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FN Licensed Open Bolt SCAR-L CQC Airsoft GBB Rifle by WE - Black

10 Customer Reviews

by Jake J. on 06/07/2014
"Disregard shotty reviews on this gun. This is one of the better GBBR out there, and any poor reviews are either due to outlying duds, user error, or users who do not know how to maintain their GBBRs.

-efficient (for GBBR).
-upgrades seems to scale as you would expect

-bolt carrier slide will break.
-stock sights seem to aim VERY low.

On another note, the "square-ish" bolt carrier design on the SCAR and PDW seem to have less tolerance and, thus, perform better then the M4 bolt carrier
by Joshua A. on 02/04/2014
"This is one awesome GBBR from WE tech and just a great GBBR in general. As always WE needs to improve on their packaging skills (cardboard box with zip ties and no cushion) yet it work. The rifle is very solid externally with a metal one piece upper and FRP( fiber reinforced polymer) for everything that isnt metal. It feels solid and is the most solid externally of all of WE's GBB's. internally its pretty much the same as WE's other gbbr's. steel bolt catch, hammer lock, and full auto trigger bar. everything else is some kind of metal but it is still durable and cheap to replace.

The bolt carrier group is solid as is everything else in this rifle. It shoots with a high ROF for a GBB and sounds very loud with a nice metal clack for every round. The recoil is very nice considering how light the bolt is. Its also accurate, at 75 feet i can hit a six inch target on full auto easily. If you maintain this gun like you would a real one it will last you a long time. Dont dry fire the gun ( no gas or bb's, just racking and letting the hammer fall) so you dont chip the bolt at the rear. tighten every screw you can find after skirmishing or shooting, clean and lubricate it, and this gun will last a long time.
by Joshua K. on 05/22/2013
"Great gun and is very realistic. The Scar hold a special place in my heart with all its tactical advantages and super duper awesome rails. I decked mine out with a holographic sight, laser/ light combo with pressure plates, a vertical grip, and stubby flash hider/screw on silencer. It is a champ to use great for CQB and overall just sexy in general.

realistic kick
folding stock
up gradable parts
rail space
metal construction
Gas Mags can be gas hogs
Hop up can suck to adjust
as always mags for gas blowbacks are expensive
by jaime g. on 05/21/2013
"WOW this gun is amazing..................... I have had this gun for 1 year now.ok so its gas quality is going to get you about 1 mag and a half off another in 70 degree weather.It takes we m4 open bolt mags and they feed perfectly. Also my gun is perfectly fine after ofer 50k shots and all you need to do is lube it.
Cqb if you use .25 it shoots around 350 with them

mags efficiency is great

sooooooo much kick

Evrey thing is built to last

this gun is worth it

acurate like up to 150 feet away


evrey one wants to touch and hold it

well the price is up there but it is quality

out off stock but there coming back in july

good luck aiming down youre sights when shooting because the sight picture is messed up by the 3rd shot
i recomend a good optic

you dont have it.
by Eric L. on 04/09/2012
"I just got this gun a month ago and it is absolutely amazing. The realism of this gun is incredible, all the parts on the gun are metal and high strength polymer plastic. When fired, the gun makes a very distinct sound and is very loud, so in other words its not for stealth. This gun has so much recoil that if you fire it with the stock folded it has muzzle raise. Also a very good gun for optics, on the top rail it has numbers, so if you have an acog and you want to switch it out for a rds, you can put the acog back on the same number and it will still be sighted in.

good accuracy at medium range
very adaptable for different optics, grips and other accessories
good attention to detail

sometimes under full auto the stock will collapse if not all the out or in.
uses a lot of gas unless on semi

over all a great gun!
by Brian C. on 02/26/2012
"This is one of the best guns I've used so far. Chronoed right at 400 pretty consistently which is right in the indoor ranges in my area. Trades are nice but to me not needed. Recoil is pretty close to real steel, feels a little higher than a. 22. Make sure if you use the thumb break method put the charging handle on the weak side or it WILL bite your thumb (I know from experience). All in all great gun for milsim guys, makes you want to toss all your aegs in the trash.

Weight is spot on to real steel
Recoil (it has it)
Real cap (milsim)

Real cap (skirmishers)

If you want the most realistic experience buy this (and other) gas gun.
by Ramon M. on 05/18/2016
"Very good gbbr, good quality polymer and other externals, shoots great and loving the metal clank it makes as I fire the gun. My only concern about this gun is the sight. The gun shoots low and the sight is useless because of this so I suggest and a red dot sight or other type of scopes. The internal parts are bound to break at some point but there are parts for that as I am very familiar with WE gbbrs.
by Mark G. on 01/08/2012
"I purchased this gun along with the eglm grenade launcher, and all I have ti say is WOW. After using AEGs i decided to purchase a GBBR for realism and realistic it is. The Blowback on the gun is amazing kicks hard. The weight is very nice not to heavy not too light, doesn't feel like a toy. gun base great maneuverability in tight quarters with the stock folded.

Hard Blowback
Plenty of Rails
Fully Licensed
High FPS
Can Use For CQB

30 Round Mags
Cant use when its cold
Pin likes to fall out of the firing hammer bearing
by Devin E. on 04/29/2017
"I've bought this weapon quite a while ago in an attempt to get back into airsoft after so many years- this was not a great start.

*Please also take into consideration that before usage, this weapon was taken through proper preventative maintenance and care on multiple occasions. I'd recommend to everyone who does receive an airsoft gun to clean it thoroughly.

1) Upon receiving the weapon in the mail.
2) Cleaned before, during, and after parts installation
3) Cleaning the weapon the day prior to a planned game
4) Field stripping the day of the game.
5) (Even if it breaks down) Field strip after the game
6) Clean after coming home.

(Yes this seems like a lot, but unless you feel like dumping an extra couple hundred bucks on a new weapon OR a repair service, then twenty minutes and some silicone oil won't kill you.)

► Out of the box, the externals of the weapon were well made with no blemishes.
► That lovely full metal racking sound
► It's not an M4, (Nothing against the M4 platform, just had no intention on sticking in the norms at the time)
► It actually looks sexy in the bull pup conversion kit.

►Internal trigger grouping is complete crap- I played a game with 2 full magazines before it locked the trigger grouping, forcing me to play in full auto with one more mag before completely locking the hammer down. It can only be moved now via stripping the kit off the weapon and going at the hammer with a flat tip screwdriver.
► I'm out some money on an NPAS Unit and a conversion kit i bought with the weapon.
► Currently looking for a better brand of trigger group than the stock WE brand.
► The tool it comes with, hidden in the gas block, cannot be used for anything. The head is too small (at least mine was)

Conclusion: Spend an extra 10 bucks of your money on a KWA PTR LM4. Yes it is an M4, but it's one I've used in the past without an issue out of the box.

The only reason this this is getting two stars instead of one is because look wise while wearing it's bullpup stock it looks sexy. Functionality wise, it's a P.O.S.
by Jens H . on 06/30/2013
-Awesome recoil.
-Looks nice.
-Closest u can come to the real steel.

-Mags will break.
-Trigger selector broke.
-Stock broke.
-Cheekriser broke.
-shoots full auto on semi.
-sight adjustment stop working.
-cheap metal parts.
-Screws come loose.

if you want a gun that is awesome for two weeks then buy it.
if you dont want a gun that falls apart in your hands then dont.