Reviews: Burst Avocado-II Programmable Fire-Control For Airsoft AEG Rifles (LIPO Batteries / 1~12, 30 bb burst adjustable)

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by Andrew G. on 2016-07-08 20:11:53
"This product is an awesome addition to my ARES Amoeba CCP M4 Airsoft AEG Machine Pistol. Since I use my Ares pistol as my secondary, I don't really care for high fps but rather a nice 3 shot burst at close quarters. And I use a 7.4 Lipo stick battery. I've played a ton of games and no problems.
by Angelo G. on 2016-05-23 23:33:04
"i just ordered it and cant wait to get it!
i mainly want to use it for indoor where full auto is not allowed
-it has a mosfet
-1~12 rnd burst!!

um only con is that there is a lot of wires connecting to each other so for optimum electrical transfer i would go with deans connectors.
by Loren F. on 2016-05-23 23:32:42
"I pre-ordered this to give my CA M16 some more realism with the burst fire, and if I had to describe it on one word, the word would be AWESOME. I would say it would definitely be the best modification I have done to the gun. I'm using it with a 9.6v small type battery without any problems. It is really simple to install, literially plug and play. I also like the fact that when the battery gets low it stops, works the same way the MOSFET works on my AUG and P90. I haven't tested to see if there is any improvement in rpm or FPS but it has improved maybe a round or two in rpm. I put it on my AUG and basically stacked the burst regulator and the MOSFET and it worked but no gain by rpm or FPS that I could tell.

Pros: cheap mod
Makes gun more reliable
Burst fire is just Awesome

Cons: Non as of yet

Closing: one of the best buy items ever, BUY it
by Carter W. on 2016-04-13 19:21:15
"DONT buy this. After 3 hours of use on a 7.4v 2000 mah lipo drawing about 11 amps, it sparked and MELTED. horrible product.
by Joseph C. on 2016-04-09 13:01:52
"I used mine with a 9.6v battery. It worked for about 140 bbs. My gun stopped firing, I switched out the battery and then the mosfet started to smoke. Was very happy with with price and the 3 round burst. NOT happy is crapped out so fast.
by Jacob L. on 2015-05-18 06:10:27
"I bought this product about one month ago and have used it in one game. Today it fried when I was testing my gun out before a game. It functioned really well when it worked. I'm disappointed it died so soon.
by Shawn D. on 2012-03-25 13:40:54
"This MOSFET works just as described. I have installed it in my KWA G36C. I found the best place to put the unit is in a small gap within the frame between the trigger assembly and he battery compartment. I'm using a 7.4v Lipo as the 11.1 just causes way too much ROF which in turn actually causes a vacuum within the piston housing and I would watch the FPS drop while holding the trigger. The ROF, even with the 7.4, is still fast and you have to program the Avocado accordingly (two trigger pulls for a three round burst, etc.). I have noticed a much better and faster trigger response with extremely consistent FPS with every trigger pull. Also, my battery life was noticeably extended. Overall, this is the best electronic upgrade you can get, for the price, for your AEG. It is extremely easy to install and program. The size is outstanding for almost any AEG. I've upgraded my G36 barrel to a Prometheus 6.03 which has increased the FPS slightly (398) and has greatly improved accuracy and range. Combined with the Avocado Burst this AEG is a real contender in CQB. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and will be getting another unit for my KWA SR10. I could remove the unit from my G36 and move it to the SR10, but because of the tight fit in the G36 it would just be too much work to quickly change out the unit. Before, one would have to upgrade lower resistance wiring and solder in a MOSFET to get the same results as this "plug and play" Avocado. A good buy!
by jim s. on 2012-02-20 11:37:52
"Works as described , had to do some modifications to p90 battery compartment to get it to fit in. Works perfectly , going to buy another when they come in stock. One quark though got this so my p90 would shoot on semi , which broke , burst avocado causes about 1/10 shots to shoot twice instead of once , this is most likely because my downgraded p90 shoots at 190fps , however this is not a problem for me.
strongly recommended
by alex c. on 2012-02-12 14:18:49
"this thing is really cool. tecnically speaking, its not quite as good as some other computerized mosfets because it doesnt stop trigger arching. however, its advantage is that one unit can be used in all of your guns by simply unplugging it from one gun and plugging it into another.

can be used in any gun that has enough space
1-12 round burst
easy to set
pretty small
active breaking on burst mode

doesnt stop trigger arching
high rates of fire (above maybe 25 rps?) cause the burst count to be off (i have it set on 2 round burst in my SA58 and i get 3-4 rounds every pull of the trigger
tamiya connectors

i rated it a four because it does what it is supposed to do (give your gun burst mode) but it doesnt stop trigger arching with 11.1v batteries. however for the price, this is the best thing on the parket period
by Bradley R. on 2011-12-23 03:41:31
"I got mine yesterday and it is the most amazing thing you can get. It protects your battery and conserves ammo. 5/5 in my books.
by mike m. on 2011-11-28 08:15:28
"This is a great product. It can be used in ANY AEG, and I would consider it a must-have for any serious airsofter. If you run midcaps (you have to at any milsim event), it will keep you from using full-auto and burning through your ammo. I found with using a M4 with a high rate of fire it works best on 3-rd burst, while with a support weapon I would suggest a 9-12 rd burst.
Very Easy to Use (watch the video on it).
Cheaper than any other gizmo out there.
Made in America.
Low Battery Indicator
Takes up space: If you have a battery that takes up almost all the space where you have the battery, you need to get a smaller one.
If you have a large or deans battery connection, you must get a large-to-small or deans-to-small connector since it only comes in small connection
by Zachary F. on 2011-11-17 20:52:05

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