought at Home Depot

I also replaced the larger handguard plate set screw with an M4x6mm screw that I bought at Home Depot

Gun assembles easily--only have to remove the spring guide block (two screws) then screw the stock on with three screws. Oddly, the factory provides what look like drywall screws. They seem to work well enough though

Cheek rest looks on the cheap side, and the locking mechanism is rickety but functional. There is no way to use the rest and look down the sights, even without a mask on. Use of a scope allows use of the cheek rest, at least when not wearing a mask

The finish on the metal parts (most of the gun) was very even and well done. The plastic furniture is well molded and sturdy. The gun overall is very solidly built

Magazine fits well and feeds well, but is a little difficult to load owing to the slanted design of the feed mechanism. I did experience BBs dribbling out the barrel when first putting the magazine into the gun. After the first shot it is fine. Only happens when first popping the mag in

I bought the Matrix (AIM/TOP) scope mount and it fits great

The Matrix bipod also fits perfectly on the receiver

Cocking handle is tough to pull. Get the AIM extra large bolt handle

Gun shoots very hard

While not totally authentic, since it's a springer, I would highly recommend this gun
by charlie f. on 2013-04-17 11:31:17
"This gun is good but is kinda annoying
the screws are a pain i lost one and my stock is wobbley but a rubberband help ghettto kinda
good weight feels real
awesome look
mag mid cap
all metal
weight heavy can be pro or con
small flash hider
spring has to get use to it
scopes are expensive

over all recommended for a starters first sniper and if you dont want to spend to much and if you dont want a regular l96 or m24 4/5
by Aaron A. on 2013-01-24 19:41:41
So I got a dud, and after getting a dud L96 a few years back I almost lost my faith in bolt actions springers. BUT THEN- Evike repaired it for free, and the front sight wobble is fixed, my hop up is fixed, and the gun (before hop up adjustments and scope adjustments) is already nailing head sized targets at 75-125 feet. when hop is adjusted I estimate 170 as its top range. Great purchase, great retailer.

High quality construction
430 fps with .30g BB

Hard to assemble with all the screws
Hop up adjusting is a hassle
Mag can be difficult at first
Takes a little bit to "break in"
by Anthony D. on 2013-01-11 17:44:06
"Best sniper rifle I ever owned by far. VERY accurate and consistent to 200 feet. This gun is really awesome. The only problem I had was putting on the scope mount, which is fixable. This gun is highly recommended.
by Aaron M. on 2012-09-25 18:07:02
"This is a great sniper rifle... i cant really say much since i havent gotten a scope for it or shot any bbs heavier than .25s. but excellent gun for the money. i would recommend getting a REAL scope for it, if you dont want to buy a rail adapter. dont buy the airsoft PSO-1 scopes. the cheapest you can find is a Romanian PSL scope for 100.
Powerful - about 490-530 fps w/ .2s
spring powered (can be a con)
uses AEG hopup and barrel
can be switched to gas
a breeze to dissasemble
maybe not as high quality as some others, but still good for $125
other than that, not many cons. its a very reliable gun over all. i recommend it to anyone
by ALICE M. on 2012-09-20 16:44:02
"For the money, this is probably the best sniper rifle you can buy. I've had it for almost three months now.
-simple to use
-great bargain
-amazing range
-durable (you cannot avoid accidently bumping it as you carry it around, but it'll be fine)
-relative to vsr-10's or m24's or l96's, it's super rare
-predictable grouping

-not accurate, scope or iron sights
-any add-ons or upgrades are expensive
-until you get it down, cocking it is very difficult and painful
-hop-up is annoying, if you have the screw too high it'll fall into the gun
-occasional double-feeding and misfires

I recommend this gun to anyone who doen't get mad that their shots don't go down the sights every shot. Once again, it's not accurate, but after a few shots at different ranges you can tell where the shots will go. It's only $125 without any coupon codes, so it is definetly a bargain over other similarly-powerful spring (or gas) snipers.
by Noah L. on 2012-09-07 16:39:03
"Good Gun overall. Very accurate and 500fps out of the box. Hard to pull handle back but after a while it gets eaiser.

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