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Matrix SVD II Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black)

72 Customer Reviews

by Charlie K. on 05/05/2012
"Great gun!

~High FPS out of the box (519 for me)
~ NOT an L96 or VSR
~Stock hop-up is really good
~Can take with AEG springs unlike the L96/VSR that need their own springs
~Iron sights are fairly accurate

~Came with not enough lubricant (nothing a buncha silicone cant fix)
~Not sure about aftermarket parts (L96, VSR?)
~No rails. have to buy the mount separately
by John B. on 04/17/2012
"THe A&K dragunov is a good, affordable sniper rifle, and correcting my previous review:
Cost is low
easily upgraded(WOOD, BIPOD, CO2 SYSTEM)
long range
hi capacity mid cap mags (96)
great polymer furniture
Not very heavy
FULL metal
NEEDS lubrication to work AT ALL (Mags and gun
Cheek rest's metal twisted on mine (can't repair), they really need to sell replacements.

Over all, this gun is very good, but ONLY with lubrication. I would really like to see replacement cheek rests, and if Evike sent me one, I would be very happy.
by charles b. on 12/30/2011
"Ok I've had this gun for a while now and I've played a couple games with it and it's been outstanding!
It's accurate, cool looking, and has good range. I would strongly recommend 28 gram to 30gram BBS because I have 28s and at 75 feet I can hit dead on with my scope.

Good range
Best stock sniper under 200$( especially cyber week sale 125$)

Bolt is extremely hard to pull back, even if you think your strong,trust me it hurts after a while
Unless your ripped. I would recommend wearing a hunting shirt( has a padded shoulder) and a jacket.
Trust me.

This is probably only me but when I got my stock the parts holding it to the gun were SHATTERED wtf evike. But I was not going to return it so it just put some gorilla glue on it and it's fine

Overall: it's definitely worth every cent, get this gun while you can, IT'S AWESOME!!!

Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the stock, otherwise I would have given it a five
by estion l. on 12/21/2011
"Got the gun for christmas and as soon as i checked to see if everything was in the box i noticed how sexy this thing is and i mean it looks awsome... but my happyness was short lived because when i lifted up the gun the stock fell right off and the mounts that are suposse to hold it to the gun are snapped right off :(( so i filled out a rma to send it back and in the mean time i decided to check out the performance of the gun. and again i was amazed by it once i ajusted the hop up for the .4s that i also got with the gun i was hitting not my nabors fence between my house and his but my nabor's, nabors fence between their two houses and ive walked it with a wheel tape before and its 286ft ! i continued to fire and from about 20 shots 16 hit the fence and in aabout a say 5 ft round grouping ... as for more practical sniping at 200 ft i could hit a 3ft wide tree 8 out of 10 times mild wind and i belive that was the main problem aswell as my shotty electical taped stock \:( causeing me to wable..

beautiful cosmetics
strong fps
light (seams like to me anyways im used to saws and other heavy weight guns)

broken stock mine may just be a lemon but i hear alot of wobbly stock storys
not to be a wimp but cocking it after the 200 shots to ajust the finiky hopup made my middle finger swell up and turn purple (wear gloves will totally save your hands)
barrel has no threads
mag still has a little slop in it but from what i heard about the first gen. nothing in comparison and more than likely will not fall out
hop up ajustment not only finiky but annoying to get at plus its a rlly tiny allen and the gun doesnot come with a tool atleast mine didnt
slight forguard wobble

overall the pros totally out way the cons except the fact mine came with a broken stock thats y it deserves only 4 out of 5 stars not evikes fault prolly happend in shipping or the factory and the total pain in the butt hop up
by Joe S. on 11/17/2011
"Great gun for the price.Best stock sniper out there.Does not look like an m28 or l96 either.

Great FPS
Doesn't look like other snipers
Full metal
Long,accurate barrel.

Hard to pull bolt.
You need a special scope mount and probably scope
Wobbly stock(Mine pops out on one side occasionally)
Small bolt,you need to pay for a bigger one(?)

