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Matrix Shadow Ops MB05 SR-22 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Adjustable Stock (Color: Black)

16 Customer Reviews

by Jeremiah Y. on 08/03/2017
"For the price range, this is a REALLY good buy. You have to be very meticulous with the hop-up. I can accurately hit a target 120 ft. away. ( by accurately I mean I can't miss.) It's very heavy but I like that about it. The SR-22 is not made out of cheap plastic, feels nice and comfy in my hands and executes it's victims quietly. The pistol grip has an opening in front of the trigger to rest your trigger finger while you're not firing. I had to play around with the scope a lot to get it where it is now. The gun came fully functional except for the locking pin for the tri-rail that the bi-pod attaches to, which was too short. Evike couldn't figure it out and offered to replace it but I had a battle coming up so I kept it.

Over all, it is a great gun for it's price.
by David L. on 01/05/2017
"This was my first ever sniper, and after being hesitant on buying a sniper, I decided to go with this. And let me tell you, this thing was a very good choice becaus3 out of the box it shoots wonderful!

Has a decent fps
Bb grouping is not godly but very nice
Has a very comfy stock
Strong and sturdy

Bottom half can be made out of better material

Definitely a must if your looking for a first sniper but if looking for a gun easily upgradable, look for a vsr- 10
by eric d. on 12/11/2016
"i bought one of these 5 years ago, i have upgraded it many times, i now has a tight bore inner barrel, metal trigger box, upgraded spring, piston, and guide. it is incredibly hard hitting and accurate, all my friends fear going up against me in our wars, they know i can hit them from a long ways off. i have never had a problem with the gun, it is the most reliable rifle i have ever used. if i could rate 6 stars i would
by Isaac C. on 04/16/2016
"This was my first airsoft sniper I bought. I love it, it is fairly powerful, it will make you bleed on bare skin. Shoots around 500 fps. I would prefer this gun to most people
by Wesley A. on 01/22/2014
"And i forgot to say this earlier, the fps is way off this gun ( with .25 ) is at least 570 fps and very accurate, i quick scoped my bro with it from 224 feet away right in the shoulder!
by Wesley A. on 01/22/2014
"I got this gun the other day and right outta the package amazing shoots flawlessly no problems with the internals or externals. But they did forget two screws ( not a major problem, not a lil bit of electrical tape cant fix ) i ordered .23 gram with this gun, i definitley should have ordered .30 gram cause this sniper is very powerfull
by Kenny F. on 12/20/2013
"Hands down amazing! When i unboxed this beauty I was more then impressed.

-Has good weight to it
-Scope is actually included with package along with speed loader, 2 mags sling and speed loader.
-Amazing fps and range
-No jamming issues
-Looks and feels sexy

Hard to cock...

This gun is great for anyone who plays airsoft. I was skeptical at first but it was a great buy for me!
by Louis R. on 01/20/2013
"Very good sniper for it's price !

Very accurate and powerfull sniper rifle, at a very good price, I use 30g bb's and it go 500+ fps.

A must for every one who want to have serious ''sniper rifling''.
by Evan M. on 08/19/2012
"I have owned this gun for 3 years and would buy it again and again. Out of every gun i've owned (Evike Aug/JG MP5 and other sniper rifles) this one topped them all. It has always been reliable, hard hitting and dead accurate.

-FPS, i've measured its more around 500+
-Accuracy, I use .25/.30s and I get around 150-200ft
-Reliability, i've used it in the rain, snow, heat, dropped it and it has not broken
-Adjustable hop up
-Quietness!!, This is the biggest advantage in my book. You can shoot at someone from 30ft away and they will not know where it is coming from
-Adjustable stock

-Heavy (i'm 6ft 165 so for me its not a problem but for some it might)
-The adjustable stock gets lose and jiggles if you don't constantly tighten it.

Overall a 5 star gun for any level of sniper
by Ryan H. on 06/27/2017
"This was the first bolt action rifle that I bought and I've owned and upgraded it for a year. I bought the package that includes a scope and bipod--WARNING-- it does not include the tri rail adapter at the front of the gun. Pick one up from EVIKE for $10 or you'll have no way to mount the bipod. If you do your research, you'll discover that no stock sniper rifle will be able to out-perform AEGs. Be prepared for that and don't be discouraged when you take this gun out for its first game. That being said, this is an excellent base gun to modify.

