Reviews: Airsoft Innovations Bang Device Kit for Tornado Impact Airsoft Grenade

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Model: AI-DDKit-Impact

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by sean s. on 2013-09-27 11:26:03
"I have to say this is a fantastic purchase for my impact tornado.
most people love the BB spray of a tornado and wonder why you would turn it into a flash bang?
at our local fields, flash-bangs are area kills ~20ft, and most bang grenades all have timer issues.

most grenades are too long or too short and unreliable, but a tornado + this mod goes off exactly where you threw it, leaving no time for players to run away or dodge it while the grenade cooks.

also fantastic for traps.

only cons i would say is being unable to slide it across the floor, but a regular thunderB is good for that.
it's also noticably quieter than a thunderB which i would describe as a loud bang, this is more like a loud POP but it's definately more noticable than some of the other 'mostly reusable' gas grenades.

also fun fact: these cost about 1 penny to throw since a 50 pack of burst discs is about 5 bucks.
compare that to the about 2$ a throw for a tornado and you'll be chunking these things left and right.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)