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Matrix VSR10 MB07 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod, Fluted Barrel & Flash hider (Imitation Wood)

5 Customer Reviews

by Samuel O. on 11/23/2013
"Great gun! Highly recommended.

- Quiet! Very quiet.
- Light, so if you use gorilla warfare and run around like me it's perfect!
- Fluted barrel is very cool. Nice, slim touch. Plus, paint doesn't scratch easily.
- Range is very good.
- Comes with a scope rail.
- Good, solid bipod
- Accurate!!! Wow, I'm very impressed how accurate this sniper is.
- Very easy to adjust the hop-up.
- Easy disassembly.
- I don't have a chrono, but the FPS seems to be high enough to hit far, range targets, but low enough for playing fields.

- When I opened the UPS box, stuff was blown up everywhere! The crappy bag of .20 gram BB's most guns come with was everywhere, the gun box was opened, all of the accessories for the gun such as magazine and bipod were thrown around. Evike, I recommend taping the box of THE GUN a few times to keep it closed and bingo, problem solved.
- Imitation wood is rough and a bit faint.
- Flash hider is the crappiest metal I've ever seen. It broke right of when I pulled the gun out of the box. Once that came off, there was NO threading for a suppressor. Don't buy a suppressor for this rifle.
- "Made in China." is in white lettering on the side of the rifle, it stood out like a sore thumb. I scraped it off with a pocket knife and problem solved.

Some things to look out for before you buy this rifle and want to upgrade!!!

- Hop-up unit is full metal, but there are grooves inside it that hold the stock, brass barrel in place. I bought a Matrix Tight Bore Barrel and it didn't fit unless I shaved down the grooves.
- This Angel Custom hop-up unit does NOT fit, it's too big. The hop-up unit claims it can go inside an MB07 rifle, however, the fluted barrel does NOT work. Do NOT buy this and make the mistake I did.
- The hop-up bar inside this rifle is plastic and a 2 prong. The prongs are longer than I thought, so do NOT buy this either! The prongs are too short and don't hold the BB in front of the nozzle, it just falls out the end of the gun.

Other than my upgrade errors, this gun just stock with no upgrades is VERY good. I recommend just buying it and testing it out, then see if anything needs to be done! The "Con's." don't affect anything in the field. Shoots great, hard, and far! I use .25 gram BB's and the range is good and accuracy REALISTICALLY is good at 70 feet with a few inch spread. I've never been in a situation where I've need more than 100 feet and I still hit people at that range with my .30's no problem. Get it! Great gun!
by Alex V. on 10/29/2013
"This is a good gun just got it and I love it. Don't use .2gram bbs otherwise it has horrible accuracy. Use .28g bbs or higher
by Peter X. on 09/24/2013
"First sniper rifle I have ever owned and probably will be my only sniper rifle. Powerful FPS and well built gun and easy to assemble. Never assembled a sniper rifle and this was straight forward. Would definitely recommend heavier bb's than 0.20g, I use .25g bb's and heavier. Just watch videos on YouTube.
by Jakob D. on 01/01/2012
"This gun is great overall. its accuracy is great but i would suggest a scope. its so powerful i can dint metal. its really easy to assemble and the bipod is all steel. its a flippin awesome gun!!!!!!
by Carson R. on 04/19/2015
"I got it and out of the box it was great. Two of my friends have this gun as well but only one of there's works. I left my the bolt pulled back over night and this caused slam firing and the same happened with my friend. Also it does not work with may vsr10 upgrades so be very wary. Any pistons you buy will have to be sanded down slightly to fit.

Pros: Cheap
Nice right out of the box

Cons: slam firing