-Competitive Price
-Accepts Standard Maruzen L96 magazines (very common)
-Uses Maruzen and UTG L96 and some APS 2 parts that are easy to find
-Longer inner barrel (509mm) than VSR-10 and M-24s
-One of kind look
-Sturdy externals with adjustable cheek rest and butt pad and ambidextrous sling points
-Higher FPS than bolt actions of the same price
-Made in China
-Cheap Plastic Parts (Piston, Spring Guide, and Trigger box)
-Bad trigger sears that won't allow the spring to lock back (result: no pew-pew)
-HEAVY. Approx. 15lbs. Mine is 20lbs with a scope, bipod, and mock suppressor.
-Pretty loud for a spring rifle
-Subpar accuracy using .32g BBs
-Ineffective, foam barrel spacers

Since the purchase, I've upgraded to a Matrix metal trigger box, 650mm 6.03 tight-bore barrel, PPS piston and spring guide set (Matrix distributor), PPS Hop up unit for L96, Action Army barrel spacers, and a REAPS Devil A+ hop up bucking. It shoots around 500 fps with .20 g BBS, but I use Novritsch .36g sniper BBs. FYI, high grade BBs are the cheapest improvement to any gun so don't go cheap on them.

Happy Sniping
by Peter B. on 07/11/2014
"Not bad.

List of stuff you need to replace to make it combat worthy against aegs.

Buy the power up kit for about $30. It has a
spring guide
and one other piece.

Also you need a full length TBB and the angel custom hop up unit also get a new bucking.

After that shoot nothing lighter than .32g bbs out of it.

It'll be nice!
by Randy F. on 04/21/2013
"This is an amazing sniper. It is extremely accurate and hard hitting. I do have some complaints though. First off, I can't find what was upgraded on this model. The trigger-box and internals are all still plastic. Maybe they upgraded the spring, but it is not worth a scope and $10. If have only has this for 5 months, and the trigger-box has already broken, if it had not, then the piston would have gone soon too. I suggest buying the scoped version of this and metal internal are a must have. This is a great sniper, but the spring is just too powerful for plastic internals in this version. Once you get metal internals though, this sniper should last you for years.
by David U. on 01/03/2012
"so i got this gun a couple of months ago... its great!
-the visuals are obviously great
-very durable and has a good weight to it
-very accurate once sighted in well
-good range and shooting power
-double trigger is great

-i didnt very much like the body... i feel it is advertised in the picture better but is still okay
-doesnt cock super smoothly, atleast yet, but not a big deal
-have to be careful not to jam, smooth slow cocking is best

great gun overal! definetly worth the buy
by Agustin D. on 07/15/2017
"An excellent gun, if you upgrade it. My main gripes with it is that the stock hop up is trash, the lever is plastic and it moves in the barrel, making your shots very inconsistent, but when it shoots right it is great. A new hop and barrel, and this is a good sniper.
by Paul M. on 03/19/2017
"Lets get this out of the way in the beginning. I did not buy this gun to actually snipe with. I wanted it because it looked cool and for a backyard/basement plinker. I read several reviews, and watched a few on youtube, so I pretty knew what I was getting when I ordered it. Lets be honest, this is a 100 dollar type 96 knock off with a tricked out stock.

When I ordered it I also ordered a bunch of upgrade parts, sort wish I hadn't in the long run. Except the trigger, you for sure want a metal trigger for this thing. The stock trigger is plastic and mine was broken out of the box! Don't bother with the fancy 100 dollar plus triggers, the 30 dollar metal one from matrix will work just fine. Unless maybe you plan on putting the heaviest spring you can find in it. I also got the 30 dollar spring, piston and guide upgrade kit. A 650mm modify hybrid barrel, the pdi clone hop up and a cheap 12 power 50mm scope. None which I actually needed since it is pretty much just going to be a wall hanger and conversation piece.

Don't get the Modify hybrid type barrel if you plan on using the angel pdi clone hop up. The barrel has a lip on it where the bucking section attaches to the actual barrel and it will not fit all the way in the hop assembly. And if you try to grind that lip off the steel bucking section well separate from the aluminum barrel, it is a two piece barrel. Work really well in a normal aeg though, like an m4 or my 249 saw. If you want an upgrade barrel for the MB05 get a one piece 6.03 barrel, it will fit better.

I don't have a chrono and I live in michigan where it decided to snow in the middle of freakin march so I have not done any testing or long range shooting with it. However there are plenty of reviews on the net if you want to see what it can do. I will say out of the box the the bolt is easy to pull and the gun is very quiet. And I would guess it probably shoots around 450 fps based on on other reviews. Accuracy is on par with my other AEG's at 25-30 feet. Under 1 inch groups with occasional flyer. Like I said I haven't had the chance to take it outside and push to longer distances.

With the spring and upgrade kit the bolt is a bit harder to pull back and the gun is not as quiet, still more quiet than an aeg or gas gun though. Again, don't have a chrono so I have no idea how much fps I gained, but it does hit the target significantly harder so it did do something.