Overall I recommend it if your 16+ or just strong.
by Ryan P. on 11/17/2011
"Rifle is a clone of the atoz dragunov that was discontinued years ago and seems almost better. The rifle shoots hard but is equally hard to chamber a bb. (380-410 .2s)


-Metal barrel, magazine, reciever, trigger, and bolt
-Strong plasic foregrip and stock
-Shoots hard
-Iron sights dead accurate to 60-70ft easily
-High cap mag
-Easily upgradable


-Hard bolt pull
-Slight play in the foregrip
-Mount is slightly off for scopes meaning real scopes can wobble around and potentially fall
-Not real wood
-Black makes every imperfection(scratch) noticeable

Overall this is the gun you bring to games that everyone wants to use in a game, but doesn't know if they want the scope or not because of the wobble and extra bulk. True croudpleaser and fun to use.
by Royce S. on 12/20/2014
"*UPDATE to the review below*

i finally got to try the rifle with .0.36g BBs (vs 0.25g). flight path has leveled out, shots are more predictable. i tested it to around 180 feet, shooting at a metal target about 14x8 inches with the iron sights. got a few tinks. it just takes the BB longer to get down range. i'm pretty happy with the change. but i might pick up the tighter bore barrel to get back some fps. thanks for reading again.
by Royce S. on 12/12/2014
"i'm convinced i got a lemon. there was so much wrong with my rifle out of the box. everything was loose. everything clanked and wobbled. screws were missing or not the correct size—one screw hole was even filled with solder preventing adjustment…just frustrating. it was nothing like i've read in the reviews.

i would encounter an issue and send evike a tech ticket…only to find another problem 10 minutes later an create another ticket. the evike techs were good and patient. they confirmed i had received an anomaly and i was eventually granted an RMA (return). evike is good people.

however, i kept the rifle and have been addressing the issues. drilled out the solder and tightened everything up. it was feeling solid. so i went out to give it a try for some distance (~80ish feet). couple of shots and whoa! too much hop. went to adjust the hop-up only to find the adjustment screw was gone. too much hop without even having a screw to add hop? (sad walk home).

i completely took the rifle apart and then reassembled—cleaning, tightening, and lubricating as i went (the construction is simple and you can have it apart and put it back together in 15 minutes). i'm not sure what screw or adjustment i made, but it's better rifle now. it isn't perfect or probably approaching the performance of others that have written reviews. but all it's faults are 'fixable' if you have the time/money/effort and patience.

it still has too much hop without the adjustment screw (the least amount possible). i ordered some 0.36g bbs to see if the trajectory flattens out. i'll see if i can track down a PPS unit and maybe a better barrel.

simple construction
really rugged
lots of metal
fits together well (with the right screws)
strong spring helps you build muscle
looks awesome
very nice weight

no lateral adjustment for rear iron sight
no assembly manual
shoddy assembly and QA
by John B. on 02/29/2012
"The A&K SVD is an OK gun.
Full metal
GOOD price
light weight
Wood furniture costs $100
Misfeeds(double feeds&bbs breaking in loading chamber)
Front heavy

Overall only an OK gun. If the mags actually WORKED i would love this gun. I don't recommend this Gun.
by russell g. on 03/18/2016
"The scope I bought for it and the gun it self came in broken, nothing more to say there was no quality control what so ever, the gun does look amazing and the scope makes it look 10x cooler, but I cant even say anything else about it. this gun was defiantly not tested before it was shipped
by andrew s. on 09/08/2016
"I had this for a month before all the screws holding the gun together fell out. Couldn't find any because it'd happen when I was in the field. Not a rifle that I'd recommend to anybody.
by Aaron O. on 08/03/2014
"This is one of the worst guns i have ever bought from this sight. when i got it i took it out, put it together and loaded it up and shot it. i noticed that the bbs never went straight they always went straight down, turned up the hop up and shot... nothing changed. it once in a while shot straigh, lucky me it went right back to shooting straight down.

in all of this i hope no one buys this junk of a airsoft gun. if you want a good SVD look into the electric or gas, not this. Hope no one buys this so they can fix all of its problems.