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Matrix SVD II Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black)

72 Customer Reviews

by David B. on 11/17/2011
"Well, I got this rifle a few days ago, after tuning in the hop up and putting in some goldenball proslick .20g BB's I decided it was scope worthy, I will be ordering a scope and mount in a few days. Overall, good gun. Although the bolt is difficult to pull back for the first few shots, but hey, no pain no game. Buy it, Mount it with a scope, Obliterate with it.
by Andrew N. on 11/15/2011
"Sturdy, Efficient, Accurate. I bought AIM AK Scope mount, and it does fit if you take the dust cover off and put it back on after sliding on the mount, but it's not ideal. go with the Matrix QD one instead, or find a legitamate PSO-1 or POSP.

Cocking isn't hard after practice. Middle and Index, between top and middle knuckles, swift movement. I can fire off several shots in succession by doing this. Also it doesn't hurt to silicone lube the rails of the piston beforehand.

Not an L96/M24
Full Metal
Above average internals, last forever
High FPS and easy downgrade/upgrade

Not for the weak
Spring powered (release that gas mechanism, Evike!)
Scope Mounts incompatibility (use either leapers QD or Matrix QD)
Actual scopes are quite expensive (120 clone, 180 real)
by Stephen Z. on 10/29/2011
"Sniper's overkill, whatever you're trying to hit, if it's under 250 feet, then I feel sorry for it. Really a great sexy gun. 480 fps gives it great range and the rumor about cocking it, the spring wears down after awhile. This new version feature and m150 aeg spring, and a 590mm barrel. If you don't want the jg plastic excuse of an svd, or can afford king arms, g&p, or classic army's svd, this is the best choice.

High fps
Needs very few upgrades, all you need is a hop up bucker, and a tighbore barrel(optional since the barrel of this gun is so long, and spring(if you think 480-500 isn't enough)
Sexy, 1:1 scale

Heavy, bulky
Very hard to cock(depends)
by mark v. on 05/27/2015
"This is a great starter sniper there are plenty of upgrades around and it is very easy to maintain. one of the only issues iv heard and had to deal with is the stock hop units being molded slightly off so all rounds will go left or right causing a need for a new unit but id get a new unit any way. over all great gun and price. 4 stars one off because of the occasionally bad batch with the bad hop unit.
by Bryn B. on 04/21/2015
"I've had this gun for awhile now, and there are plenty of things I like about it and plenty of things I don't like about it.

I bought this primarily to have something that looks sweet while shooting targets. It's great for that. It's fun, simple, and has a really awesome look--especially if you put a real wood stock and handguard on it.

It also just feels really good to hold. It's relatively light and most of its weight is in the the main body/receiver right between where you place your hands, giving the gun an overall balanced feel.

It's also performs pretty well for being a relatively cheap springer. It shoots hard out of the box and is decently accurate at range. If you want to use it for more than just shooting paper targets, you might consider upgrading some internals, but overall I'm satisfied with its performance.

The magazine is a little wobbly/loose. It's not so bad that it's going to come out when you don't want it to, but it does have some lateral movement. If you feel like being airsoft's version of MacGyver, the wobble is pretty easy to fix.

My biggest gripe with this gun is that the metal it is made out of is really shoddy. I don't think that the gun would break under normal usage, but assembly and disassembly has become increasingly difficult. Basically, the metal it's made out of is like butter, and if you take out any of the small grub screws (which you have to do to take the handguard off), they will strip. Not just the heads of the screws, but the threads and the sides of holes they go into as well. I'm generally pretty careful when it comes to tightening/loosening screws and have never had problems like I've had with this gun on anywhere else. Maybe you're more careful than me, and this won't happen to you, but taking those grub screws out has become a real pain.

I'm also not super happy with the way PSO-1 scope aligns with the gun. It fits tightly and is secure, but I've spent a great deal of time trying to adjust ("zero") the scope, and I just can't seem to get it right. The gun looks really cool with the scope, but because I can't get it zeroed, my shots are more accurate without it, even at longer range. (The iron sights are pretty accurate, by the way).

Overall, this is a fine gun. Nothing special in terms of performance, but I love the look of the SVD. There are plenty of better SVD models on the market, but if you want an SVD because you like they way it looks and want to have some fun, this is a good value.
by Greg D. on 04/09/2014
"great gun for $120 i have had for a year and only problem was outer barrel sliding off ( fixed with some epoxey) but fires at leat 500 fps with .2s

high fps
mostly metal
looks amazing

hard to cock
hurts enemies
no rail for scope ( you can get a mount at evike)
outer barrel was loose
by Hayden B. on 04/09/2014
"Amazing gun got mine yesterday had my war today it shot amazing i kept hitting people over and over the bolt is HARD to pull i am a 13 year old and i pulled it back with ease. Great begging/low Amatuer Gun And for the price Its woth it. Mt friend have gas snipers that shoot 450 fps and they paid like $250 dollers for them This out shoots and out prices supprised it is not out of stock
by peter o. on 04/08/2014
"Ok, before I get into the review, I want to say this is gun is very good.. for the money. for $145 it is worth it, but definitely not scrimmage ready.