Lets talk about build quality and aesthetics. The tricked out stock is kind of cheap and plastic feeling. Does not feel like a quality fiber stock or like it will take any abuse. It feels kind of flimsy and creaky when you hold it. Finnish isn't anything fantastic either, lots of molding lines and what not. I pretty much new this going into it and plan on refinishing it and painting it anyway. And like I said I will not actually be dragging this through the field so it doesn't need be to super strong. The receiver is decent, sturdy aluminum alloy or pot metal. Fairly light weight but plenty strong enough to upgrade. It is painted a dark grey/light black color. The scope mount does unscrew from the top, but fits very nicely when attached, at first I thought it was all one piece but it does come off if you need it to.

The outer barrel is a stamped/rolled sheet metal. Probably typical of what you find in any other airsoft sniper rifle. And is tinted a dark green color so it doesn't actually match the receiver, not sure why they would do this, but again I will be custom painting it so I don't care. Inner barrel is a solid heavy brass I think, of around 500 or so mm long and about 6.03-6.04 inner diameter. Outside diameter is about 8.5 mm. Honestly if you wanted to keep the stock hop up and where ok with the barrel length it is a pretty decent barrel and really would not need upgrading. However if you go to an after market hop up most of them will require an AEG style barrel. It has two steel weights inside the stock to add mass and help balance it out. If you wanted a lighter gun you could always take them out, they really serve no purpose other than adding weight. One is in the grip and another in the fore end of the stock. The adjustable but stock does come off, and the stock is held together with screws, so it will spit in half to make it easier to re finish and paint.

The mag works pretty well, fits flush, pops out nice and feeds just fine for me.

The gun is LONG especially with a silencer attached, 52 inches with the angel hybrid silencer installed. (this silencer is 275 mm long, but attaches half way inside the unit so it covers some of the outer barrel when installed.)

cheap, but you get what you pay for
Quiet in the stock configuration
Bolt pulls easy and smooth
Looks bad ass from a distance
Is based on the type 96 platform so easy to upgrade if you want.

Its cheap, again you get what you pay for
stock trigger is garbage, it WILL break fairly soon, especially if you upgrade the spring
stock is cheap and plastic feeling.
The gun looks and feels cheap up close and when in your hands. If you fall on this in the field kiss the stock good bye I am sure it will crack or break.
My trigger was broke out of the box, you for sure need a better trigger when you order this thing.

Final thoughts. If you absolutely love the looks of this thing and don't plan on abusing it, get it, it is kind of cheap. 130 bucks, or less on some other sites. If you are serious about a sniper role and wanted something good, look else where. Honestly if I were going to go out and snipe I would take my 249 MK46 saw with a longer barrel instead. Its just as cumbersome to carry, it is about as accurate, internals can be upgraded and you have the added bonus of it carrying 2,000 rounds and being able to lay down full auto suppressive fire from a distance. It is more expensive, but it is built like a freakin tank. You could throw this down a steep hill and it probably wouldn't even scratch the paint. And it does weight 16+ llbs, but in a support or sniper role you won't be mucking it around or shooting off hand a lot.

If you wanted a dedicated bolt action sniper rifle to actually use and be effective I would look at other models with a standard stock based on the VSR10 or L96 platform for easy upgrades. Some can be had for a bit less, and some better models for a bit more (like a model that comes with a steel trigger system). Don't by the package models that come with cheap 3-9 power scope and bibopd. By the basic model and add those later. You don't need a 3-9 or 3-12 large heavy scope for airsoft sniping. And you can get better bipods for not much more money. Realistically when you consider the distances and accuracy of these things you would be better off with a lower power, better quality scope. A nice 1-4 power would be plenty for 100 to 250 feet shots on human sized targets. You don't need a high power target scope that can shoot sub minute of angle (1 inch at 100 yards) you only need minute of people. 18 inch groups at 150 feel should be plenty good enough. And lower power more quality scope will be brighter, have better internals and lighter to carry. I have a small 1-4 firefly scope on my M4 and it works awesome. And it was only like 100 bucks. I only got the big scope because it was only 60 bucks and it looks cool. Practically it serves no purpose at all lol. Another good scope would be the one that switches from 1 power to 4 power with the flip of a lever, I think it runs 140 ish and looks very tactical.

If you want a "toy" that looks cool and functions for light use then buy this, it does look bad ass and feel good when shouldered. If you are serious about sniping rifle look at something else like a Bar 10 VSR10 clone, or a better build L96 clone. Like I said above, if I were to actually snipe I would use my modified MK46 saw, its not much heavier, just as accurate, almost as powerful, full metal and has the option of full auto suppression if needed.

The MB05, or other Well clones are not complete pieces of crap for what they cost, but there are better models for not much more or less if you plan on upgrading them anyway. For what I paid for this, and upgrade parts I could have gotten a snow wolf 50 cal replica AEG to be honest.

I wanted a project gun, that that is what I got. I don't feel I got ripped off at all. But if you want something for serious sniping do your homework and get a better platform to start your build on.

I hope this wasn't to confusing and helps someone.