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WE AK74UN Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

12 Customer Reviews

by Jarred F. on 07/14/2016
"This is an awesome gun. It feels nice in hand and the kick is amazing. It looks like a solid build and the motion of racking the bolt sounds like the real deal. Its really loud which could be a good or bad thing depending on where you live. And to be honest it doesn't really seem to heavy. But Im a bit of a bigger dude but I wouldn't use someone getting to tired carrying it around a battlefield. Just the action of shooting this thing gives me an adrenaline rush. But there are two things that I'm confused about. It says it comes with a bag of parts, but mine didn't for some reason. I don't know if it was an error when it was shipped or just false advertising but as long as you can take care of it then you should be fine. The second thing is I don't know how to take off the tip. And it's doesn't even match the type of weapon. It looks like something you find on a AR type rifle and about an inch of the barrel sticks out. But if you find out how to take it off and put on the tip you buy separately then it's perfect. It's a great gun for beginners and veteran gbb airsofters. I should know I literally got this gun yesterday 07/14/16
by Steven B. on 12/31/2015
"First, I must say that this AK is awesome! Nice solid build, no wobbly parts, smooth BB action in the bolt and stock locks in place nicely.
This gun has some pretty hard recoil, and quite loud but I like it, makes it feel more realistic.
From my driveway to the woods on the property, is about 175+ feet. Using .25s & propane, the rounds make it out to that distance. Actually not bad for shorter barrel AK.

If anyone is looking to buy this gun and is curious about barrel threading, yes it does have threading. 14mm CCW, but the plastic orange flash hider (mine had one different from the images on the site), it is sort of locked in place with a push pin. I had to carefully saw the hider in half and pull it off. It took some time, but it can be done, but be warned not to cut into the threading or else you will ruin it.

The flash hider you see in the pictures, does in fact come with the gun and and is matte black and metal.

So far, I found nothing wrong with this gun, so no complaints here, I love it.

Solid build.
Very realistic recoil.
Full travel bolt.
Loud (If you like that).
Holds gas pretty well and lasts a decent amount of time.
Pretty decent accuracy.
175+ ft/range w/.25s & propane.
Full metal.
Solid on the stock.
Performed very well in 53 degree weather.
Hop-Up is nice.

May be heavy to some. (No issue for me)
The way you have to load BBs in the mag is odd.
May be loud or too loud for some.
Plastic flash hider is locked into place with a push pin, so may take time to remove.

If you're looking to get a GBB AK, I would have to say this is a great choice and would recommend it to my friends who play.

For the record, Co2 Mags are not available for this gun, I've looked everywhere and even spoke to someone from WE-Tech.
by James D. on 11/08/2015
"Very good feeling, good parts as long as you clean it. The kick is very strong and feels and sounds real, the parts inside represent the real gun and has the same bolt movement, However; it's not very good in the cold so buy a few more mags reloading mid fight is a pain as the mag sometimes gets suck on the mag well but if you force it will go in. Over all a very good gun, good for fist time users of GBB and veterans. 97/100
by robert f. on 07/13/2015
"I love this rifle its accurate and kicks almost like the real thing by half force I would say. it has a blued type finish that looks great it does not come with the flash hider in the pictures in fact comes with a plastic m16a2 flash hider that is glued and pinned. it is missing the plunger and spring and set screw that holds the flash hider in place if you are wanting to buy a ak74 type flash hider. knowing this I would still say buy it its awesome and fun. a great copy of a legendary weapon. sounds awesome racking the bolt too just like the real thing.
by James D. on 06/29/2015
"Pros: Has good sound and it feels real
Good solid body, hard to break
Full bolt movement
easy to clean
Cons: Internals may break form so much recoil
Not very efficient, buy 2 mags to switch between

Should i buy this? - Yes, best gun I've ever shot/had
by J.A. v. on 02/18/2015
"Best gun I own (from 30). Love it. You will not be dissapointed. Order steel trigger assembly, trigger housing straight away (mine still original after 6 months of intensive use). Mine stays well lubed, both mechanism and seals. I am not sure if the bold will hold in the long run though, as I installed the brass recoil thing (excellent).

If you order for the Netherlands best to avoid Post.NL. They will stall your order at least 3 weeks. Ask Evike to attach NABV membership copy to the package. Post.NL will still ask for copies of ID, invoice and NABV. Cheers
by Ben Z. on 01/07/2015
"Rather a fan of this GBBR so far. I haven't had it for more than a few weeks but it's held up well. Kicks hard which is fantastic and it takes down like a dream.
My only beef with it is that there isn't an NPAS made for it. You have to use the WE open-bolt one which requires you to mod the nozzle a little to get it to 350- fps. Without the Npas mine came in around 410 and without the mod with the NPAS all the way up it only struck 190 so the mod is necessary if you want to run it in CQB.

Externals are great though I removed the little mag-guider thing. It didn't do much for me and looks kinda silly.

The mags are metal on the inside and a strong plastic on the outside but seem compatible with the other WE AK mags for the full length if you prefer that style.

All in all it's a nice gun and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who does a lot of indoors or cqb play.
by Mary Beth P. on 11/08/2014
"I'm trying to make this quick and to the point.

Amazing externals
Nice and loud
Unique (Bulgarian hand guards are very uncommon)
Strongest recoil out of any stock
Realistic magazine capacity
6.03 inner barrel stock

Zinc alloy trigger set
Not the greatest hopup bucking
The flash hider that evike glues on now destroys the threads if not removed properly
~450fps in a cqb sized gun

Overall, this is the most realistic AK pattern gbbr on the market, but it does have it's flaws. If you have the money to buy the gun and an RA-tech trigger set (or at least hammer) go for it.
by Roddy R. on 04/09/2014
"great gun a lot of fun to shot

blowback blowback blow back !!!!!!!
accurate to a point
might be to heavy for some
huge hideous orange flash hider
kind of pricey for me

if you have the money buy this gun now!!!!!1
by Fran G. on 11/28/2011
"This gun is amazing. period. the feel of the blowback is so satisfying. If you have the money, buy this gun.

accurate (.25g bbs)
scares people with the noise

some people thing the internals lack quality, but i haven't had a problem yet they just need to be lubed before and after use
by Hoa B. on 10/10/2011
"Hello everyone, WE AK74UN Full Metal is an awesome rifle, the feel on hand is so real and heavy like the real AK, the firing sound and the recoil is so strong, We-Tech built a great gun, Thanks.
by Tseyu L. on 02/22/2012
"Pros : strong recoil( probably the heaviest ), loud, solid body, only AK GBB with full bolt travel distance.

Cons : RPS is lower compare to other GBB ( because bolt travel distance ), shoot only 30 rounds per charge at 80F. Parts might be a problem.