When I pulled the SVD out of the box, I have to say, I was impressed. The metal work was pretty nice, but it was very soft (as in I dropped the removable cover and the corner bent, but I just bent it back into place.) The outer barrel had moderate movement, but wasn't that bad. The hand guard also had a bit of movement, but electrical tape fixed that. The stock had absolutely no wobble at all which was relieving.

In terms of performance, it was ok. AT first the spring was extremely hard to pull back, but afet spraying some silicon lube on the cylinder, it was very easy. It was so easy I recommend upgrading to an M170. In terms of accuracy, I am not impressed. Even with .3's (for that spring it is the right BB in my eyes) I had a good amount of flyers. I installed a 6.01 650mm barrel and a new bucking and it the change was RIDICULOUS. With the m170 spring, at 200 feet a body sized target was no problem and a head size target was very doable, even at that range.

So to sum up, the gun is pretty good, but with some good upgrades, it is really good. And to make it really good it will only cost about $220 including the gun.
by Timothy E. on 04/08/2014
"For one, this gun looks just awsome. I bought the PSO-1 scope which is about $149.00(i laughed because the is about the price of the gun but it is the real thing). It was a nightmare for my dad and I to attach the scope to this gun(The scope that i bought does no need a mount but is very hard to put on the gun).

looks awsome!
cheek rest is comfortable
mostly metal and VERY strong polymer
Some say the mag wobble is bad, but my mag does not wobble at all

Its very hard to pull the bolt back(should buy some gloves)
The mag i got is not the mag it said it came with, it does not have a hatch that opens for me to load the BB's
When you take the make out, about three BB's fall out on the ground
by Ryan P. on 04/08/2014
"Rifle is a clone of the atoz dragunov that was discontinued years ago and seems almost better. The rifle shoots hard but is equally hard to chamber a bb. (380-410 .2s)


-Metal barrel, magazine, reciever, trigger, and bolt
-Strong plasic foregrip and stock
-Shoots hard
-Iron sights dead accurate to 60-70ft easily
-High cap mag
-Easily upgradable


-Hard bolt pull
-Slight play in the foregrip
-Mount is slightly off for scopes meaning real scopes can wobble around and potentially fall
-Not real wood
-Black makes every imperfection(scratch) noticeable

Overall this is the gun you bring to games that everyone wants to use in a game, but doesn't know if they want the scope or not because of the wobble and extra bulk. True croudpleaser and fun to use.
by charlie f. on 04/17/2013
"This gun is good but is kinda annoying
the screws are a pain i lost one and my stock is wobbley but a rubberband help ghettto kinda
good weight feels real
awesome look
mag mid cap
all metal
weight heavy can be pro or con
small flash hider
spring has to get use to it
scopes are expensive

over all recommended for a starters first sniper and if you dont want to spend to much and if you dont want a regular l96 or m24 4/5
by ALICE M. on 09/20/2012
"For the money, this is probably the best sniper rifle you can buy. I've had it for almost three months now.
-simple to use
-great bargain
-amazing range
-durable (you cannot avoid accidently bumping it as you carry it around, but it'll be fine)
-relative to vsr-10's or m24's or l96's, it's super rare
-predictable grouping

-not accurate, scope or iron sights
-any add-ons or upgrades are expensive
-until you get it down, cocking it is very difficult and painful
-hop-up is annoying, if you have the screw too high it'll fall into the gun
-occasional double-feeding and misfires

I recommend this gun to anyone who doen't get mad that their shots don't go down the sights every shot. Once again, it's not accurate, but after a few shots at different ranges you can tell where the shots will go. It's only $125 without any coupon codes, so it is definetly a bargain over other similarly-powerful spring (or gas) snipers.
by Noah L. on 09/07/2012
"Good Gun overall. Very accurate and 500fps out of the box. Hard to pull handle back but after a while it gets eaiser.
by wes j. on 08/06/2012
"My personal list of pros and cons...

- high powered, accurate, heavy, blah blah blah

Long story short it's a GREAT gun and I would recommend it, however....

- LOUD compared to other m150 snipers I have owned
- bolt is actually annoying to pull back regardless of your arm size
- inconvenient sight and hopup systems
by John W. on 07/30/2012
"Very reliable and durable gun! You will not be disappointed.

- Solid heavy Build. Full metal. Some steel parts?
- Not for the weak. (trust me) hand hurts after about 15 shots.
- A solid 450-500 fps out of box with .25's and about 400-460 with .36 ...
- Super simple to take care of. Also super easy to tear down.
- Overall amazing appearance.
- Amazing for the price.

- not many upgradable parts available yet... could use spare trigger assemblies, piston catches, springs/guides, varied side rail mounts and other simple internal stuffs...maybe a hello kitty themed stock and forgrip... lol. kidding.