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Evike Custom "Optic Thunder" M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

22 Customer Reviews

by collin k. on 12/10/2016
"i had to buy this gun so i could look good in airsoft it also gave me a work out because i was carring it for 4 hours and when u could get shot in the gun and it did not count all i did is hide behind it lolol
by collin k. on 12/10/2016
"i had to buy this gun so i could look good in airsoft it also gave me a work out because i was carring it for 4 hours and when u could get shot in the gun and it did not count all i did is hide behind it lolol
by collin k. on 12/10/2016
"i had to buy this gun so i could look good in airsoft it also gave me a work out because i was carring it for 4 hours and when u could get shot in the gun and it did not count all i did is hide behind it lolol
by Preston F. on 11/19/2015
"In my years as an advanced, pro, ultimate, expert field operator I have come across many weapon designs that are super heavy and cumbersome. However, I am proud to say that after selling my car, house, and everything I own, I was able to buy this amazing rifle. It is super lightweight and has an amazingly sleek design. One time on a milsim event, my buddy and I came under a hail of plastic fire. Unfortunately, I didn't give my gun protection and two of the scopes were shattered. However, thanks to the other three optics attached to the gun, I was able to still successfully sight down my enemies. I quickly ran out of ammo, and that's when I remembered I had my trusty spoon taped to my gun's silencer. I rushed into the midst of combat, quickly disarming and tagging out another five tangos. At this point I was outside a building filled with enemies, and in order to clear it out I had to use my pro CQB skills. I ran into the building with little to no regard for my personal safety; my goal was to do as much damage to the enemy team as possible. The Optic Thunder's small, sleek design really came into play here. As I turned corners with the gun, I was able to sneak around and through doorways, disarming any enemies I came across. I was a huge part in helping our team win the event and ever since then I have joined multiple pro airsoft teams, including FaZe and OpTiC. Trust me when I say this, I know a lot about airsoft, and the Optic Thunder is THE best gun I have ever used.
by bridget b. on 11/14/2015
"just bought it for the spork...

WORTH IT!!!!1!!!11!
by Joseph R. on 05/01/2015
"I bought the last one in stock! Glad I sold my car in time! wow $10,000 much value. It holds my TP so I can go to the bathroom out in the field, never have to leave the game. So many grip handles I can hang it on the tree while I use the bathroom. Scopes so I can see people coming from 500 feet away, silencers to keep the AEG motor silent, wow much silent great product. This was only my 4th airsoft gun, will never need to buy another now! thanks Evike.
by Tanner C. on 10/15/2014
"Very great weapon. I suggest for beginners age 8-14. Its sleek and agile design provides for gameplay over long periods of time.

Pros: All pro imaginable.

Cons: No con imaginable.

FYI: Joke Review. This gun is heavy!
by Luke S. on 02/20/2014
"I bought sixteen on these yesterday (Now it's out of stock)
I sold my house, car, family, and food for this.
And it is totally worth it...
16 of em' on my rig- I can say my load out is worth more then you.
Scares the living crap out of the enemy team, which makes the TTPR extremely useful.
I can fire four at a time each. Sure, I throw out my back every match, but getting that one extra kill is very, very important.
Extremely reliable. I accidentally left on all my sights before a match, so I was very lucky to have backups for the backups for the backups on my gun.
Don't need those dumb mid caps with my drum mag, I can go without reloading for days. Sadly, I sold all my ammo for the gun.
The spork: the gun is worth only $10 without it. The spork allows me to get through my daily cravings of pudding while in the arena. I get to eat my food with the barrel up my nose too!
In the end, my life has nothing left. I have no home, no family, no anything.
Luckily I got my sixteen guns, and that is all that matters to me.

THIS IS A JOKE.. for those who may not get it at fist ;)
by Jordan B. on 02/06/2012
"For my fellow snipers out there; you know what it's like to be layed up in cover, waiting for that perfect shot, checking one of your 7 scopes in the hopes that a hapless n00b has wandered into your kill-zone.

Then, out of nowhere, you have to dookie. It's OK, we've all been there. I spent the longest time trying to find a pouch big enough to hold my TP, but then eventually I resorted to Depends. I demanded there be an answer to this injustice!

Evike answered.

With the addition of the TTPR (Tactical Toilet Paper Roll), no wet-behind-the-ears rookie will escape my wrath, and now I can escape the wrath of my colon.

Thanks, Evike!
by sharlene s. on 01/06/2012
"great for zombie/alien invasions overall 10/10

the spork is wonderful for applesauce as well as the jello they went over in the video. great stuff...
by Adrian B. on 10/30/2011
"This is amazing, totally worth all the money. The best part is how the spork comes with a free gun!
by Austin G. on 10/08/2011
"I would highly recooment this spork. Dont mind the airsoft gun, its alright, but the spork on the end is AMAZING. its made of a really nice plastic thats great for ice cream and butter all at the same time.

Can eat ice cream and eat steak all at once
Very nice plastic
secured nicely with tape

A little heavy
Attached to a gun and the gun is hard to get off of the spork
by Scott C. on 10/06/2011
"First off, I wanna tell anyone looking into this gun DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE PRICE!!! I sold my car to buy this gun, and it totally paid off!
I play in an area that combines cqb, field, AND woodland, and I must say it is quite nice to have an optic for every possible situation! You may think this is overkill, but it isn't.
The gun itself is made of nice quality metal and is 75% RIS. Mine weighs in at about 29.45 pounds, and chronos at 400fpsx2 (I added an extra metal body, gearbox, and barrel).
Out of all the attachments on this gun, I have honestly found the spork and tactical TP roll to be the most useful. For example, one day I was out in the field. My friend has brought some leftover lazagna from his fridge, and I wanted some. All I had to do was take out my tacticool spork and eat it! Unfortunately, the lazagna went right through me, and we were nowhere near a bathroom. I was able to dig a hole with my spork, and take care of business with the TTPR! Awesome innovation!
One more thing I LOVE is the PEQ on the stock. Somebody tried to sneak up on me in a night game once, and I was able to blind them with a laser before turning around to shoot with my M203!!! Perfect weapon!

Overall, this gun is a must for beginners and pros alike. I highly recommend it!
by Anders B. on 10/03/2011
"Yo dawg, I heard you liked Optics, So we put Scopes on your Scopes, so you can Aim while you Aim.
by Jeremy B. on 10/03/2011
"First of all, id like to say that this weapon system is easily the most adaptable out there, ever. i ended up selling my kidney and first born son to acquire this sexy piece of hardware and after the day is done i feel it was an awesome trade off.

If you like to "go rogue" or if your a "lone wolf" this is the weapon for you! i once got 2 nukes in ONE game! THATs how effective this baby is!

Chuck Norris has one and you should too!

Awesome sight picture! (no not that sight.... the other one)
Very effective CQB weapon, specially with the laser and PEQ.
Also works very well for a field gun and a marksman platform.
PEQ is great for designating targets behind you.
Super high capacity "clip" is great for suppressing any enemy at any range.
Supplied M203 makes neutralizing the opposition oh so fun.

If your looking to keep a mediocre presence on the field this gun is not for you. It will instantly make you a major played, even if both your legs are broken in 18 places and you cant shoulder a gun to save your soul.